Mayan Calendar: An accurate calibration of time and cosmic events

  • 2012

The main purpose of the galactic Maya to come to our planet was to make sure that the galactic harmonic model, not yet noticeable for our evolutionary position in the galaxy, be presented and informed. It was really they who brought us the matrix of galactic information, says Uuc Kan in his book Cosmic 2012.

The sacred Tzolkin calendar

To know your Mayan day of birth enter your information here:

I will give you your nawal (seal) and tone (number) and the corresponding explanations in Maya of Guatemala

Also here:

Excellent data and easy to understand. To have your sign in Yucatan Maya (the names are different but the glyph is the same)

For the Maya, the numbers had a different connotation, not only used to count, but to establish harmonic qualities as in music. They understood the numbers as organized radially, rather than linear, as is our custom, creating a galactic matrix that they called Hunab-Ku and from which the Tzolkin is derived. The Tzolkin is a hologram […], explains Uuc Kan in his book The Cosmic 2012.

“The Tzolkin or Sacred Mayan Calendar is a code. If the man with a 26-letter alphabet can create a whole language to express himself, what could you make known a key language of the 260-locker Tzolkin ?, naturally an even greater power than knowing the alphabet.

Each year it is regulated by a ruling Nawal, known as the charger, which is the energy in charge of protecting us and at the same time is a key to catalyze our forces.

The purpose of obtaining this information is to harmonize with Mother Nature and with the cosmos; find our way and be consistent with that purpose.

The warning of the grandparents when accessing this ancient tradition is not to look for it for simple curiosity, entertainment or vain ends. On the contrary, its ends must lead to a positive purpose that guides our development on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Ludovica Squirru, book of destiny Kam WUJ p.137

20 stamps

To study with his students. For example in history, social, philosophy, arts and language class. They can also photocopy and color children

Maya stamps are archetypes of symbols analogous to aspects of the Life process, of evolution and transformation. Express various missions and purposes.

Go to this address to have the black and white stamps to color:

13 Tones

Mayan interview

Tata Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj, “Nothing will happen in December 2012”

Tata Felipe Kankan. Mayan knowledge, education and children today.

Interview link in the next Bulletin.


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