Learn to ask the Universe, your deepest wishes will be fulfilled!

  • 2019

Do you have difficulties to achieve everything you want? Learn to ask the Universe so that you can achieve your deepest desires, you are an amazing Being capable of being abundant, prosperous and successful!

You could also read: Do you know how to ask the Universe? I will teach you the right way, all your wishes will be fulfilled!

Learn to ask the Universe

... learn to ask the Universe so you can get your deepest desires ...

To manifest what we want is simple, but achieving it is not so easy. Learn to ask the Universe is the only thing you have to do to achieve everything you want for your life, however, there is a very serious problem, "the energy we put in the order affects what we manifest . "

Let's look at this argument in more detail. Look, if uncle or I ask the Universe for things in a desperate, needy or doubtful way, we will attract more despair, need and doubt.

In addition, if we are too vagos to work and get what we want, we can end up manifesting the wrong things, or nothing at all.

The most serious thing is that we end up attracting exactly the opposite of what we really want, remember that the energy we put in the order affects what we manifest.

For this and other reasons, it is important that you have very clear how your energy is at the time of the order, and how your intentions are before trying to manifest your desires.

Learn to ask the Universe with the following process that will help you ask for everything you want with love, ease and confidence.


It transmits the correct energy

Learn to ask the Universe and you will see that your life will change radically!

Before you start asking the Universe for your wishes, it is essential to make your energy correct.

This may be one of the most difficult aspects of manifestation for some people.

When we ask from a place of fear or need, we are not sending the right energy to the Universe .

The reason why the manifestation is called the Law of Attraction is because the principle that sustains it is that "the similar attracts the similar."

Therefore, if you send fearful or needy energy, you will actually attract things that will make you more fearful or needy.

When we ask with doubt or think that we do not deserve good things, we will recover the proof of these beliefs.

This is why energy work is the first step in demonstration work.

One of the simplest ways to move from an energy of lack to one of positivity is to thank all the things we have in our lives.

Learn to ask the Universe and you will see that your life will change radically!


Beat the blocks to the demonstration

Learn to ask the Universe and do not feel guilty for wanting more, for wanting to be abundant, prosperous and successful.

Before you manifest everything you want, the ideal is that you manage to break the blocks that get in your way.

Look, these are the most common blocks, and include:

  • If I have more, someone will have less.
  • I don't deserve good things.
  • The Universe is indifferent or hostile to me.

Unfortunately, we have often been taught that there is only a certain amount of good and prosperous things for everyone, and that if we have more, other people will have less.

In addition, many of us feel guilty for asking for things when we know that many people in the world are suffering. However, the Universe is unlimited . It is not a cake that should be shared and that reaches only for those who could arrive at the party, or for those who want to give the cake.

Many of us have also picked up the message that we don't deserve good things to happen to us. We can feel that we are not worthy of happiness, prosperity and success.

In addition, we may have heard people say that rich or successful people are greedy or bad, and that "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." (Bible Matthew 19, 23-30). Why textually interpret these messages when we talk about stories, times and different people? In addition, the same message we wanted to convey is different and is written in another language.

Then we begin to equate our suffering with being good or worthy, and that if I want to be happy and pleasant in the eyes of God I must not succeed, nor be prosperous and abundant.

It can be hard to believe that we are worthy of our desires and that we can have what we want and remain good people, but it is what you and I must think and believe, and overcome these types of blockages.

We can also feel that the Universe is hostile or indifferent to us. When we try to manifest and fail, it is easy to believe that the Universe does not care about us.

When we see so much suffering, it may seem that the Universe is cold or even hostile to human beings.

However, the Universe simply responds to the energy it receives. Learning to use this energy can relieve the suffering of the world when used correctly.

Learn to ask the Universe and do not feel guilty for wanting more, for wanting to be abundant, prosperous and successful.


Make your intentions clear

... the Universe is unlimited ...

Another problem that prevents us from manifesting what we want is the lack of clarity about what we want. Are you clear about what you want?

