Chapters XVI "communication of secrets" and XVII "the different initiations" of Human and Solar Initiation, by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

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We will now consider the secrets entrusted to the initiate at the initiation ceremony. Of course, logically, only the fact of the secret can be mentioned and give indications regarding the subject referred to, although not even that should be mentioned, if it were not that a knowledge of the general delineation of the subject can inspire the initiation aspirant to carefully study the same and, carefully, accumulate information in your mental body. Thus (when confronting the Initiator in due time) he will use the secret acquired without loss of time.

The Secret Sevenfold

After taking the oath that commits the initiate to keep an inviolable silence, the new initiate moves forward, approaching the Hierophant; He then places his hand on the lower end of the Initiation Scepter, which the Hierophant wields in its middle part. The Three that are around the officiant's throne place His hands on the fiery diamond that crowns the Scepter and, when these five personalities are linked to the circulating energy emanating from the Scepter, the Initiator communicates the secret to the initiate. The reason for this is that each of the five initiations that concern us immediately (as the two superiors are not obligatory and are outside our present consideration), affect one of the five centers of man,

1. the coronary,

2. the cardiac,

3. the laryngeal,

4. the solar plexus,

5. the base of the spine,

and they reveal the knowledge concerning the various types of force or energy, which animate the solar system and reach the initiate through a certain etheric center. During the application of the Scepter, its centers were especially affected by the communication of the Secret, its reason is imparted, it is shown that this reason is identical to the one that necessarily produces a certain planet manifestation, cause of a certain great specific cycle.

It could be pointed out that:

  1. Each secret concerns one of the seven major plans of the solar system.
  1. Each secret treats and enunciates one of the seven laws of nature. Therefore it concerns some of the basic evolution of each planetary scheme. Each scheme embodies one of the laws as its primary law, and all its evolutions tend to demonstrate the perfection of this law with its six subsidiary mutations, which in some sense differ in each case from according to the primary law stated.
  1. Each secret gives the key concerning the nature of a certain planetary Logos and, consequently, also the key to the characteristic of the mines that belong to that particular planetary ray. The need for this knowledge is evident, for the adept who seeks to work with the children of men and manage the currents of force that affect them and that they emanate.
  1. Every secret concerns a ray or color and provides the corresponding number, note and vibration.

These seven secrets are simply short formulas and of no metric value like the Sacred Word, but of a mathematical nature, articulated with precision to impart the exact intention of who speaks. To the uninitiated it will seem and will only be like algebraic formulas, only that each one is composed (seen clairvoyantly) by a specific hue value. graphic, according to the secret entrusted and contains five hieroglyphics or peculiar symbols; one symbol contains the formula of the respective law, another gives the planetary key and tone, a third has to do with vibration, and the fourth reveals the number and the sector to which the ray involved belongs. The last hieroglyph provides one of the seven hierarchical keys, through which the members of our planetary hierarchy can be linked to the solar hierarchy. This information, evidently, is very vague and ambiguous, but it will serve to demonstrate that, as in the case of the Words, understanding involves two senses of the in the same way, with the knowledge of the secrets, the two senses come into activity again, the secret is heard and appears symbolically to the inner eye.

It is clearly evident why the study of symbols is so important and students are urged to reflect and meditate on the cosmic and system symbols. This prepares them for the understanding and internal retention of the symbols and formulas that enter the knowledge that will allow them to act in a timely manner. These formulas are based on the nine symbols already recognized:

