Channeling of the Akosic Archives by Jordi Morella

  • 2011

Next I want to share with you all information received from the Akashic archives of our planet and the beings that inhabit it.

As if he had entered a large library and chose a great volume of wisdom from one of his shelves and was opening it at random, now one page, now another, "I read" the words that come next and that speak of our process of Evolution and of the human being.

With all my love and humility, for you:

  • The divine awakening is not found in the word, but in the heart.
  • The greatest virtue of the evolving being is the recognition of his divinity from the humility of his condition of latent mastery in a state of learning.
  • Raising the inner soul will enhance the magnificence of his spirit, honoring the essence of his divinity.
  • Your energies entwine each other, altering the space where you are. Each of you is a source of creation and balance when you remember who you are, or else, disharmony when your human condition prevails in the face of unconsciousness. You can bring the light where it does not exist, and make the darkness of your fears and attachments disappear, creating a calm in your hearts and your whole being.
  • The distance between you and us is shortening. Among you there are those who have received an accelerated instruction from us to maintain the balance of your planet and bring your energies closer to ours. This distance will be increasingly shortened. We are many who are already in these present times among you or watching your planet. Your vibrations as a whole, resonate throughout the universe, attracting different lives by the energy released from your being.
  • In the period of time of your process that you are, you are heading towards the end of disorder and chaos, towards the awakening of a spiritual somnolence predicted in the last years of your era by enlightened beings and masters of your times.
  • Your mind will take another role that it has been doing until now. Your mind will wake up and its use will be magnified towards the creation of your will from the heart. Mind and heart will be one, allowing your hemispheres to wake up and take their rightful role so that the divinity in each human being can manifest itself according to the Source from which it comes.
  • You live unique moments in your evolution as beings, as humanity and as a planet. Your cells are waking up to a greater awareness of service and delivery. This service will be manifested as soon as you release your fears and resistance to let go. Then, when so, you will serve a greater universal good. You will stop identifying with your human condition, and knowing your biology, your spiritual essence will guide your steps, being God-in-you who makes presence wherever you are. You are all "Children of God", but not all, yet, you are "Children of God" with conscience to understand what your role represents in your times.
  • The humility of the enlightened will allow to see in others, the Light expected in your times. This humility will be the result of feeling the essence of where you preceded and the love of your true nature.
  • In your times you are waking up and the eagerness of your soul to be recognized pushes you to raise certain concerns about who you are and your abilities to transmute your life. All of you vibrate differently and your inner world is altered by the new energies sent from our dimension so that the human being can awaken his conscience, open his heart and be able to make the decisions that will lead him to his manifested divinity.
  • There is an awakening, but the path for many will still be intense, because they must release a past that has been maintaining over the years, hardening the resistances of change and towards the manifestation of the maximum glow of the human being.
  • The expected times for the global rise of humanity is already agreed. Each of you will be the key to this.

May Love and Peace be in all of you.

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