Hathoriano Stream of Light

  • 2015

The Hathors have been asking me for weeks to publish this sound meditation, due to the acute stress that many individuals experience, and that they will continue to feel it in their lives .

This sound meditation is soft and subtle, but its benefits are broad, as it allows you to gently release the tension that arises from your current circumstances, and if you choose to work with it, it can even help release the negativity of your past.

The meditation lasts 12 minutes and is best heard with stereo headphones. If you have space to do it, I suggest you lie down and place your legs up so that they are taller than your head and chest, since this simple position will help you relax more deeply.

Breathe with long, slow, comfortable inhalations, and gently relaxed exhalations, allowing each exhalation to be more relaxed than the previous one.

The sounds that make up the meditation come from a stream that flows on the island where I live, along with the Hathor sounds that are analogues of the kingdoms of light, to release stress and activate the networks of light in your body.

While listening to this meditation, imagine that a stream of liquid light flows through you from above your head, down, through the space of your body and out through your feet and hands, Gently taking away stress and tension.

Keep your attention on your physical body while listening to the sounds of the stream and the sounds of the Hathors . In doing so, you will allow the vibrational energy of healing and liberation to move deeply into your organs and other areas of your body that may be tense and contracted.

I suggest you rest for a few minutes with your eyes closed after listening to it, so you can feel the subtle energies that have been released within you. You can repeat the sequence as many times as you wish, to create an audio session as long as you want.

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By Tom Kenyon

Translation : M. Cristina C aro

Source : www. translationsparaelcamino.blogspot.com.ar

Hathoriano Stream of Light

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