1. The cross and its varied forms.

2. The lotus.

3. The triangle.

4. The cube.

5. The sphere and the point.

6. Eight animal forms: the goat, the bull, the elephant, the man, the dragon, the bear, the lion and the dog.

7. The line.

8. Certain signs of the zodiac, hence the need to study astrology.

9. The chalice or the holy grail.

All these related symbols, interwoven or partial, are combined to express any of the seven Secrets. The initiate must recognize them by seeing and hearing them, indelibly fixing them in his memory by an effort of the will. To obtain it, it can be helped in three ways: First, by a long and previous observation training, that all applicants can start here and now, and as they learn to accurately capture the details in their memory, they base the base of that acute and instant capture of what the Hierophant shows them; second, cultivating in itself the power to visualize again what was seen before. It will be evident why all the intelligent instructors of meditation have placed the emphasis on the ability to carefully construct mental images. The purpose has been twofold:

  • Teach the student to visualize exactly their mental forms, so as not to waste time on inaccurate transformations when they begin to create consciously.
  • Empower it to imagine, also with precision, the trusted secret, so that you can use it instantly when you need it.

Third, through the strong application of the will of the other four Personalities that sustain the Scepter along with the initiate. His intense and trained mental concentration greatly helps his uptake.

In the case of human evolution certain types of force are generated, which are handled, assimilated and used, at first unconsciously and at the end with full intelligence:

  1. In the Classroom of Ignorance the force or energy of Brahma (the activity and intelligence of the substance) is mainly used and man must learn the meaning of the activity based on:
  • The inherent energy
  • The absorbed energy
  • The group energy.
  • The material energy, or that which is hidden in the matter of the physical plane.
  1. In the Learning Classroom he becomes aware of the energy of the second aspect, using it in the construction of forms, in social relations and in family ties. It comes to the recognition of sex and its relationships, but still considers this force as something that must be controlled, but not used consciously or constructively.
  1. In the Classroom of Wisdom he comes to the knowledge of the first aspect of energy, the dynamic use of the will in the sacrifice, and is then entrusted with the key to the triple mystery of energy, getting to know it in its triple aspect in the other Two classrooms In the third, fourth and fifth initiations, the three keys of the three mysteries are given.

He is given the key to the mystery presented in the first classroom, the mystery of Brahma, and then he can release the hidden energies of atomic substance. The key to the mystery of sex or the pairs of opposites is handed to you, and then you can release the hidden forces of the will aspect. Is the dynamo of the solar system shown to you, if it is possible to express it like this? and its complicated mechanism is revealed.

The three solar mysteries.

The three mysteries of the solar system are:

  1. The mystery of Electricity. The mystery of Brahma. The secret of the third aspect. It is latent in the physical sun.
  1. The mystery of Polarity, or the universal impulse of sex. The secret of the second aspect. It is latent in the Heart of the Sun, or the subjective Sun.
  1. The mystery of Fire itself, or the central dynamic force of the system. The secret of the first aspect. It is latent in the Central Spiritual Sun.

His correlative revelation.

The secrets, as they are communicated correlatively to the initiate, are about three, although minor mysteries revealed earlier can be found within them. In the third initiation, the first of the three fundamental secrets of the solar system is revealed to the initiate, immediately after taking an oath. This secret could be called, for lack of a better term, "the secret of electricity." It concerns the phenomena of the dense objective manifestation of the Logos. It would be convenient for the student to remember that the three planes of the three worlds, physical, astral and mental, form the dense physical body of the Solar Logos, while the four upper planes form His etheric body. Students tend to forget that our seven planes are the seven sub-planes of the cosmic physicist. This definitely affects the secret of electricity. That is why this secret is not revealed until the third initiation and is prepared to receive it, communicating two minor secrets concerning the physical and astral planes, taught by the Bodhisattva in the first two initiations.

It is scientifically recognized that electrical phenomena are dual in nature, but the inherent triplicity of electricity is a matter of speculation for modern science. His triplicity is demonstrated to the initiate in the first initiation, and the secret of balancing the forces on the physical plane and thus achieving balance is also revealed. This secret puts you in touch with certain Constructors of the physical plane? At the etheric levels? and then it can produce phenomena in the physical plane, if it considers it convenient. It does very rarely, because the results obtained are not important and thus do not waste energy. Those who work with the involutive forces, the brothers of darkness, use this method to astonish and subdue the unsuspecting, but the brothers of humanity do not act that way.

