Aries. Great Easter Festival "Resuscitating Being"

  • 2015

"Oh God,

I have discovered love!

How wonderful, how good, how beautiful it is!

I offer my greeting

to the spirit of passion that gave birth and excite the entire universe

and everything it contains. ”Rumi

Again in a dance of colossal force, our growing psycho-emotional world is agitated and enveloped by the enormous quantum force of a rising light beyond the veil.

The huge waves of energy that the process of co-creation that at intuitive levels of the mind is projecting on the earth a series of imprints of the liberated soul (causes of the evolutionary cycle in the age of aquarium), floods us, this time, not with great perceptions of the celestial dance of the highest levels of the psyche (quantum sky), if not with the material supply (lunar-inferior), which is already capable of feeling an indispensable part of that whole that is reorganized within us.

As a new and brief cycle of growth (many are already discovering their own creative rhythm, demystifying and dismantling the false reality of effort and suffering as an inescapable plan of heaven for learning, dismantling the linear reality of space-time to dive into the circle personnel who access all the invisible fields of a consciousness that has always been a homogeneous EVERYTHING) this exponential present, brings together in its purest essence, the motor and generator principle of the great change towards the intuitive era, of the great leap at a golden age of humanity

The full moon that brings together myriads of invisible and creative forces around a Plan of evolutionary excellence, spills over the paschal mystery, in a divine conjunction that bathes these days of the immeasurable and attainable "resurrection" of true life, of true Being, which for a long period has gathered the courage to meet, explore and investigate with itself, becoming a "mature truth" worthy of being finally collected.

The Sun, Mercury and Uranus, act as a strong trigger for this event ... The heart of the system, the Messenger of the gods, the cosmic mind attached to the moon (the intelligence of matter), which is capable of making us feel the most deep in a quiet silence, the great explosion of life and novelty, which happens after all rebirth.

We begin the annual cycle of conscious creation.

The paschal mysteries with which the Christ walked illuminating the ancestral archetypes of consciousness, emerge in us, freeing us from the chains of fear, from the limits that our own mind has created around us in all societies, liberating, the essence that It transcends the form and which in turn reveals itself as "passion" as the great nascent force of Love, which is capable of stirring the visible and invisible worlds, to concentrate them as a powerful center of radiation of inner wisdom.

Restoration forces make their appearance by discarding any old block or pattern. Stripping of theories, of learning and even of our names, they act comforted on that great nothing that we accept and thus becomes a potential to embody.

We accept our own mistakes, fears and doubts by rediscovering in that act of selfless love for ourselves, that at a step of all great effort there is a filling of glory and peace ... We reveal again and again the instant, the eternal present, where to be born and dying is a continuation of conscious creation, where the beginning is the end, and vice versa in a cosmic rhythm to which our heart already responds, filling itself with certainty and self-responsibility.

We immerse ourselves at will in a period of real growth, of internal evolution that is the only one that without space or time is able to create the container for the flow of life, of existence (which is nothing more than going towards ... towards unlimited limits of the mind, which begins its time to awaken the Soul).

Aries "I arise (from my labels and fears, limits and patterns) and from the mind I rule" together with Uranus, a catalyst of hidden truths and internal revelations, and the Moon capable of containing the intelligent activity of matter by "mediation" of Love, (Sun), these days become a radiant space of internal communication, where the quantum essence of all the work that is being carried out for the ascension and paradigm shift is felt as a personal essence, revealing a high activity and such Once unknown of our consciousness, who already operates, and manages the energy as a co-creator, directing and sharing it in those areas of the vital experience that are expanding with each step we take in the search and self-knowledge.

It is more a receptive period than an active one, although the strong intellectual stimulus is propitiated by this great spiritual Festival, it is an illuminating principle of the coming months, a point of freedom, a return to zero that must unfold the infinite, a death and resurrection of beliefs, which demands nothing more than openness and contact, without judgments of the dual world in which we participate.

So at the gates of a new and growing movement of the All in its reorganization, we feel flooded by the invisible magic, which no longer expects a name or recognition, but simply wants to stir and passionate all the states of a being, so that the recovered truth prevails where the soul has its primitive freedom.

A resurrection that is lived by every tiny molecule, for every invisible atom that gathers in the growing magnetic field that internal revelations are generating around us, a vast and infinite "new space" where matter, and the quantum essence are rediscovering and rearming, joining all hearts, which in a rhythmic and natural encounter, concentrate strength and passion in order to attract the underlying beauty, in order to restore the memory of the god-man and his natural gifts.

Enjoy this beautiful dance. Breathe and act, Expire and rest ... Die and be born to your partial and complete truth ... Be the way ... the new mark on the stars.

Happy Easter Festival. Happy Restoration Happy alchemy


Blessed is the dance of visionaries and their souls!



Aries. Great Easter Festival "Resuscitating Being"

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