Channel Your Inner Being through the Shakiel Guide

  • 2017

Channel Your Inner Being

Dear friends, today I want to share with you the pleasure of connecting with Love.

Each and every human being has inside him a perpetual flame, which watches and guides him during the journey of his life. That flame is none other than that of Love, your Inner Being.

This Inner Being is the key to your origin and at the same time to your path to the Main Creator. That is why it is necessary for the human race to begin to become aware of its intimate Being, the one who has all the answers.

When you connect with your Inner Being you notice a light and pleasant frequency within you. This frequency heals you and changes your emotion, leading you irremediably to the frequency of Love. Yes, Love with capital letters is the frequency that was given to you in your DNA, inside you and that gives you immortality.

This frequency of Love, comes directly from the Main Creator, the Source, God

It is the gift of His own nature to the human being, and it is important that today the human being begins to connect more and more.

The essence of God has no personality, its nature is infinite and welcomes all the possibilities of the cosmos. It is therefore unique, perfect, unpredictable and always gives the hug of compassion.

When you connect with your inner essence and activate it in your DNA, slight changes are organized and begin to shape new modes of understanding within. When you usually connect with this inner essence for example with meditation, you are generating a unique and indestructible connection with the nature of God, the Source, the Main Creator, which is also your inner essence.

Do not fear my dear human being, we have come to tell you that it is good that you already activate your divinity. It is correct and perfect that you live more time immersed in the frequency of love, in your inner essence. The time has come when the human being begins to understand, and this understanding is not logical and will not occur through the mind or thought.

It can only happen through connection with your inner essence.

Do you want to activate your Light, that true one? Then it is enough that you connect with the frequency of your inner essence every day. Take a few minutes to be silent, without thoughts, without words, and let the unique feeling of Love, enter your heart and completely invade your whole being.

And you wonder how I can connect with something so big and beautiful? We tell you that it is already inside you, that you were born with it, that nobody can give it to you or take it away from you. Isn't it time to start a new Love relationship with your God, The Source, the Main Creator? Well, this is the way my dear human being.

You don't have to think about how, you just have to give him / her a few minutes every day. Imagine that you have a beautiful face in front of you, it can be a man or a woman that does not matter because it is an image that will help you enter that frequency, nothing more.

Then every day you take a few minutes to close your eyes and when the thoughts have quieted down, then from your inner heart, the one that is pure energy, the image that represents God, the Source, the Main Creator comes out.

You allow that image that is just a mental representation to be placed in front of you, and you fix your gaze on His eyes, you allow your eyes to be lost on His.

It is at that moment my dear human being, when you allow the frequency of Love to fill you. It comes out of you, but through the Main Creator. And therefore it connects you to Him / She / It, and of course to yourself, to your essence.

Remember that it is not words that you should use to connect, use the feeling and let it speak silently for you. This is the way you will learn to activate this beautiful frequency inside.

The more you activate it, the more you strengthen your connection, and miracles will begin to operate within you.

Do you want to activate your spiritual DNA? Then activate, cultivate and maintain your connection with the Main Creator, The Father / Mother, God, the Infinite Source.

We love you and accompany you in your process of life and evolution. Since always, in the No time

With love Shakiel.

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