The initiate is revealed the secret of the coherence of the atom, and then he can study the microcosm under the law of correspondence, in a new and clear way. Similarly, by means of this revelation, referring to the densest part of the logoic body, you can learn a lot from what is related to the previous solar system and the facts concerning the first round of our scheme. This secret is also called "the mystery of matter."

In the second initiation, the “secret of the sea” is displayed before the initiate and through this revelation two themes of deep interest are clarified, which are:

to. The mystery of the astral light.

b. The law of karma.

After this, the initiate is in a position to do two things, without which he cannot overcome obstacles or reach liberation; You will be able to read the Akashic records and make sure of the past, thus enabling you to act intelligently in the present, begin to balance your karma, fulfill your obligations and understand how to counteract karma in the three worlds. He is shown the relationship of that Hierarchy of spiritual beings, connected with the law of karma, in what affects man, and knows directly that the lords of karma are not a myth or symbolic units, but entities of high intelligence that apply the law for the benefit of mankind, allowing men to be fully self-conscious and to trust themselves, in a hidden sense, becoming creators through perfect knowledge.

In the third initiation the initiate is entrusted "the secret of fohat" and the mystery of the triplicity of the body and the triple Logos is revealed; before his astonished vision the reason for the phenomena of the dense, liquid and gaseous bodies of the Supreme Being unfolds. By using the two previously communicated aspects and the knowledge provided, the initiate is now in a position to benefit from this major major revelation and understand some of the following facts:

  1. The creative process of the construction of mental forms.
  1. The transmission of energy, from the ego to the physical body, through the centers of force in the different planes.
  1. The rise of the kundalini, its geometric progression vivifying all centers.

By the knowledge thus imparted and the progress achieved by the initiate, when studying the law of analogy, the management of the same forces within the planetary scheme and the solar system can be understood on a vast scale. The method of development is revealed in the first three rounds and includes, theoretically and practically, the evolutionary process in its early stages. He has the key to the three lower realms of nature and certain ideas about the theme of polarity, unification and essential union, which begin to be within the reach of his consciousness, and he only hopes that in the fourth initiation the revelation will be completed.

This secret of electricity, which in its nature is essentially triple, refers to Brahma or the third aspect, which is usually given the following names:

1. The Secret of Brahma.

2. The Revelation of the Mother.

3. The Secret of the Fohatic Force.

4. The Mystery of the Creator.

5. The Secret of the Three that emanated from the First (solar system).

It is also designated by four mystical phrases that shed a lot of light for intuition:

6. The Ship of Mystery that furrows the Ocean.

7. The Key of the Divine Deposit.

8. The Light that Guides through the triple caverns of Darkness.

9. The key to the Energy that unites Fire with Water.

In all these names the student will find much information if he reflects carefully and remembers that he deals with the Brahma aspect in its lower manifestation and with the three worlds of human effort; meditating thus, the student must relate the current solar system, where the Vishnu or consciousness aspect dominates, with the previous one, where the Brahma aspect dominated.

The initiate, by the knowledge acquired, is trained to understand his own lower triple nature and balance it in relation to the superior, read the annals and recognize his place in the group, manipulate the forces in the three worlds, achieve the liberation of oneself and help the ends of evolution, cooperating intelligently with the plans of the planetary Logos, according to how they will be revealed stage after stage . Then it can handle power and become a center of energy, to an increased extent, being able to distribute or retain currents of force. As soon as man is powerfully aware on the mental plane, he cents his power for good.

