We ascend (by Julio Andr Pagan)

  • 2011

While the bells of the ascension resonate internally, I gently run the veil of illusion so that your eyes appreciate what your courageous heart already feels, for the new humanity is emerging. Consciously born the beautiful reality where light, magic and color, trace bright paths of love that embrace and nurture the peace of the inner world. We embody the mythical dream of a free, healthy and bright world that began to wake up. We ascend

It really is that? Our Inner Being encourages us to trust, but the mind leads us to think that perhaps everything is an idyllic story that we were able to invent to try to escape from earthly madness, since there are still wars, injustices and pain, and it is scarce The love that is breathed in the streets. This is the moment of greatest confusion, where our spirits encourage us to feel, but logic cries out of everything that is not accumulating and getting ready.

This is the stage in which we must remember again that in the multidimensional game of life, not everything is as it seems. The doubts are there, at the foot of the new threshold, to revalidate the decisions taken in a context that is now presented by others energetic and mobilizing. That is why in order to continue, we must remember the meaning of this exciting journey and renew, with conviction, the wise decision to allow the heart to guide our steps.

We are ascending. To ascend consists in raising the vibration to gain understanding. It is to align again, to meet again, amid the strong agitation that stuns and clouds the senses. To ascend is to balance, learning to flow, to feel that there is no separation between what happens to our body and what happens in the universe. To ascend is what we do by recognizing, in adversity, the valuable opportunity to continue growing together.

May the resplendent image that illuminates this message become an intense spring of shining inspiration, so that we keep active our soul commitment to focus on the heart, to capture a more crystalline present, where we can all love and be able to enjoy this exciting human experience, which today reconnects us and sister in the light of Unity. Together, vibrating, we are doing it. We ascend



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