Archangel Michael: The magic wand is you!

  • 2019
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It is their choices, their free will and their decision to truly and fully embody not only the power but also the beauty, grace, compassion and sweetness of who they really are.

At the request of Archangel Michael, Karen shares this fabulous jewel of her reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael: The magic wand is you!

  • Karen: … How can I know if a catastrophe is not going to hit me? I know we are totally protected, but things happen to people all the time.
  • Archangel Michael: Yes, you are right about that, but let us give you a broader explanation.

Let's start with what it says: "Bad things happen to good people . " Sweet angel of light - sweet angel of my blue! - That is a belief system . It is a belief system that has gained such strength that it has been translated into what you consider ideas or beliefs to a tangible physical reality. This is a beautiful and powerful example of how the "third age" was built.

"Bad things happen to good people" because of the full reign of the expression, abuse and control of those who are operating from the evil ego they have brought to bear. It is not - let's be very clear, because this is a very important question that you have asked - it is not part of the Divine Plan ; It is not part of the Universal Law . It is not a necessary part of the human experience or any other experience that bad things happen to good people, be it a bankruptcy or a disease or a war or the many atrocities to which they are referring. So let's start there.

Free elections

What they are doing is instead of being an observer / participant, participant / observer, they are moving forward in the creation of the saying : "Good things happen to good people" and "good things, such as compensation, will They can happen even to bad people.

Now that compensation, which is undoubtedly under way, could not have happened if it had not been exposed. And the exposition is necessary because below is the exposition of: “Well, no, this is not part of how the Divine Plan works; This is how the pattern of human control abuse works . ”

And so it is becoming evident to everyone, without categorizing the good, the bad or the indifferent, that these atrocities, these abominations, are actually the result of human choices .

So what is happening is that, first of all, what you are doing is that you are pushing forward, say, of positive creation - and for many, that is important, but particularly for you. So those who are saying to yourself - to me, beloved, to the Universe, to the Mother and to "A" - what they are saying is: " I am choosing ... I am making this conscious choice of free will and decision of not creating through difficulty ... not creating through hard lessons. ”

Rooted Beliefs

  • K: I always ask that my lessons be smooth, but it doesn't seem to have worked! [Laughing]
  • AAM: But don't forget that you are literally in a different era of energy and tangible creation on the planet. For many times, when they have asked for Gentile creations - and we have heard them! - You have at the same time maintained the opposite belief that "bad things actually happen".
  • K: I think I have reached a point where - and this is not right and that is what you are talking about - I am reducing my expectations because I always think that things are going to be perfectly fine. You told me about the car and I went there, but I should have left ... and I didn't. So it's all my fault, isn't it?
  • AAM : You see what you're doing, honey, it's trying to blame someone. You are saying: "I am guilty, I am to blame, I should have heard ..." Let's talk a little about this.

When they wait and when they are creating something so that it goes well, then the first indication they have in their reality is that it is not smooth, then they leave, and then they look for a situation that is calm and not They try to settle, say, with the second best. They don't deserve second or third place or the terrible hundredth best!

So, have they learned that? Yes Are there other lessons for other people involved in that horrible process? Yes Is it immovable? Of course not! Therefore, you are simply stating that your authority in the first place is not mistreated, and that is important. And then they say: It is fine, when it has been inappropriate or mistreated, then we will make sure that it is corrected .

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Mankind is changing

They have come in many ways not only, honey, as a traveler, but also to be a champion of the marginalized and marginalized not only means without money, living under a bridge . They are situations in which people, for a variety of reasons, feel they have no power . And to use the scenario, the generalized scenario of buying a car is a situation in which many people feel so emotionally, mentally and spiritually exhausted that they actually give up their power .

So they have experienced that, and they have certainly learned from it - and along the way, they have also taught and are teaching others.

And that is why they are saying, "I am pushing forward for positive creations." And you can add "positive, gentle, easy, funny, calm situations and creations that do not require a new commitment of fault in any way. of trust ” .

But having told you all this, luminous angel, let's also be very clear: they are doing very well!

  • K: Do you think so?
  • AAM: Yes, we believe it! So do n't underestimate yourself . It is not a situation that, by the way, they have experienced in other realities where there is a magic wand, for example, which is stirred and then changed. The magic wand, honey, it's you. It is their choices and their free will and their decision to truly and fully embody not only power but also the beauty, grace, compassion and sweetness of who they really are .
  • K: I think I am a very sweet, sweet and affectionate person when I feel comfortable, that's what comes out of me .
  • AAM: Right! And that has been coming out more and more of you, as you would say, not only because humanity is changing, but because you are changing, because you have worked on the reinstatement of trust. They have become more confident, and therefore allow themselves to behave more sweetly. There is a big difference between feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a very positive trait . Vulnerability indicates an open heart, a countenance open to others, to be seen and seen, to participate in ways that are trustworthy and kind. When one feels exposed, there is a feeling of "It is better to raise the shields to protect myself."

So they have gone from a feeling of lack of trust and exposure, of literal survival, to a feeling of “ I can be vulnerable because I trust, and I also know that I am able to create and take care of myself - and I am doing it in association with my visible and invisible friends. "

(Channeled by Linda Dillon).

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