In the fourth initiation he is revealed another of the great secrets called the mystery of polarity and the key to the meaning of sex in each sector of nature, in all planes. It is not possible to say much about this. All that can be done is to enumerate some of the issues on which the key provides, adding that this secret is of vital importance in our planetary scheme due to the point of evocation of our own planetary Logos, which is in the stage in which it consciously seeks unification with its opposite pole, another planetary Logos. The topics on which this secret sheds light are:

  1. Sex in the physical plane. It provides the key to the mystery of the separation of the sexes on the days of lemuria.
  1. The balance of forces in all sectors of nature.
  1. The key to the scheme that forms a duality with ours.
  1. The true name of our planetary Logos and His relationship with the solar Logos.
  1. The `` Marriage of the Lamb '' and the problem of the heavenly betrothed. An indication of this is found in the solar system of S . which must be read astrollogically.
  1. The mystery of Gemini and the relationship of our planetary Logos with this constellation.

On a smaller scale and in relation. With the microcosm, when the initiate receives the second great secret or the fourth, which includes the first two minors, the following topics are clarified:

  1. The processes of unification in the different kingdoms of nature. The union between the kingdoms is indicated and the unity of the scheme is seen
  1. The method of egoic unification is clearly revealed and the true nature of antakarama is demonstrated and, once revealed, is no longer necessary.
  1. The essential unity that exists between self and personality is perceived.
  1. The relationship between human and devic evolutions is no longer a mystery, since its location in the body of the heavenly Man is seen to be a reality.

We could continue highlighting the multiplicity of the issues that will be clarified to the initiate when the polarity mystery is revealed, but the above is enough. This secret concerns Vishnu first, the second aspect. Briefly summarize the totality of the knowledge obtained in the Classroom of Wisdom, as well as the primitive secrets synthesized the totality of what was achieved in the Classroom of Learning. It refers to consciousness and its development through the matter aspect and through it. It concerns the unification of me and not - me, until they are one, really and truly.

In the fifth initiation the great secret concerning the fire or spirit aspect is revealed to the admired and surprised Master, who realizes, in a sense incomprehensible to man, the fact that everything is fire and fire is everything. It can be said that this secret reveals to the initiate what clarifies:

  1. The secret name of the planetary Logos, thus revealing a syllable of the name of the solar Logos.
  2. The work and method of the destructive aspect of divinity.
  1. The processes by which oscillation and pralaya are induced.
  1. The mathematical formula that summarizes the heavens of manifestation.
  1. The triple nature of fire and the effect of major fire on the minor.

It is not convenient to continue considering this secret, because the first aspect, Shiva, will come to perfection or, rather, will not be understood until the next solar system. The following classification could clarify the issue in the student's mind:

Secret Initiation Logos Involved Energy Source Plans

Fohat Third Brahma Creator Physical Sun Seven, Six, Five

Polarity Fourth Vishnu Conservative Subjective Sun Four, Three

Fifth Shiva Fire Destroyer Spiritual Central Sun Two

As the student will observe, the source of the particular energy involved is an aspect of the Sun.

In the sixth and seventh initiations two more secrets are revealed; One is a minor secret that prepares the way for the revelation of the room. Only four secrets of greater importance are revealed to those initiated on our planet; This gives the pattern of our location in the scheme of solar evolution. There are only five major secrets, which are revealed in this solar system, because this is a system where the fifth principle of the mind is preeminently the basis of development. The fifth revelation is conferred only to those who pass to the synthesis schemes.



Major and Minor Initiations.

When dealing with the different initiations, it will be of value to the student to remember that the great moment, in which man left the animal kingdom and passed to the human, called in many esoteric books the “moment of individualization”, was in itself one of The greatest initiations. Individualization is the conscious uptake by the self, of the relationship it has with everything that constitutes the no? I and in this great initiatory process, as in all subsequent ones, the awakening of consciousness is preceded by a period of gradual development. ; the awakening is instantaneous at the moment that the first self-realization occurs and is always followed by another period of gradual evolution, a period that, in turn, leads to a subsequent crisis called initiation. In one case, we have the initiation into self-conscious existence; in the other the initiation into spiritual existence.

