Arcangeloi of the Elohim- Birth of the human angels on Planet Earth

  • 2016

Greetings beloved, we are the Arcangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and support since the energies preparing for a new way of living and a new way of Being by giving birth on and within the planet Earth. We come to explain in detail what will now unfold and give help to those of you who have chosen a human form, to fully understand the reasons why you incarnated on and within this planet and the reasons for the change in your energy signature . It is NOT TRUE to declare that ALL those who are incarnated in the human form at this time on planet Earth are star seeds, indeed many are but many are other life forms that have incarnated in human form in order to help evolution of human consciousness and how to help the races / kingdoms at this time by preparing them to remember who they really are.

We want to guide the incarnated human angels, by using a very human expression. These are energies that have embodied in the human form but maintain the frequency and vibration of the angelic realms. These energies in human form have gone through a lot of trauma and a lot of “training” in human suffering, providing respite to those around them simply with their energy signature

We call the incarnated human angels at this time and ask them to remember their origins and remember their reason for incarnating at this time on this planet. Human angels have helped Humanity for eons but massive numbers chose to incarnate on and within planet Earth knowing that this moment would arrive for Humanity and we send much love and blessings to them at this time.

We place the 333 and 444 codes within your awake vision and ask them to rise to their total frequency at this time. The energy changes in the cellular structure of your human vehicles will see this group of energies at the forefront at this time. They can take forms that cover many roles within human society and may appear to be hidden in plain sight. An incarnate angel will work with Humanity at ALL levels at this time in order to help liberate the suffering they have to endure for the liberation and dissolution of 3D earth frequencies. The angelic kingdoms work closely with their children in human form at this time, in fact, many of you who are embodied human angels may be experiencing very vivid dreams and very close connections and experiences with angelic energies. This will be INCREASED now beloved because time is NOW. The reason for her incarnation in human form NOW, we cannot stress enough at this time.

We send the call out to the platinum and blue ray energies and ask for them to make their presence known among their kin and to begin the recoding of the energetic signatures of their children in human form. This re-coding can be experienced as extreme fatigue, fatigue and high connections with guides, knowledge of SOUL and sacred geometry. We understand that our words in the human consciousness awakens at the mental level can invoke a very logical reaction, the sacred geometric forms are the building blocks of this universe, the angelic energies embodied in human form are now working with this on ALL levels. of its BEING and this will now increase dramatically.

Everything is a reflection and reaction to the elevation of the energetic signature of planet Earth, since Mother Earth now begins to finally breathe and she will help energize and later anchor the higher frequencies to the planet and also to her children who are in human vehicles that are used to incarnate in a way to experience this planet and these energies. We ask YOU ALL to look at your human life experience and begin to allow the changes that are unfolding now for expansion and deepening. The human life experience is NOW only beginning in TRUTH, everything else is artificially created to convince you that you are something that you are not. Those who are here to help in the birth of the New GOLDEN ERA OF HUMANITY are YOU loved, do not wait for external sources because YOU ARE THAT SOURCE. Do you understand our guide and our words right now?

EVERYTHING is NOW, there has never been a time when it is NOT NOW, there has never been a time where this has not been more PURE in its essence, this is the difference that many of you can FEEL now although the logical mind prevents you from fully anchoring at this time World events will now reflect the change of Humanity and this will show the TRUTH to new levels of its BEING.

We are the Angeloi of the ELOHIM and we walk with you always because in TRUTH WE ARE YOU. BE in peace beloved since PEACE is now being born in human consciousness in TRUTH.

AUTHOR: Karen Doonan



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