We can have only vague ideas of what we want, or we can have conflicting wishes .

It is important to be specific about what we want and why. Instead of asking the Universe briefly for love, money or health, elaborate the exact details of what you want, what you will use to achieve it, its mechanisms, and in how long.

This does not mean that you cannot ask for love, money and health, what I want to tell you is that you must know how to ask for it, and that it is not simply said by you and now.

You can get clear and specific help with the following steps in this process of learning to ask the Universe .


Ask the Universe

... ask the Universe what you want ...

Once you are clear about what you want, it is time to ask the Universe for your wishes.

You may want to take some time to breathe deeply or meditate before you begin.

It is essential to feel as relaxed and positive as possible so that your energy is good, and avoid at all times that the energy is covered by blockages or unhealthy intentions.

You can create a ritual around asking the Universe if you wish, perhaps lighting a candle or going to a beautiful place in nature where you feel connected to nature and universal energy.

Then, simply ask the Universe what you want . The spoken word is very powerful, so it is important that you ask for what you want out loud.


Feel your desires

Learn to ask the Universe and feel your true desires!

Once you've asked for what you want, spend a few moments feeling what it would be like to have what you asked for.

The more feeling you can put into this, the better it will be. Remember that the Universe is responding to your energy.

So, if you feel truly positive and grateful for what you have said, you are asking the Universe to send you reasons to feel positive and grateful.

Many people get stuck at this stage. It can be difficult to feel grateful for something you still don't have, however, it is extremely important that your energy be good.

It can be, and particularly has happened to me, it is difficult to feel positive if you are suffering and going through a negative situation in your life, however, to feel your desires in tune of success, abundance and prosperity is fundamental, that is the tune of the Universe .

Practicing the manifestation can help you overcome this. Try asking the Universe for something small at first, so start building the muscles that manifest.

Learn to ask the Universe and feel your true desires!


Let go of your intention

(Gratitude is actually the beginning and end of the manifestation process)

Once you've asked for what you want, it's time to put aside your intention. You need to relax and let the Universe continue its work.

Worrying and worrying about the situation will block the demonstration process, so try to stay positive and don't despair.

Open yourself to the new opportunities that come your way, and remember that sometimes things manifest themselves in a slightly different way than you expected.

Once a friend who didn't have a job asked me to help him ask the Universe for a new successful job. Seeing his insistence, I invited him to perform these steps that I have taught you today.

It was difficult at first because it was full of blockages and feelings of guilt and fear, but in the end, after so much work, he progressed.

After the ritual, about 2 days later he received a call in which he was offered a good salary and a good job, but he did not accept it. When I asked him why, he indicated that he was waiting for the Universe to fulfill him.

All I told him was that the Universe had already fulfilled him. Do not think that this is magic, and that prosperity, money and success will start to rain, and that all you have to do is stop.

I repeat it again, your opportunities are fulfilled by the Universe through many events and situations, I am a faithful testimony of this.


Thank you, show yourself grateful

Learn to ask the Universe and surely your life will take an incredible turn, besides that these techniques make you more human, compassionate and conscious.

Gratitude is really the beginning and the end of the manifestation process .

To be aligned with Universal energy, it is important that we focus on all that we should be grateful for. This will raise our energy and help us manifest good things.

Then, once we receive what we have requested, we must show gratitude for everything we receive.

This creates a spiral of appreciation, gratitude and positivity that will help us manifest bigger and better things.

This process will help raise our vibration and the vibration of our entire planet, and it will help us and other people to be happy, happy and satisfied.

Remember that popular adage of Lao Tse that says "Thankfulness is the memory of the heart"

How did you like this article? Learn to ask the Universe and surely your life will take an incredible turn, besides that these techniques make you more human, compassionate and conscious. Do you have any experience that you want to share with all of us? You can do it in the comments section or in our Forum. We wish you abundant successes and blessings, A Hug of Light!

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

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