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  • 2012

Channeled through Natalie Glasson on June 18, 2012

A pearly light swirls with the love of my heart as I greet you and remain before you. I am Archangel Sandalfon, a guardian of light of the Earth. I introduce myself to share some information about the changes that are occurring during this moment of ascension. So many different things are happening and manifesting that it can be difficult for you to notice all of them and for us to attract your attention to transitions. As guardian of the Earth's vibration, I am aware of all the energy changes that occur with respect to the physical and energy bodies of the Earth and the souls that exist on Earth.

The most predominant change at this time is the large volume of angelic light that is anchoring and infusing at all levels of the Earth. The angelic kingdom has been asked to anchor its vibrations on Earth because the angelic vibration is the vibration closest to the vibration that needs to be obtained on Earth. The vibration of angels and archangels is unconditional love; when we focus only on the energy expressed from the angelic realm, instead of on the beings themselves, we observe that they express an active, detached, compassionate and loving vibration; This is the vibration that the Creator wishes to manifest on Earth.

By pouring the vibration of the angelic kingdom on Earth, it is our hope that humanity and the Earth's energy levels respond and emanate a similar vibration in return, dramatically increasing the vibration of the Earth and of every soul that exists. The energy of the angelic kingdom is acting as an activation energy, but also as a mirror of what can be achieved, so that souls on Earth, and even Mother Earth can observe angelic vibrations and see themselves in it light.

The angelic vibration possesses an enormous volume of love, which is needed to bring great healing to all levels of energy within the Earth and each being, while the selfless or detached aspect allows the separation and personality to dissolve to Create the unit. Souls on Earth will not learn to embody the angelic kingdom, but they will allow a similar vibration of truth within their being to flourish and emerge. Many will begin to recognize that the angelic kingdom possesses a proportion of the earth's vibration of love and that each soul possesses a portion of the Creator's love to make a set.

The angelic kingdom has always possessed a portion of the Creator's love as a reminder to all. The angelic kingdom and I want to inspire each soul to activate the vibration of unconditional love from within their being so that it is founded with angelic energy and Earth, thus creating a greater whole of the Creator on Earth.

Allow yourself every day to invoke the angelic light of unconditional love so that your whole being and your reality flow. Allow yourself to absorb the angelic light not only towards your being and your physical body but also towards the Earth. Your entire being and your reality will naturally respond to the vibration of light, causing your own vibration of unconditional love to flow abundantly from your being. This process is also a great healing activity for the Earth and the souls that exist in it. The angelic kingdom and the Creator are asking you to continue healing yourself with the vibration of love, but through your internal healing you also heal your external reality, by allowing your unconditional love vibration to ignite and radiate with power.

They may wish to say in your mind, as they focus on breathing through your heart chakra:

“I inflate myself with unconditional love”

Another change and another transition that I wish to share with you is the presence of a new chakra in your being. Some of you have already accepted and have been using this new chakra, while for others it is anchoring now, or has been doing so for the past few months. This chakra was created by the Creator and the Archangel Metatron; It has many colors of light in its center but emanates a silver and white light, which is the first light that you see when observing the chakra.

The chakra is also somewhat larger than the other chakras and has everything the soul needs to achieve ascension and return completely to the light with a constant connection. The chakra has been placed by the Archangel Metatron just below the Star Portal or Cosmic Portal chakra, and just above the Soul Star chakra. The Star Portal or Cosmic Portal allows you to be connected with all the flow and all the vibration of the universe, while the Star of the Soul chakra houses the vibrations, wisdom and evolutionary ascension of the soul, your essence and truth. The presence of this new chakra has evolved because it is now time for the soul to have power and divinely guide and influence the reality it is experiencing, rather than allowing the mind or emotions to have power.

This new chakra constantly gathers everything that is needed to support the evolution of your soul; It is a chakra that will also dissolve or disperse when your soul enters its full power. This chakra is merely to support the growth and advancement of the soul towards the physical body and physical reality, similar to nourishing the soul and supporting its development. The presence of the new chakra does not intervene with the light of the Creator flowing through your star portal or cosmic portal but only increases the vibration and empowers the soul each time the light is anchored.

On your head, with your hands you can find this new chakra; at the top of the head they have your crown chakra, then, a little above your head, they have your Star of Soul chakra; climbing a little, you will find the new chakra, then, above it, the Star Portal or Cosmic Portal. Using the sensors in the chakras of the palm of your hand, you should be able to feel the energy of the chakras as balls of energy, or a sensation of heat or vibration. They should be able to imagine but also feel as if they were holding each chakra in your hands, and this will allow them to connect with the new chakra created by the Arc Metangel and the Creator, recognizing by So much your presence. Simply know that this new chakra is working to empower the evolution of your soul on Earth and your path of ascension.

It is important to help in the acceptance of this chakra, otherwise the soul can feel a separation from the Creator due to the new energy vibration within your energy field. By imagining or visualizing the new chakra and bringing its light through all your being and all your chakras, allowing the light to flow to the Earth and your Earth Star chakra under your feet, will allow a greater integration and harmony within your being. The new chakra can then achieve that for what has been divinely created, the empowerment of your soul in your current physical reality. When they connect with this new chakra, they may wish to invoke the Arc Metangel for guidance and assistance. As for a name for this new chakra, many of the people who are discovering it are being given different names, but a name is simply a label and is not of great importance. It may be appropriate to recognize this chakra as an ascension chakra or a soul empowerment chakra.

It is also essential to allow light to flow through this new chakra to your Soul Star chakra, running through all your chakras, since the new chakra will drain or filter the energies that the soul needs to the Star chakra of the Soul and will empower the soul energy within your whole being.

The other change that is occurring on Earth is being conducted by Lord Merlin and many beings of light connected to the elemental kingdom and nature. Mr. Merlin is readjusting the energy codes and patterns in some areas of the Earth, so that the Earth's energy patterns can be in unison and magnified in unison in December 2012, thereby increasing energy networks and strength energy of the Earth as a physical and energetic being. If you wish to be part of the purpose of Lord Merlin, you can invoke your energies in meditation and ask to be enveloped in your light.

As you breathe in the light of Lord Merlin, address him out loud explaining how you wish to serve and get involved in your work to readjust the Earth's energy codes and patterns so that they work in unison. If Lord Merlin believes that your divine purpose is to serve in this way, he will share with you an area of ​​the Earth that is local to you and ask you to be present in that area. He will then share with you the energy codes and patterns that need to be anchored in that area of ​​the Earth in order to generate greater balance and allow energy to flow through the Earth more easily. Lord Merlin will then guide you to express from your heart and through your hands the energy that needs to be planted on Earth in order to help the purpose of Lord Merlin.

The information that I have shared with you are different changes and missions that are being carried out and anchored on Earth at this time to assist everyone's ascension process. Please know that you can invoke my assistance when you are doing any type of Earth work and I will be happy to serve you.

In service to you, the Earth and the Creator,

Archangel Sandalfon

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