“Helping the Now” Lord Buddha channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2015

At this moment you are everything you could have wanted to be and everything you did not want to be. At this moment you have multiple opportunities available; And you have no chance. At this moment you are much more than your physical body; and yet you are only your physical body. This moment is as special and expansive as you allow it to be; just as it is as limiting and exhausting as you can imagine. When I say the words 'this moment', I am speaking of the present, of the Now, in particular of your present that on a level is completely different from that of the other people on Earth ; and on another level it is completely the same. You are only your present moment; However, often your present moment may be occupied by influences from your past and future. I want to tell you that it's okay to think about the past and the future; However, I urge you to mainly enjoy your present experience, more than anything else.

You always exist in a new present moment, this means that you are always in a process of creation. You are never without your experience of the present, or without your ability or without getting involved in the creation from your inner space. The way you allow yourself to perceive your present moment is influenced by the space that you admit, create and recognize within your Being. When your inner space is more truthful and more aligned with the vibrations of the Creator or the Universe, then you have more capacity to be alert and attentive to all your present moments.

I am talking about recognizing that inside you there is a glorious space filled with the blessings of the Creator; In truth, this is your inner present moment. The energy of the Creator inside can be recognized and expressed as an attentive presence. Not only are you witnessing your alert attention to everything, inside and around you; You are attentive to your ability to witness the omniscient and omniscient aspect within. This is the space within you, it is the Creator, this present moment that can be projected from your interior into your reality. With this projection from the inside, your entire existence is influenced, especially the senses, abilities and reactions of your physical body; thus stimulating you to see, feel and recognize that what you recognize within yourself, you recognize outside of you. You could compare it with having an image inside and recognize it outside of you, in your reality; Once this connection has been made, the ability to create more abundance of the same images and develop them more is activated, thus creating your truth. You are experiencing, creating and expressing the Creator; and that sacred state of existence called 'exist in the present moment' .

Existing in the present can be explained in many ways, is to observe and be attentive; However, it really is to be present with the Creator within you, thereby allowing you to be with the Creator also in your external reality. Each Soul wants to walk with the Creator, often this is perceived as the Creator walking by your side, helping and supporting you; However: And if you allow yourself to imagine that the Creator is fully present within you and attentive to everything you are and everything you experience?

Take a moment to contemplate this: Instead of focusing on being present and attentive to the Creator, imagine that the Creator is present within you and is paying attention to you. What reaction and what experience would this create?

How would it feel and how would it influence your life?

To imagine that the Creator is constantly attentive and aware of you, is the same as you being constantly attentive and aware of the Creator; The result is the same: You recognize your Oneness with the Creator . You are really allowing yourself to be present in numerous ways and on numerous levels. This is more than existing at the moment; It is to be present with the Creator.

At the beginning of my communication I talked about all the things that the present moment can be: Positive and negative, expansive and limiting; My goal was to encourage you to realize that you are a part of everything, whether inside or outside of you. This means that you are connected with everything in your present moment. Take a moment to look out the window: What do you see? Whatever you see, be it a Human, an animal, a plant or anything else, you are connected with that, play a role in your present moment; You cannot escape your connection and Oneness with everything. Everything you see also has a purpose, from a blade of grass to a garbage, is one of projection of your internal energy and ability to observe the Creator within you. When you feel that everything is part of your present moment, everything in the entire Universe of the Creator, you begin to accept who you truly are. Then you also allow yourself to accept your ability to create.

Therefore, your purpose is to always create the experience of your Presence with the Creator. When you look closely at the Creator within you and know that the Creator within you is watching you closely, then harmony and Oneness are created that allow you to experience the present moment. The only moment you have is Now; and it is full of all that is the Creator; by accepting this you realize your inability to be disconnected from the Creator; and of your ability to create anything and all things. Incorporate this fully and completely, imagine within you the belief and experience of always being connected and being able to create anything, allow energy to fill your entire Being, realize how you react to the energies that are being activated. You may experience an expansion that will create a foundation to focus on, thus helping to make your Now more satisfying and awake.

With your acceptance of your uniqueness and your ability to create, any approach that you respect, maintain and recognize is empowered to be experienced in your reality with greater speed and greater impact. This is a simple and powerful concept that may also require contemplation; It is the true message of my communication with you.

To create the reality you want to experience, to improve your spiritual evolution, to experience Oneness with the Creator; and to constantly create from a space of truth within you, without the least effort, I invite you to explore these practices:

Allow yourself to enter your heart and soul ; imagine, feel or acknowledge that you are watching closely the appearance of the Creator within you. You don't need to see, feel or recognize this, just let yourself know, imagine and experience it.

• Allow yourself to enter your heart and soul; Imagine feeling or acknowledging that the Creator is watching you closely. There is no established way to experience this, just have the intention and admit that whatever arises will arise.

• Open your eyes and look around you, simply recognize and observe that you are connected with everything and everyone; you are a part of the energy that created it and that is a part of your present moment. Allow yourself to accept it as much as possible.

• Close your eyes and invite yourself to realize that whatever you want to experience at this time, you have the ability to experience and achieve now. Let the sensation that anything and all things are possible fill your whole Being and your whole body as a liquid Light.

Now bring to your Being a strong awareness that all you have just experienced and recognized supports you, all you need to do is maintain a clear and true approach to what you want to experience, become, or receive. Let this focus be strong, with the feeling that you are existing in Oneness with the Creator. You are in your present moment of creation with the Creator; enjoy the experience

Now watch your reality carefully and then watch your Being carefully, noting any change or awakening that has taken place.

This is to help you access your present moment; and also to help your experience of

Now be as satisfying and loving as you want. I invite you to call me, Lord Buddha, to experience it while I support you.

Let us support the present moment being the Age of Love.

Lord Buddha.

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.

Source: http://www.jairorodriguezr.com/

Channeled by Natalie Glasson

Helping the Now Lord Buddha channeled by Natalie Glasson

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