Kuthumi Channeling: Animals and Plants

I am Master Kuthumi. I also greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT and take the opportunity to send you my messages through Sangitar.

Kuthumi has been chosen to inform you about the world of animals and plants. When Sangitar asked me what interests Human Beings in Duality, what they want to know about animals and plants, I quickly addressed the Council of the Sages, because we cannot answer all these questions from beyond the veil. But I want to answer the questions of the most important issues that burn in your soul.

I want to start by classifying animals into four categories.

The 1st Category are the only beings, the angels in animal bodies. They are the Dolphins and the Whales, they have a special mission and they differ from the rest of the other animals. Dolphins and whales are angelic beings who have arrived on the planet to live in the seas of the world. These cannot be influenced by Lucifer's energy. They are highly energetic, they work on the Earth's grid and are present for Human Beings with all their Love. They enrich Lady Gaia and also Human Beings with their energy.

The 2nd Category of animals that have arrived on the planet are animals for Lady Gaia, they help her in her process. They are important animals for the Earth from many points of view, because they are the ones who have come to the planet to serve as food. Kuthumi will enter here in more details.

Then there are animals that have reached the planet that you keep in your homes as pets. I want to start with these.

The first question I want to answer and what Sangitar has asked was if all the animals come back to incarnate. I have to answer this question definitively with a No. Only house animals will be incarnated. Because they serve the Human Being. They are similar to the Messengers of Love. They bring to the Human Beings a certain frequency of love, Unconditional Love. Many human beings have pets and many human beings feel this unconditional love they receive from these animals.

Through this vibration between the Human Being and the animal a very special energy is formed that allows the Human Being to open up to higher energies.

These pets are here to serve the Human Being, to love him and to accompany him. For many Human Beings it is a drama when an animal leaves them. Whenever one of these animals returns to their Planet and leaves the Human Being, it does so for a certain reason and at the right time for the Human Being. Although it hurts a lot to the Human Being, it is so that he is living a certain process at that moment that makes you move a little further. In this way you can feel the energies and feelings of pain because this animal has left you.

Many human beings find it difficult to allow the sensations of having lost a loved one. But when a house animal leaves, it is somewhat easier for them to allow feelings of loss. It is as if a knot is opened from grief, a very special love energy is formed that expands in your soul.

Your pet's soul loves you so much that it will immediately incarnate again when you overcome your grief. What Kuthumi is going to tell you now, you may understand it hard with your mind: when you have lost one house animal and go for another, then it will surely be the same soul. It doesn't have to be the same animal. If for example in the past life it was a little mouse, it can now be a big dog, or a donkey, or even an elephant - it can be any animal. The soul will be the same as your last animal had. This happens through a certain transitory circuit in the Universe that has been specially programmed.

In the Universe there are many more things than you can imagine. We send everything you serve and ask.

Having pets and feeling unconditional love is a very important process for you as an adult and for your children.

They are Messengers of Love who accompany you and also develop with each incarnation.

If they have served you they can rise energetically.

That is why they will also be by your side as Messengers of Love after Ascension.

However, animals that incarnate to serve as food only incarnate only once. They agree to come to Earth and be eaten. Imagine this! And they also do this with a special Love. You always ask the question again, if it is correct to eat the meat of an animal?

In advance Kuthumi wants to bless all those who do not eat meat. But also those Human Beings who feel the desire to eat meat do not need to have a bad conscience, because these beings knew exactly why they came to Earth as they were going to serve. But for Kuthumi it is very important to communicate: the way of how an animal is killed is very important. Also the way of how an animal has lived is very important. If you consume meat, honor the animal and show your respect. You can give him your blessing for having sacrificed. Thank him for his death and keep your hands on the flesh and say a brief prayer. This way you do something good.

If the Human Beings consume the meat or products derived from animals, such as milk or cheese, which have been kept without respect, agglomerated and eating bad food, then these Human Beings often get allergies.

In animals there is a certain energy. This energy is only good for your cellular structures when this animal has been maintained with Love and correctly.

In your civilization more and more allergies are coming and it is just for this reason, because food, animal products are not respected.

Respect any being and honor every being on your planet.

Then there are the animals that just like Human Beings although you don't like to hear this they have low energy. There are animals that carry diseases. I only mention two of these: mosquitoes and ticks. These also have an energetic sense. Not only among the Human Beings, but also at different times of time it is so that the light fights against the low energy and thus the high energy expands. You also find this in the animal kingdom.

The world of plants, trees, forests has come to Lady Gaia to serve as a Respiration System. These are also living beings and have to be honored and respected.

Plants breathe Prana. They have another breath and supply Lady Gaia with oxygen. Without these plants, trees and forests Lady Gaia could not live.

Logging and burning of forests means a very painful process for Lady Gaia. It is as if your oxygen is taken away.

Plants and trees are highly sensitive and carry very subtle energy. It is the same as with animals. The more you respect them, the more you welcome them in your conscious, the more you feel this breath and the conscious of the trees and plants.

Lady Gaia depends on nature. Without the plants, Lady Gaia could not live. After the Ascension there will be many more species of plants and the vegetation will expand much more.

In the Universe we talk about the Blue Planet because you have those wonderful seas. But after the Ascension it will also be the Green Planet, because there will be a lot of variety of plants, flowers and animals, they will be immeasurable, just like Paradise. That is why it is so important to honor everything and respect what lives on this planet. Deep down everything is full of life, everything is subject to a living energy.

The question if animal meat will also continue to be eaten after Ascension, Kuthumi answers with a clear No. There will be a wide variety of foods that you still don't know today. It will not be a loss for you, but you will recognize that your palate becomes accustomed to other things.

The light will also serve as food.

Kuthumi wants to address all those who like to eat meat again. Do not have a bad conscience, but maybe you can try to reduce your consumption of meat and respect it when you have it on the plate. Thank the animal. The best energetic form would be if each Human Being killed its own animal to eat it. But I know this is not possible. Pay attention to how you keep and feed your animals and where you buy your products. Ask about these points, if the animal has died being honored or if it has been mass killed.

Here there are also pets today. Kuthumi wants to bless these Messengers of Love. They are developing beings and these animals love Human Beings so much. Treat your house animal as if it were a Messenger of Love who has come to Love You. Don't be impatient and talk to your pet. Send images or tones. Your pet can understand more than you can guess. Show your pet how much you love and respect him.

Birds are carriers of energy. They carry certain energies and unite them. Many of the bird species are highly developed and have a certain mission. They are very close to the elements. If one day you are in nature and in silence, you can recognize that they sing the tones of Truthfulness. Most birds are also very connected to the spirits of nature like the Elves and Fairies.

Kuthumi sees your bodies of light right now. They're so beautiful. A shine is produced and it is such a great joy for my see you gathered here, because you are the bearers of light. You are previous messengers, the Messengers of God.

Kuthumi will also be with you during the Festival and I will cover you with the energy of love. My dear, my beloved Lightworkers, I love you so much.

All my light structure is for you AN´ANASHA.

Kryon Festival

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