Changes and readjustments, a new wave of ascension by KAI

  • 2010

Changes, movements. Movements and more changes is what we are experiencing in these last weeks on an emotional, physical and conscience level. We are being driven through the universe, we are moving as a collective, as a Planet and as individuals towards a much higher and clearer perception of Being. But all of this implies releasing, releasing and lightening the load.

The earth is really moving, it travels through the universe like a ship of Light, a collective merkaba. Travel and travel through space into an area of ​​pure light that is transforming and completely renovating us. We are aligning to these new frequencies by simply being alive here and now and receiving the sun's rays. And as we receive waves of Love and Light, everything that is not vibrationally equated with the new frequencies is being intensely purified.

At the level of consciousness we are experiencing this as a sudden very profound transformation, through which we suddenly find ourselves questioning ourselves. Reorienting our light work. Breaking down everything we had believed and sustained in our conscience, transforming it and replacing it with completely new information or, with updates and renovations to the information we already knew. This is happening right now!

Have you found yourself in these last weeks questioning everything you believe and everything you used to move or take for granted about yourself and the universe?

Have you found yourself feeling insecure about your own convictions, certainties and visualizations?

Suddenly you feel an urgent need to completely align your life towards a simpler or more honest life with yourself?

Do you feel the desire to align the BEING with the DOING, so that your life is an authentic reflection of your essence and your purest feelings, but are you afraid of losing or detaching yourself from other aspects of your life?

Do you feel the sudden impulse to transform your diet, drink more water and take care of your body, respecting and honoring it, but don't you dare completely?

You feel that you no longer know what to believe and what to resonate with in this age of so much information, but do you force yourself to read just because the information comes from the author you have always read?

You're not going crazy, you're just evolving. And if you are feeling any of the above signals, it means that something in you is vibrating in resistance to change and you will have to make some kind of adjustment so that you can flow into the ocean of awakening and renewal.

There will be those who do not feel any of the above. On the contrary, you suddenly find yourself having much clearer perceptions, and certainties that fill you with a deep state of fullness and joy.

Or you may find yourself discovering new information that resonates and makes you feel happy.

Everything is part of the awakening, everyone is moving at their own pace. It is as if we were on a huge dance floor, we are all driven by the same music, however, everyone chooses to dance in their own way and join the dance at the time they want. Everything is appropriate. Just flow and move along the rhythm of your own feet.

This new space that the earth is entering contains in itself the pulsations of transparency, freedom, love, innocence, and drives us to align our Being at these frequencies, so that everything that does not correspond to these Frequencies will have to be aligned by resonance principle. Today more than ever our own being drives us towards integrity, purity and honesty with ourselves and our heart.

The Being never remains in the same place, it is necessary that we understand that we will continue to grow and evolve more and more, so that all the information is being renewed and updated, what worked for us yesterday, it may be that today I do not do it anymore and that It's totally natural, that's evolution!

The most important thing is to go through these periods of readjustment completely focused on our heart, so that our mind does not get in the way and prevents us from seeing clearly that we are renewing. In these moments it is even natural that we feel a little uncertainty or that we feel a little lost, when that happens, we must align ourselves with our hearts, so that we can choose the next step to take with full confidence in our inner power.

The era of the gurus, of the teachers, of the elect, is coming to an end, it is time for each of us to develop his own self-teaching and choose what we want to manifest within this new energy. We are receiving intense pulsations of Love and Light from the great central sun that align us to much higher frequencies and the new codes of light. These Light Codes are not just symbols, in fact, the symbols are just a range of the totality that represents this wonderful new energy that manifests itself in the form of images, sounds, feelings and information. All this oriented to awaken, release and heal our cellular memories and our bodies of Light.

I invite you from the heart to open your spirit and your heart to the experience, dare to surrender to detachment, to shed everything that no longer resonates with your soul and wake up in a completely new space where your whole being remains in alignment With his divinity.

Each and every one of us has the power and potential to awaken our own divinity. Each and every one of us are teachers and students, our school is life itself. It is time dear brothers to let go of all those old beliefs, all ties and all limiting concepts.

Choose with your heart what you want to create in this new space, choose what you want to believe, but always, at all times do it from your heart! Vibrate with what makes you feel happy and full. The awakening of consciousness is right here, we just have to open our hearts, the great mission we all have is to meet again with our Divinity and through that reunion we develop as full and complete beings.

Each of us has different faculties, different gifts and together we form a great symphony of light. Do not look for your divinity outside, always look for it in your heart and develop your connection through what you most love to do, be it growing flowers, painting, singing, dancing, meditating, connecting with crystals, writing, or even chatting with your friends, Everything is part of the work of art that is life and ourselves as individuals.

Now is the time! Each and every one of us chose to be here and now on Mother Earth and together we are heading towards renewal. There is nothing to fear. Do not allow anything or anyone to take away your power to choose, be and do. It is time to be free and divine!

We are loved and blessed infinitely.

The Kin Maya of today is Red Rhythmic Skywalker.

I share a mandala that we made in cooperation with Ornai.

The mandala represents not a walker, if not all walkers of life and the universe. Observe the mandala and you will notice that the blue lines are not just lines, they are people dancing, exploring, walking and each one holds in their hand a piece of the earth with a flower

I think we are all explorers and our search is united and intertwined. Each of us is different, but our purpose is the same, to grow, explore and learn.

A hug to everyone, with Love, ORNAI and KAI

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God is in Us In each tomo, in each particle and its primary essence is LOVE .. Love yourself, love life and be ONE with GOD.

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