Battling with negative thoughts? Is it a matter of energies?

Many philosophical schools or self-help systems warn about the benefits of maintaining luminous thoughts and advise observing the thoughts by regulating them as much as possible avoiding the entry of negative thoughts. They teach postures, prayers, ways of breathing, routines and various techniques with the purpose of generating an optimistic spirit or simply to drive away those negative thoughts mainly those versed in the complaint, guilt abroad, fear, hopelessness, loss of faith, (self) reproach, (self) criticism, hatred, mistrust, etc. The techniques for planning life, for organizing time, such as decision strategies, are not outside this scheme. Each one in its own way tries to explain that one must seek thoughts of light, strive to avoid stopping in negative thoughts or stimuli from the outside that are destabilizing.

The recommendation cannot keep better intentions. However, people do not succeed, if they do they cannot sustain this habit for a long time. So many are tortured, demanded, feel fail, perceive themselves in some way inferior, and abandon with sadness or cynicism overwhelmed primarily by discovering the incredible ability of the mind to engage with negative material and begin to trigger with it.

Experience confirms that just trying to cancel negative thoughts and keep positive thoughts is not enough, it is not easy to achieve and sustain without going crazy or depressed in the face of so much effort. Regulating the mind or battling with it is not the way, the way is to know how to operate on it intelligently: neither foolish nor omnipotent. Intelligence is closer to humility, as Jung said: nature is aristocratic: it always prevails and is ruled over human pretensions.

An intelligent way is one who, having informed himself about human mental processes, respects them and takes advantage of their dynamics to generate benefits. Do not battle against them. Working in the mind in a productive way is just using this natural process of the human mind but in a way that is productive and generates that optimal emotional state that allows us to respond to life in the way we want.

The way you think reflects the energetic tide in which you are planted today and therefore, translates into negative thoughts and adverse feelings that overwhelm you. It is the magnetism of that emotional tide where you find what attracts you. For that reason, their efforts to control them, set them aside, anesthetize them, sleep them, postpone them, deny them and replace them will be increasingly intense and less productive. Your visions will be equally limited. To the extent that you remain in those seas of murky waters, the result will be the same, the mental journey will always be similar, limited, you will get the same mental scenarios that will produce those charged emotional climates that you already know. The good news is that these problems can be reversed in the same simple and even imperceptible way as they can be initiated because the same mental processes are valid for positive states as well: they will also attract a multiplicity of ideas, circumstances, people, matters, objects of equivalent energy, that is, they will attract benefits abroad and an increase in well-being.

Your thoughts and emotions define the energy tide in which you find yourself. They are also the result of managing your energies. If in the future, every time you find yourself saying things like "I spend it thinking about x thing", replace your speech and say something like "I'm concentrating all my energies on x thing" will verify that you are in addition to a body physical a vibrating entity that emits and receives energies and vibrates with them and that to the extent that you fix your attention on what causes you pain, sadness, fear, vulnerability, uncertainty, it will tend to perpetuate you. It will rarely disappear to the extent that consciously or unconsciously something in you "keeps it alive." It is very likely that contrary to your expectations, your pain intensifies and also spreads into other contexts of your life. The mere desire as the attempt to consciously stop that wheel of negative ideas, thoughts and emotions only reflects the core where you put your focus. If you do not present to your mind a valid, concrete alternative, your mind will roll down the same old lanes. But in order for your mind to present a valid alternative, you certainly need to have the germ seed of such an alternative. According to our point of view, this means that if you want to generate positive thoughts of clarity and hope in you, you necessarily need to rise to those high vibration energetic tides where clarity and hope flourish and then translate into being in luminous ideas, states of genuine clarity and hope.

Raising the vibrations the luminous thoughts and circumstances come effortlessly: they will, as Bach says, in addition. The entry of these thoughts and the inauguration of optimal emotional states always occur as a result of deliberate internal sanitation or a beneficial impact such as a magnificent experience, wonderful news or a blessed encounter for the simple reason that they bring energy bright. With wishing "I don't want to be confused or desperate anymore" "I don't want to have this negative thought" is not enough, it's not the way. It is not because the idea of ​​confused and desperate or whatever your negative thinking is still vibrant. When you try to stop or control your negative emotions or stop the wheel of your negative thoughts or fight against them, you just concentrate on them and unintentionally intensify them. So it is possible that it will attract a multiplicity of ideas, sensations and qualitatively equivalent emotions, will also confirm your suspicions and imaginations following the principle of “self-fulfilling prophecy”, resulting in your system essentially negative processes. The essential transformations from which everything else starts never take place through taxation because impositions do not work; they are hateful and offensive to Mother Nature who will sooner or later show off her magnificence in a display of her insurmountable laws. Negative thoughts and emotions that you both try to avoid will disappear from you only by planting the seed of emotion with which you like to vibrate and for that to happen you need to have that seed, plant it in your emotional garden and have the skill of the gardener .

Negative thoughts stop coming, they simply cannot enter with training that guides mental work that will be productive. It is not about generating an optimistic spirit or reciting the hopeful phrases of the guru on duty, that would make up a dirty face. You have to learn to clean yourself energetically. Everything else: mental clarity, impulse, optimism, physical strength and vigor are only inevitable results of responsible energy work.

