Log of the Earth - November 6, 2007 by Celia Fenn

November 6: Peace I AM and the current lack of harmony: Currently the energy of the collective planetarium is very unstable. It changed over the weekend, with the events of Pakistani. When I woke up this morning and felt the energy, I found it full of fear, nervousness and confusion, as well as with a deep level of panic. Dear Lightworkers, the powerful energy alignments that are taking place right now are causing great stress in the collective energy field. Therefore, here we are at this time to sustain our center and our Peace ... and to have faith that everything will work out.

This weekend I noticed that people were starting to feel irritable and susceptible to others, energetic levels that were volatile. Well, I see that people are beginning to `` decentralize '' and that their souls fall into deep panic states that manifest themselves in the form of irrational behaviors.

It is true that there are no easy times but, for now, we know how to keep our own peace and not fall into the panic and depression that the planetary subconscious drill now that people He begins to feel the force of the energy that is being transmitted from the galactic center. They do not know what happens and that gives them panic. We, who know and understand the energies, are asked to sustain the space of Peace and Unconditional Love, so that more and more people can find them in us. It will not be very useful for us to also fall into the same patterns of anguish and depression as the others.

It is also our job for the future to start educating people about why these waves and energy fluctuations occur. You have to understand, as we do, that now that we are in the Fifth Dimension our bodies are more sensitive to the waves and energies coming from the Great Heart that is in the cosmic center. They have to learn that they can live in harmony with this energy without being stunned and immersed in states of panic and lack of harmony because they do not know how to live with the beats and cycles of the Galaxy. Truly how much we have asked for this, how much we have asked for the collective activation of our Light Bodies and our Galactic Light Bodies; Now we have to learn to live with those beats of Light that illuminate the Earth in its spiral journey to the Upper Octaves.

And the key that leads to this new way of life is to honor the energies and spirals of light as our ancestors did and as the indigenous peoples continue to do, with ceremonies and rituals that serve us to flow with power and the energy in ways that create harmony, joy and luminosity. This can be as simple as lighting a candle and playing some music, or as complex as shared celebration ceremonies are. The question is to honor the energy and recognize its Source. Flow with her through music, dance and poetry ... which are the soul's ways of dancing with the Light.

So, for this time of increasing energies ... here are two gifts of Music and Light to help you in your process. The first is a musical piece by Armand and Angelina, which creates a very loving and beautiful music. It's called "Peace I AM" and it has accompanied me in recent days as a mantra, the lyrics and music flow through my being easily and remind me that I am here to be Peace. The image is by Patricia Weber, from Canada, and is a photo of a spiral network in the morning sun, an echo of the Great Spiral of Creation in which we all live.

images / dreamweavers

To hear "Peace I AM", click here.

The second is a link to a video sent to me this morning by Jeanne, from the Starchild team in Holland. It is about the path of the Rainbow Warrior ... of learning to live in harmony with the Earth and to be that harmony in our own interior.

To see "Rainbow Warrior", click here.

Just for today, Now, remember to say: "Peace I AM".

You can download the pipes of Celia Fenn in Spanish, in Word file, in, Spanish site of Starchild

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2008 Celia Fenn in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Translation: Paloma Fernández Fernández .

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