Blessing of the Feminine Energy for women and men - October 22, 2016

  • 2016

The Blessing of the Feminine Energy is an Energy Therapy where you work with the energy of the Moon, to awaken the consciousness of our Ying part. Upon awakening the Feminine Energy we contribute to its transformation and healing, thus returning to the authentic Femininity, and we can love each other again as women. In men, working their Feminine Energy will help them understand and accept a part of their Being from which they are often disconnected, since the expression of Feminine Energy by of men has been repressed by society for a long time.

When women are connected to their femininity and feel comfortable with themselves, they begin to raise their vibration and awaken blockages that are latent inside, being able to return to a form Femininity more free and original.

By becoming aware of their Feminine Energy, women, again remember and relearn that their natural energy is cyclical and that makes them able to respect that internal natural cycle, providing balance and harmonizes in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way their lives. Women grow in self-acceptance, peace, self-esteem and become empowered with their own Energy, awakening their ability to love and unconditionally love other people.

The Blessing of the Feminine Energy works directly on the Three Power Centers of the Feminine Energy: La Estrella, El C iz and El Caldero. These Power Centers are energized during the Blessing of the Feminine Energy, while being rooted with Mother Earth.

This energy therapy can be received by all women and men who want it (regardless of age, whether or not they have the menstrual cycle or if they have or not a physical uterus) since the Energ Female who is present in all people.

When a man decides to receive a Blessing of the Feminine Energy he is taking a step towards his inner self-knowledge, since this energy work will help him to accept and be aware of his part Ying. This will bring balance and harmony to you since you can safely and confidently express a part of yourself so far unknown and can be reconciled with the totality of your Being.

All the Healings and Blessings of the Feminine Energy are taught by the Advanced Moon Mother Gemma Carbonell. Individual sessions are held and day (two people), group workshops are also held to receive the Blessing of the Feminine Energy.

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The contribution of the Group Workshop on October 22 is 18 euros per person and the capacity is limited to 6 people in order of registration.

The Workshop will be held at the Kairos Studio in Mataró (Barcelona).

Blessings, An´Anasha.

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