These knowledge or expansions of consciousness are governed by natural law, and every soul, without exception, experiences them in due course. Each being obtains them daily to a lesser degree, as his understanding and experience of life gradually increases, but they only become initiations in wisdom (different from the expansions of knowledge) when the acquired knowledge has been:

to. Consciously searched.

b. Applied to life in self-sacrifice.

C. Employed in the service of others, voluntarily.

d. Used intelligently for the sake of evolution.

Only souls of certain experience and development perform these four things in a conscious and persevering way, transmuting knowledge into wisdom and experience in quality. The common man transmutes ignorance into knowledge and experience in faculty. It would be useful for everyone to reflect on the difference between inherent quality and innate faculty; one is the very nature of budi or wisdom, the other of manas or mind. The union of both, through the conscious effort of man, results in a greater initiation.

These results are achieved in two ways: First, by man's own effort, which in due course leads him to discover his own center of consciousness, to be guided and fully directed by the internal ruler or ego and to unveil, after intense effort and painful attempts, the mystery of the universe, hidden in the material substance, energized by Fohat. Second, by the effort of man, complemented by the loving intelligent collaboration of the Connoisseurs of the race, the Masters of Wisdom. In this case the process is faster, because man receives instruction if he wishes and, consequently, when he has provided the right conditions, the knowledge and help of those who reached the goal is made available. To benefit from this help you must work with the material of your own body, introducing appropriate material into it in an orderly manner and, therefore, you must learn to discern when selecting matter and also understand the laws of vibration and construction. This entails, in a way, the mastery of the laws that govern the Brahma and Vishnu aspects; It means owning the faculty. of vibrating with atomic precision and developing the quality of attraction, basis of the constructive aspect or Vishnu.

You must also equip your mental body, to be an exhibitor and transmitter and not an obstacle as before. Similarly, you must develop a group activity and learn to work in coordination with other units. This is the main thing that man must achieve on the path of initiation, and when he has worked on it, he will find the Way, he will see it clearly and then he will enter the ranks of the Known.

Another point to remember is that the effort to get people to collaborate intelligently with the Hierarchy and train to enter the ranks of the Lodge is, as already indicated, a special effort (begun in the Atlantean days and continued until today ) made by the Hierarchy of the planet and, in large part, of an experimental nature. The method by which a man assumes his conscious place in the body of a celestial Man, differs in the different planetary schemes; the heavenly Man who uses our planetary scheme, as His body of manifestation, chooses to work in a particular way, during this special period, to accomplish His own specific purposes. It is part of the process of vitalizing one of Your centers and linking Your heart center with its corresponding head connection. As another of His centers becomes vital and goes into full activity, other methods can be employed to stimulate the cells of His body (the devic and human monads), but for now, the Cosmic Scepter of Initiation applied to the Heavenly Man, analogously to how minor scepters are applied to man, it is used in such a way that it produces that specific stimulus demonstrated by the activity of man found on the paths of probation and initiation.

Man must recognize the cyclical nature of initiation and the place of the process in time and space. This is a special period of activity in the cycle of a heavenly Man, and it develops on our planet as a vast period of trial or initiatory confrontation, also being a period of vitalization and opportunity.

We must now try to understand that initiation can be considered to take place on all three planes of the three worlds, and the idea of ​​the relative value of the unit or cell and its location in the body of a celestial Man must be kept in mind. It should be noted that major or manic initiations are received in the mental plane and in the causal body . They point to its point of evolution, where unity recognizes practically and not only in theory, which is identical to the divine Manasaputra, in whose body it occupies its place. Initiations can be received on the physical, astral and lower mental levels, but they are not considered major nor are they conscious, coordinated and unified stimuli that encompass the entire man.

