Channeling and Ascension Online and Mexico (Diploma) 2015

  • 2015

You will learn to channel your teachers and guides by consulting appropriately managing energy, gifts, processes and creating a path of awakening for you and others.

Channeling means connecting with your Higher Self, the angels, the Ascended masters in such a way that you receive their messages and guide you through your thinking, sensitivity, vision, intuition and spiritual gifts. You will receive initiations and healings allowing you to understand what your mission is and how to help others and this humanity.

These workshops will be channeled by Marce Robles, who will be led by their ascended Masters Volutier, Jesus and others. Shanya's teaching has the characteristic of being very loving and focused on creating realities and changes in the way you see life and manifest in a very sustained and patient way.


Starts August 29-30
Sat and Sun 10am to 6pm
Cost: $ 1, 500 pesos each module. 5 modules, 5 payments. (MEXICO DF)
Module I, August 29 and 30
Module II, September 26 and 27
Module III October 24 and 25
Module IV November 28 and 29
Module V January 2016


Starts September 3
Thursday at 8pm to 9.30pm Mexico

Cost: $ 1100 pesos each module (67 dollars), 4 modules, 4 payments. (Last module 5 optional)

o Cost: $ 3, 800 pesos in advance single payment (230 dlrs), 1 payment for the 4 modules.

-Every Thursday you will have a videoconference with live material, with support material,
along with a PDF manual per module with tasks and practices that you will have.
-You can ask questions by chat in that videoconference.
- You will do initiations and essential tasks for your growth that will be on video or live as Shanya considers.
-You will answer the questions by email.

Tentative agenda

1. Spirituality and cleansing of the astral body.
- What is spirituality?
- Areas of life and their balance. Emotional states and debugging
- Cosmos, worlds and lineages.
- Fundamentals of each person's mission and your interrelation with them.
- Meditation and connections with the source and your Higher Self
- Learn to manage your energy and that of others

2. Energy and Spiritual Guides
- Timelines, future and past.
- Life cycles, past lives and parallel lives
- Guides and Ascended Masters, angels and other beings. Identification and messages.
- How to channel my Higher Self and other people.
- Use of energy, protection and universal laws.

3. Perception channels and channeling
- Development of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clariconocimiento and Clarisensitivity.
- States that alter perception.
- Practices to relax the mind, connect, concentrate and flow.
- Personal cleaning and protection. Invisible world.
- Hold your living space, aura and consequences of the disease

4. Gifts, clairvoyance, lineages, session .
- Learn to protect spaces and people.
- Healing and rituals to manifest what worked.
- Connections with personal and mission lineages
- Be a clean channel and service.
- Learn to give a healing and channeling session.

5. Christ Healing .
- What is the disease
- Christian Energy
- Energy cleaning, inlays, astral surgery
- Healing with Decrees of the I Am and Violet Flame
- Learn to give a healing and channeling session.
- Star Map on the astral body and its use (karma cleansing)
- Star Activation Map.
- Remote healing and healing
- Disease due to possessions, stuck entities, witchcraft, etc.


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