Look for the path of peace nanse! Mother Maria speaks

  • 2014

My sons,

In these times that live incarnate I see a lot of difference between you, some live in abundance, without awareness of what can help those who live in extreme poverty.

Every day that passes the difference increases, I see children starving while the rest of the world seems to ignore it. Many cry when they see it but few are those who do something. When one thinks of leading a people or a nation, one must do it thinking about the world, but it is not like that, for many, power and money corrupt them. If they love their children, they see in the eyes of those hungry children the eyes of their children, they may raise awareness and their voices scream enough.

I see wars, many wars between brothers, streets desolate by the bombs, people running trying to save their lives, others fall down; broken families, villages broken by pain, giving way to anger and the desire for revenge. Stop hating yourself! Listen and dialogue! But do it with an open mind and your hearts able to accept the difference, try to find the balance.

My children, you are all brothers, not of blood but brothers of light. Open your hearts to love and close it to hatred and intolerance. Join! A town does not go out and ask if it has what it needs. Those who are on the cusp of power should know how to do something other than suppress the voice of those who ask, they should help them achieve what they lack, be it freedom or food. Look for the path of peace, not conformism. Accept the difference but seek balance through voice, not violence.

My children, many centuries have passed since the first disagreement, the first war and the first defeat of the human being, it is time to leave that violent pattern, without love and make the attempt to understand each other, believe me it is time to begin to live in the peace that every soul deserves.

I love them.

I am Mother Mary

Channeled by Julia Garc a.

Source: http://unashorasdeluz.wordpress.com/

Look for the path of peace nanse! (Mother Mother speaks)

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