A man, therefore, can receive initiation in each plane, but only initiations, in the true sense of the word, are those that indicate his transfer from the quaternary inferior to the Triad, and only major initiations are those in which man transfers his consciousness from the lower quaternary to the Triad. We thus have three degrees of initiations:

First, the initiations in which man transfers his consciousness from the four lower sub-planes of the physical, astral and mental planes, respectively, to the three upper sub-planes. When this is done on the mental plane, man is technically known as a disciple, initiated and adept. Then use each of the three upper sub-planes of the mental plane as a starting point, to completely exit the three worlds of human manifestation and move on to the Triad. Therefore, it is clear that what we could consider as minor initiations can be received in the physical and astral planes, under the conscious control of its three upper sub-planes. They are true initiations, but they do not do to man what we technically call a Master of Wisdom, but simply a lower degree adept.

Second, the initiations in which man transfers his consciousness from one plane to another, rather than from one subplane to another. It is a point that must be carefully recognized. A true Master of Wisdom has not only received the minor initiations mentioned, but has taken the five steps that involve conscious control of the five planes of human evolution. He needs to receive the two final initiations that will turn him into a sixth grade Choan and a Buddha, before that control extends to the two remaining planes of the solar system. Therefore, it is correct to speak of seven initiations. However, it would be equally correct to state five, ten or twelve initiations. The subject is a little complicated for esoteric students because of certain mysterious factors, about which they know nothing, and which for now are incomprehensible. These factors are based on the individuality of the Heavenly Man Himself and involve mysteries such as His particular karma, the objective he can have in view in any particular cycle and the transfer of the attention placed on the ego c This is the reflection of a celestial man in His reflection, the evolving celestial man of a solar system.

Another factor can also be discovered in certain periods of stimulation and increased vitalization, such as that which produces a dynamic initiation. These external effects logically bring certain results in the ocular units of the body of the heavenly Man and often cause unforeseen and seemingly inexplicable events.

Third, initiations in which a heavenly Man can receive a greater or lesser initiation, thus involving all of His nature. For example, when individualization took place during the Lemurian era or the third root race, and in this cycle the human family finally came to the manifestation, it meant A greater initiation for our heavenly Man. The current stimulus of the hierarchical effort leads to a smaller initiation. Each sky sees the greater initiation of a celestial Man, received in one of the balloons, and from there come the complications and the many subjects to think about.

To the three mentioned points it can be added briefly of the entrance and exit of any particular ray. Lo poco que puede decirse sobre este punto que ofrece la mayor dificul tad, podr a resumirse en las tres afirmaciones siguientes: Pri mero, las iniciaciones recibidas en los cuatro rayos menores no poseen la misma cualidad que las iniciaciones recibidas en los tres mayores. Esto se complica parcialmente por el hecho de que en el esquema planetario, durante la evoluci nc clica, un rayo menor puede considerarse temporariamente como rayo mayor. Por ejemplo, en el actual momento de nuestro esquema planeta rio, el séptimo Rayo de Ley u Orden Ceremonial es considerado mayor, por ser un rayo de síntesis, en el cual el Mahachoan fusiona Su trabajo. Segundo, las tres primeras iniciaciones se reciben en el rayo del ego y vinculan al hombre con la Gran Logia Blanca; las dos últimas se reciben en el rayo de la mónada y producen un definido efecto en el sendero de servicio que luego escogerá el adepto. Esta afirmación debe relacionarse con la expuesta anteriormente, donde se dice que la quinta iniciación convertía al hombre en miembro de la Gran Logia o Hermandad de Sirio, siendo literalmente la primera de las iniciaciones de Sirio. La cuarta iniciación es la síntesis de las iniciaciones, en el Umbral de la Logia de Sirio. Por último, de acuerdo al rayo en que se recibe la iniciación, depende grandemente el siguiente sendero de servicio.

El Día de la Oportunidad.

