Looking for Our Place by Jordi Morella

  • 2010

We have lived all these months of the year, and after receiving the energies arrived from the Home, now, last summer we are at a point where we have realized in a clear way what our direction is and what to do from now on following The guidelines of our heart, everything and so, at the top that we have reached from our process is not yet defined, in a clear way, our place of action or how to do it exactly. We know what our attitude should be and we have developed an emotional and perceptive, loving potential that allows us to move forward but, despite everything, we are not yet fully anchored. The possible expected results have not yet arrived, although we are seeing samples of them, due to the progress made in our evolutionary process.

We are at a point where many of us already know where we are going and what is our real reason why we have come in this life. Our vision of the meaning of our existence has been shown to us through moments of connection with our true nature. In it we have received information about the process of creation and our role in this dimension in which we find ourselves, everything and so, despite the progress made, we still do not feel fully established and we see the desired results of what has to be. In spite of everything, we feel calm, patient, confident and confident that we are in the right place and the right time to take the next step that will take us closer to our Divine Plan, of our sense in this lifetime.

There is a point of uncertainty, but at the same time we know that we are in the perfect place, but we would not have come here. We have had to stop doing what we did and the life we ​​led, many of us, to finish polishing aspects of our being and freeing ourselves from that, from places and people that would no longer help us. in our evolution process. The change has been radical for many, consciously or unconsciously, but we have agreed to do so. It is up to each other's consciousness to go through these moments more serenely and naturally, knowing that it will lead us to our greatest good. Some of you are in a kind of waiting, where the next step is not known, but here you are, open and trusting that you will receive the voice that will tell you to move again in a specific direction. Do not worry, because everything is planned. You are where you should be and all the inner movement that you felt sometimes is only the result of the liberation of part of the being that no longer corresponds to you and to receive the new energies that will allow you to show you with your maximum radiance. Nothing is as it seems, and many of you have already heard this expression more than once, but your present is only the prelude to the emergence of the great symphony. of your realization. Trust. Open your heart and let yourself be carried away by it. His words will indicate the attitude and direction to take from now on.

You are in the highest part of the top of your walk, where you can receive the frequencies that will allow you to show the world carrying out what you were born for. Open your antennas and your being will know how to interpret the messages of your environment and your interior from the Home. You are not alone. The Family is with you.

You are feeling a great awakening and a great illusion for what has to be. I know that many of you are like that. Be patient and do not want to precipitate events, because everything will be at the right time. We turn to him, and this fall will be key to start seeing the fruits of our walk to the present. The source will begin to give, and this time it will not stop. Live the present and leave time aside, because in these moments, it is at least there. The more you identify and feel your “now and here”, the more you will realize that you are heading towards your greatest good and nothing stands still even if it can give you the feeling that it is being so.

This fall is like the show of what will be of you from now on. Its fruits will feed you and elevate your soul and spirit. When next year begins, those of you who are already prepared will begin the acceleration of achieving and achieving your will. Everything will go further, feeling the glory and joy of serving the Father / Mother, creators of all life and existence. It is the same what you will have lived so far. The long-awaited results will begin to appear as you think it should be.

Walk, brothers, with the family of Light that accompany us to each present. Get in touch with them who will tell you about the moment you are. They will tell you your way forward and how to do it. You are not alone. Feel them with you throughout the day, every moment, and you will realize that these moments are sacred and perfect for you.

Observe your life and go understanding more things about what has happened to you and why of this or that thing. The understanding widens and your vision reaches beyond your existence. Now you know more. Now you understand more why you and where you are. Now you realize why you have not yet arrived where you wanted. Everything is in perfect order and harmony. Everything is fine. Everything is going well.

Continue with the serene attitude of living and learning from your present. Open your heart and enjoy every moment. Feel the love of God in you, because you are He. You are the Source from which everyone drinks and your life creates. Be patient because the time has come. Your time is here. From now on you will see how the blocked will be unlocked and the shortage will become abundance, ... ... and the source will continue to emanate.

Trust Be you and enjoy what you are given at every moment. Everything has a meaning. You are the sense of Creation.

May Love and Peace be in you.


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