Channeling of Mary Magdalene: Transmute polarity in love

  • 2013

Channeling of Mary Magdalene,

January 19, 2013.

Transmute polarity in love.

This is an unprecedented moment.

Many are those who wait and await this moment.

The channels are already open,

for the understanding of the figure of God Father Mother Heavenly King.

The work that is being done in heaven,

corresponds to the work that is being done on Earth.

A cleaning and order job,

in order to transmute polarity in love.

The opposites have been for eons of time, our way of life with which to break with that pattern, is very difficult. To get there, lack of: love, peace, tranquility and extreme patience.

The moment is stormy for some who see their sandcastles crumble, built without love, but in ambition and power. Power over the masses is exorbitant, causing each individual to suffer the collapse of their own internal conflict. This conflict is necessary because without it, there is no room for reflection.

These are difficult times in which Christians must resume the teachings of love of God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ. Together with him and with him, work for the peace and harmony of nations, races and peoples of the Earth.

They are highly anticipated moments and those who are able to feel, perceiving it are and prepared for the moment.

Christians, unite all in harmony and love, far from conflict,

far from divisions, of different beliefs,

For the law is only one: LOVE.

Love for oneself and for God the Father Mother Heavenly King,

the love towards his neighbor because like him, a being of love is more.

Enough of hypocrisy, enough of conflicts.

Let's rejoice the day because Christ is already among us.

He is in each of our hearts and love is flooding everything.

We are able to get up in action, each one taking his role, his mission in life and being aware and responsible for his mission, we will all experience the implantation of love on the planet.

There are no teachers, we are each teacher of ourselves.

Let's not look outside, what is inside of us.

In our interior, the force of love operates from the deepest and is capable of reaching corners that we thought were forgotten.

Stand firm in your convictions, do not doubt who you are, and so we can experience peace and love.

Many have been the teachings written in the books, but this teaching is written in our hearts.

We will not achieve true wisdom,

until we are able to connect with our essence,

And our essence is LOVE.

Gather in prayer and meditation groups, encourage rest and peace, facilitate the arrival of change to so many people who need it, be able to live in unconditional love. Trust, trust in the will and love of the Father.

Make sure you have the full joy and joy within your hearts and in this way the rest of your soul is assured.

Many are those who right now feel disoriented looking for and yearning for the rest of your soul.

Rejoice, rejoice at last, because that will happen. Each of you can finally rest and find the purpose and path of your life.

The whole process is being consummated; gradually the confidence and strength of love is strengthened.

Gone are the passenger conflicts,

They will be forgotten as a theme of the past.

The solution will come from the hand of love,

making all conflicting facts disappear in your lives.

Love is the only tool and the most powerful,

able to defeat and dissolve complicated situations.

Hand in hand with Jesus Christ, our brother, the process is being installed in each of your hearts.

It is time to release the past, release everything that no longer serves us, function from intuition, leave repetitive patterns and patterns and be able to transmute our past into love. No matter what it was, the important thing is to look at it from love, and forgiveness towards oneself and others will act as an eraser filter.

Me, Mary Magdalene, this is my mission:

Coordinate souls in love,

gather in groups and work,

to continue with the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessings to all the beings that accompany this process, walking all together we achieve the establishment of the New Ascended Earth, a New Earth of peace and love.

Thank you all from the heart.

Thank you and blessings to you, Mary Magdalene

Channeling received on January 19, 2013

Source: María Magdalena

Channeled by: Ana Jesús Murillo

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