Energy problems encompass all human concerns and all human problems of all ages. Many times we believe that we have a job and from our situation we can even explain vehemently what this job is due to. With an energetic work it is often discovered that what is called trabaz n is nothing but the direct conclusion reached by considering the situation from an energetic tide weak ethics and not from others; with stronger vibrations, that trabaz n receives an unexpectedly different character and the individual coming out of the quagmire takes on renewed strength. Often people receive suggestions and advice that they cannot take, which they consider absurd, impossible or ridiculous but this is only because they have not yet entered into those positive energetic tides from which the council or suggestion.

If you find yourself in some convulsed emotional tide, if you are tortured with negative thoughts you must remember that you will not get genuine positive thoughts to come to you yet because they are fish sailing in other seas. You must first move to this wide sea to catch some. As much as you know the benefits of keeping your body dry in winter, you cannot set out to keep your body dry in the rain in winter or under snow. You need resources that allow it, clothes, an umbrella, a roof. So your energy body is also vulnerable. Unless you use energy support that effectively clears your inner skies and elevates you, you will not be able to think in a truly clear and elevated way. Your speech will be false, your efforts will be futile.

In our daily practice we find many people aspiring to change their profession to find their life vocation are stuck just because of these energy problems. After responsible work they discover that they could not make a decision to complete them because, for example, their aspirations were limited by fear, their vision of themselves was limited by a feeling of inferiority, or by some influential voices from their surroundings that undermined their emotional field and therefore contaminated that essential magnetism and also their own visions were distorted. When they clean their perceptual channels and really raise their vibrations, a new world opens up before them and they can choose without emotional work, they detect what was not possible to detect before.

Take as an example, what happens with vocational guidance tests. Those who do not contemplate emotional factors fail, give failed results that they lament much later. If someone claims to be good at math but is not taught to observe factors around, to discover that perhaps the teacher's energy and the climate imposed by him or the bank partner favored his performance in mathematics will not discover that he has potential fertile to develop in other areas that may satisfy you much more. There is an emotional display during the tests, those tests that people undergo and can define their future. The energy of the vocational counselor, his office, the words he uses, his looks, everything that surrounds before and after the encounter plays a preponderant energy role that affects the result of the consultation itself. Creatives often feel inhibited, the most sensitive people get something around the consultation and become deconcentrated, some are hooked by something happened before or after the encounter, the impatient will have theirs and for one reason or another we see that the results of These studies rarely translate the true potential of the consultant, it simply does not come to light. Much frustration and adult suffering even health problems are often related to a decision made prematurely and based on factors that are secondary or incomplete.

Whatever concern you occupy, negative or confusing thoughts will come to the random mind, to the person in a vulnerable energy tide. If you are immersed in fear you cannot have thoughts of faith no matter how much your teacher imposes it on you and mentions the benefits in practice. If you are being pressured to make a decision, you will not make the right decision just because you made it "on time." You need to learn to resort to that information that dwells inside, you need to know how to get it afloat and how to use it to make the right decision. When one is confused it is very good to consult. But wiser still is knowing who to ask the question. Bach teaches us to consult; It teaches us that the true and really useful answers come from within us and also teaches us how to formulate those questions: making good use of vibrations. One no longer asks with words and thoughts but reading and interpreting the vibrations and emotions we deal with and that we most sensitively attract.

Well used, Bach Flowers are useful just because they can raise our vibrational frequency. If you are not in high vibrations, you will not be able to have thoughts of genuine clarity or faith or love for more techniques or phrases learned from memory, your mind will be contaminated by doubt, fear, distrust, envy, impatience, etc. . This starts the block. Used wisely, floral essences have the particularity of moving from one tide to another, such as from the serious to the acute on the strings of a guitar, taking us to the most vibrant and luminous part of the do, the re, the mi, the fa but without skipping the do, re or fa since without them there would be no complete guitar. For example, an essence will lead us from hate to love, since these two emotions correspond to the same vibration (to the same guitar string) with opposite polarities: low / high, serious / sharp; hate love. Following the same scheme, and knowing “playing the guitar”, we will get another string to displace us from fear of courage, and others will produce their corresponding displacements. Hate, love, fear, courage, are just some of the "primary colors" of emotional vibrations from which all other combinations and emotional tones are born. It is not the same to feel anger for so much fear than to feel fear for so much anger. Each emotional tone will generate its own magnetism, reflecting this in key words in its speech, bulging and attracting all that in resonance with it: hate will attract more hate; fear will bully fear ideas; love will attract everything related to the energies of love. Learning the language of emotions puts us in a style of "conversation" that surpasses all others.

In a very simple and effective way, (characteristic of nature) the good use of floral essences help anyone to converse with their interior, to interpret themselves in their vibrations, in the personal visions that accompany them daily, tasting with it multiple benefits: in your spiritual path, in your study, in your work, in your relationship life and you will do it regardless of the method or path you choose to advance spiritually, regardless of what you choose to study, in what you choose to perform at work or how you choose to chart your social life. This communicational miracle is established because they impose an interior climate that allows it, Bach's essences bring benefactive energy and good energy is as necessary to the emotional body as good food is to the physical body.

When working with essences, and underline the word "work" - and never take them by randomly releasing their energy - they are surprising enhancers of the mind and regulators of the body's defense system. That is why I recommend them and I emphasize the importance of learning to make the most of them, not to confuse them with mere natural remedies but to remember that in them there are concentrated manipulable energies ready to generate transcendent benefits impossible to imagine from a weak energy tide. Having this knowledge alive in memory, it is understood the fundamental importance of learning to maneuver these intelligences so as not to stay halfway to all the favors they can grant.

Liliana Dercyé
Director of

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