Learning to be by Susana Cano

  • 2014

If we defined ourselves as quantum beings that would mean that we would be continually believing ourselves, since the quantum world is the world of infinite possibilities. This means that we are continually faced with a series of possibilities or futures and that this possibility or that future we pay attention to is not realized. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that what is observed changes with the observer. Therefore it is not basic to be careful where and how do we put our attention?

Seeing life from a quantum view, it becomes endless possibilities. We are free to choose the one we want in our lives. In other words, we choose the reality we want to live. But do we choose it in a conscious way? How is our reality?

Reality comes from relise (mind) and res (substance). What is reality? What our mind does with substance (Jos Luis Parise), make what we think real.

Our reality is a consequence of our thoughts. We believe that we know how to think, but according to that, we can see if our thoughts are adequate or toxic, in this last case we are dirtying our body, our reality and ultimately the planet . Doctor Len (Hooponopono) says We are killing ourselves or feeding ourselves properly according to the type of thoughts we have .

The words also become important because it is not what enters the mouth, but what comes out of it, because what comes out of the mouth of the heart proceeds, says the Bible. We believe that we know how to speak but are they our harmonic words or do they generate words ?

Do we hear our inner voice? How are our feelings?

We have to learn to:

  • Watch
  • Think
  • Hear
  • Feel and
  • Talk

what we want to create.

We think we know how to do it. When we go to school, they teach us to pay attention, to think (linear thinking), to listen to what they tell us and they limit our vision, our thinking, we get lost in the outside world that they show us. We have forgotten that our true potential is within us.

We are powerful beings continually creating our reality. We could say that our reality is conformed daily according to our thoughts, our vision, our listening, our feelings and our words. We believe that we know how to think, see, listen, speak and feel and walk the world, just thinking, seeing, listening, speaking and feeling what comes from outside, from the order imposed externally.

Now is the time to start seeing, thinking, listening, feeling and speaking only what we want; what we want for our lives.

"We are renewed by the renewal of our minds." Now is the time for renewal, to create our lives, to begin to "see", "listen", "think", "feel" and "talk" only what we want for our reality. Then we get on a new line of life in which we begin to observe things from:

The vision: see “beauty in everything”

Listening to it: hearing “our inner voice”

To think: “in doing to others what we want others to think in doing to us”

Feel: "life in our lives" and welcome those feelings that are healing and

Speak with the appropriate, harmonic words "with the words of the heart."

Why is everything falling?

Because everything needs a renewal, a different creation, based on different principles. Principles that address the depth of Being. In a clear and transparent communication, based on horizontal structures (without leaders or vertical structures). Now it is the cohesion of the group, in thought, word and deed, returning to “honor the word”.

This new creation is based on BEING, not TENER. Which is more important: what I have or what I am? If we allow ourselves to feel for a moment these words BE or HAVE we can observe how Having is an empty word. However, the word BE is full of life. By saying I AM my whole being is filled with an "inner joy", my whole being is filled with colors in a burst of new vitality with shades of brightness and clarity.

When we recognize ourselves as "Beings", we go to the depth. In depth we can change the way we see, think, listen, feel and speak. It's like giving a coat of paint and renewing ourselves inside. With this renewal we send freshness and health to all our cells, they increase their vibration and eliminate all those things that are no longer in this new frequency. For this it is necessary to keep an open and unstructured mind, keeping our inner silence, so we give way to our inner presence.

Thus we learn to be, continually renewing ourselves with the renewal of our minds.

Susana Cano

(Inner Presence, Ed. La Plana)

Susana Cano

Learning to be by Susana Cano

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