Cabría preguntar aquí qué valor tiene esta información para el estudiante. Como ilustración es conveniente que reflexione sobre la significación de la entrada del actual Rayo de Ley Ceremonial o Magia, que se relaciona con las fuerzas constructivas de la naturaleza y se refiere a la inteligente utilización de la forma por el aspecto vida. Es mayormente el rayo del trabajo ejecutivo y tiene por objeto construir, coordinar y producir cohesión en los cuatro reinos inferiores de la naturaleza. Se caracteriza principalmente por la energía manifestada en el ritual, pero esta palabra no debe restringirse a su actual empleo en el ritual masónico o religioso. Su aplicación es mucho más amplia e incluye los métodos de organización manifestados en todas las comunidades civilizadas, como en el mundo del comercio y las finanzas y las grandes empresas comerciales, observados en todas partes. Ante todo, el interés reside en que el rayo ofrece oportunidad a las razas occidentales, y mediante esta fuerza vital de la organización ejecutiva, de gobierno por la regla y el orden, el ritmo y el ritual, llegará una época en que las razas occidentales (con su activa mente concreta y su amplia capacidad para los negocios) podrán recibir la iniciación ?iniciación que, como debe recordarse, se recibirá en un rayo que temporariamente se reconoce como rayo mayor. Gran número de iniciados que obtuvieron el grado de adepto en el último ciclo, fueron orientales y los que tuvieron oportunamente cuerpos hindúes. Este ciclo fue regido por el sexto rayo, que ahora va desapareciendo, y los dos precedentes. Manteniendo el equilibrio llegará el momento en que se observará un período de realizaciones de parte de los occidentales, en un rayo apropiado a su tipo mental. Es interesante observar que el tipo oriental logra su objetivo a través de la meditación con un mínimo de ritual y organización ejecutiva, y que el occidental lo logrará, en parte, mediante la organización que la mente inferior produce y por un tipo de meditación donde la intensa concentración comercial podría considerarse como ejemplo. La aplicación de la mente en forma unilateral de un hombre de negocios europeo o americano, puede ser considerada como un tipo de meditación. Cuando se purifique el móvil que subyace en esa concentración, llegará el día de la oportunidad para los occidentales.

Aprovechando el actual día de oportunidad y dando cumplimiento a las reglas para hollar el sendero, llegará para muchos occidentales la oportunidad de dar estos pasos. La encontrará el hombre que está preparado, en el lugar donde se halle y en las circunstancias familiares de su vida diaria. La descubrirá en el cumplimiento del deber, en saber sobreponerse a las pruebas y experiencias y en esa íntima adhesión a la voz del Dios interno, que distingue a todo aspirante a la iniciación. La iniciación implica las cosas que lleva a cabo diariamente quien se esfuerza conscientemente en entrenarse a sí mismo: el Maestro (ya sea el Dios interno o el Maestro del hombre, si es consciente de Él) le señala el siguiente punto a alcanzar y el trabajo que debe realizar y le explica la razón de ello. Entonces el Instructor se aparta y observa la realización del aspirante. A medida que observa, reconoce los puntos de crisis donde la aplicación de una prueba logrará una o dos cosas, enfocará y dispersará cualquier mal aún no vencido ?si se puede emplear este término? y demostrará al discípulo sus flaquezas y sus fuerzas. En las grandes iniciaciones se emplea el mismo procedimiento, y la capacidad del discípulo para vencer estas Pruebas y etapas mayores, depende de su capacidad para enfrentar y vencer las pruebas menores diarias. “Aquel que es leal en lo poco, lo es también en lo mucho”. Esta afirmación esotérica debe en realidad caracterizar la actividad diaria del verdadero aspirante; lo “mucho” es trascendido y se deja atrás, porque es considerado simplemente como una intensificación de lo normal, y ningún iniciado pasó la gran prueba de la iniciación si no se ha acostumbrado a pasar las pruebas menores todos los días de su vida. Entonces las considera normales y como la trama usual de su vida cuando tropieza con ellas. Cuando se alcanza y se mantiene esta actitud mental, no habrá sorpresas ni posibles fracasos.

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