BITÁCORA DE LA TIERRA from JANUARY 28, 2009- by Celia Fenn

January 28…. Service, Leadership and Spirituality ... Are they Important Things? Well, there I go again with this issue that, right now, does not seem to want to leave us. It is quite rare, but it seems that it is necessary to make reference to it, since Obama is bringing it to the surface. I believe that we are experiencing a profound healing of the collective mind in matters of service, leadership and, of course, spirituality. Because, in our lives, these issues are closely interconnected, and because what happens in the US. UU. tends to reverberate throughout the western world.

Let's start with the American mind and the leadership issues that Obama is awakening in the people. I see that spiritually conscious Americans have two types of response to Obama. One is a kind of benevolent idealization, by virtue of which he is considered a kind of Messiah. The other, from the opposite pole, looks at him with serious suspicion and sees in him only a continuation of old and dark ways. I think David Icke has already "proven" that Obama works for the "dark side."

For my part, I will point out that here the question lies in our vision of power and leadership, as well as in the healing of the deep wounds suffered by the American mind, which date back to Nixon and Watergate. On that occasion it was achieved that the leader, found guilty for his corruption and dishonesty, was expelled from power. Unfortunately, this did not affect only Nixon, but also created a pattern of paranoia and lack of confidence in politicians who, since then, have been persecuting virtually all presidents. There seems to have emerged a culture of politicians exclusively interested in the most highly destructive political power, in which aggressiveness and opposition to people in power are put in place as soon as we don't like them, or we sacralize them if they do. All this is staged media, and people adopt their positions according to what "seems" to be more in line with their more accustomed political and spiritual point of view.

So now I get emails from people who assume that, because I write about Obama in positive terms, I must belong to the idolatrous side. I'm sorry, but it's not like that. As an outside viewer, I consider Obama to be a gifted and capable leader, the best choice America could have made right now. Of course, he represents a significant change of course. When was the last time the American people chose a color leader with a history of community service? That can only harbor great hope that there will be a significant change! But I am of the opinion that a leader is judged on his performance, and Obama is yet to begin. It hasn't been a month yet, it's too early to make judgments of any kind about his leadership capacity as president or what it could entail. Of course, there is his trajectory, very positive, and his community work, which point to the fact that he could truly be a good and trained leader. A leader capable of driving America through the 2012 portal.

Why is this so important? Well, last night I was talking on the phone with my spiritual partner and he reminded me that 2012 will be the culmination of the significant changes that we are going through right now. We are recreating the planet as a New Earth, and the changes we are now making will be the ones that determine if the planet as a whole will have a frequency high enough to go through that “Portal”. I personally believe that all the people who are alive today have the opportunity to take that step, and that the choices we make now will be crucial to raise the global frequency enough to make this a New Earth for all.

But, in this phase of "Now, " we are still healing the wounds of Watergate, those of Vietnam ... and all the other "shocks" that entered the mind of the "superpower" when we started the great leap back in the seventies. Now that we are rediscovering that, in order to keep our bodies healthy, we have to produce food like “yesteryear”, with respect for water and soil, we are also discovering that we have to build our community with respect for leadership, in order to May our social body remain healthy and viable. The tremendous technological and social changes that we have gone through as a collective, have left us in a state of "post-traumatic stress", while we also continue to strive to be aware of what and who we are now. In addition, learning to trust our collective leadership and work with it, while maintaining the commitment to legal regulations, is what will determine if we can increase the frequency of our society and our collective existence. But we must release paranoia and distrust, and be prepared to serve and support those who serve.

When we can believe in our leadership, we will trust the leader within us. When we can serve others, we will begin to trust those who serve us. Because it will stop being a "game" of media and politicians to become part of our lives and our spiritual service. And perhaps, when we can rely enough on ourselves and our Divinity and our inner Light, we will stop looking at heaven waiting for it to send us some redeemer to save us and we will begin to trust our own innate spiritual essence and believe that, really, "we are the ones we have been waiting for". All of us, not only Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama ... but each of us currently on the planet.

It is not easy ... and just to show you what I mean, I would like to share with you some of my own experience with community leadership and political power. The first time I got involved with the community I help, I joined a group that seemed to be made up of people with high ideals: ecology, sustainability and community development. I attended some of their meetings and I liked what I heard. But, unfortunately, that was as far as it went. There were lots and lots of conversations going around things, but very little tangible to show in exchange for so much talk. There were cases of misappropriation of money and search for those responsible. The usual . Time later, as I proposed new projects, I became the center of an internal power struggle. They considered me a new arrival, and they believed that I had my own objectives that were obviously to enrich me, since this particular group had that end. So they began to oppose and hinder all my proposals. The climax came when he decided to work on the creation of an orchard for the community dining room he was supporting at the time. He asked for a work plan to be followed and a distribution of tasks so that we could coordinate our efforts. The answer was that what I was trying was to control them and they opposed to cooperating. The garden did not materialize and, after so much charla, the community was left with nothing. At that time I left and started working on an independent project with my current coordinator.

I felt dismayed seeing so much time wasted in power struggles and in speeches and selfish strides starring people who considered themselves to be the same community leaders. The ideas of service and responsibility surrendered to money, ego and power. It also seems that, in our political and community life, we continue in them. In a very low vibration. But we have few years left to raise the uniqueness and community support to a new level. And yes, Barack Obama interrupts a world leader. I don't think it's Obama's job to solve all the problems that America has. However, if you can instill a new ethic of community awareness and solidarity in the American mind, and if you can heal distrust and paranoia so that people can trust him and work with him, there will be It has generated a huge change and great healing that will benefit us all. That's what I expect from Obama, these are his main antecedents. And this will create a platform for a higher frequency of government and leadership.

And the reason why this should matter to us is that we, as Lightworkers, are here to support the rising frequency of consciousness in our progress towards 2012. We can do so through leadership and service that Let us offer our community and by example. We will continue with the power and low frequency duality policy, or begin to help create a society in which we can live and experience the true nature of the uno within our collective ? And that does not mean that we are all about to fall into a world dominated by America, in the immense prison camp that some venture. The nature of the `` unity '' is always diversity and multiplicity, because the Law of One is composed of the Laws of the One and the Many and The Many and the One, complex expressions of the thermal family and diversity within the Divine Expression of the Totality of Life on Earth.

It is important because we are changing overnight, and we are learning to express who we are in new ways. Now, even our spiritual knowledge and beliefs are changing, we are accepting who we are as "Masters of Light" and co-creators of our own destiny here on Earth. It is what we choose to come to experience here at this time.



This year we will start in South America. We will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Montevideo, Uruguay; but first, we will go to BRAZIL! We will celebrate another wonderful event at the Iguazu Falls, and then we will be in Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We look forward to meeting you to share the Energy of the "Harmony of One" in 2009!

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