Advanced in Light

  • 2011

I AM the Lord of the World bringing good news to all my beloved Beings of Light from Planet Earth.

The great impact that the universe has been receiving in its different strata to open up the imminent changes will continue to be realized because there are still missing transformations of the mind and spirit of the human being that must occur before entering the new world that awaits you, and to which they are ascending without any doubt by the Love and Power of God.

You are making great strides, with great speed, so much that every day you will continue to be amazed by the extraordinary manifestations that must be presented to you.

Wonderful manifestations that will also be replicated in the environment of their hands, are attentive to what they are living and that has surprised you. Many are already in the ascended consciousness and see it as normal as it should be, others still have not understood it and will surprise you.

The time will come when everyone will be equal, in the same and unique state of Unity, Love and Wisdom-

In this way, my beloved Children of God, that what has been happening at the level of the continents is also being carried out in the physical and mental bodies of the most sensitive human beings. This means that you are seeing the prelude to the rebirth of the New World and the New Being.

The strength, protection and preparation you have been receiving from higher spheres with the force of Love and Light has been tested through your enlightened souls, you beloved m They are on the broad path of Love, Wisdom and Power.

We have seen how you have overcome these calamities in your physical, emotional, mental bodies, in your family, environment and communities. They don't know how proud we are, beloved ones!

You have assimilated the lessons with wonderful wisdom and you have faced and passed the tests with courage, security, faith and hope.

Keep coming to me at all times, I need your prayers, your requests, in order to help you by sending the requested help.

You also have the entire Legion of Ascended Masters in the Light attentive to their calls. Remember that there is free will to request help at any time you need it and without which we could not intervene.

As the Portals of Light are opening, more beings get involved in the great task of saving the planet, hearts overflowing with love, compassion and understanding for others and for nature, will bring humanity to their maximum splendor of Peace and Love.

It is the Unity manifested in Love.

Go ahead my beloved Angels of Light.

From the light of the Spheres I love you forever. ”

Sanat Kumara

Channeled by Adnama on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 22:00 PM.

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