I applaud your attitude ", by Julio Andr s Pagano

Each of these letters vibrates. Your eyes see only words, your heart perceives love. As this message travels through your body, your spirit will ignite its flame even more and multiply its light. This text comes to meet those men and women who have the strength, strength and courage to risk taking steps in a vacuum, to forge a more conscious humanity. Thank you for your invaluable delivery. I applaud your attitude.

I know how strenuous the task is sometimes resolved, so I fulfill my unwavering promise to return once and a thousand times to give you my breath. One more effort, that is just what is missing so that the walls of a dehumanized reality, which was built with the bricks of selfishness, fear and insensitivity, fall crashingly.

I redouble my confidence in your stubborn work. We go, like this, with the maximum of our capacity. At this point pain does not matter, nor does fatigue count. I expanded, even with more bravery, the unmistakable crystalline vibration that comes from the center of your luminous being, so that the cracks increase and the borders break into a thousand pieces. We are destined to celebrate lighting the darkness.

It is time for unity. It is love time. It is time for peace. The time of the great awakening of the spirit of man is approaching. Freedom is spreading its wings, it knows that the majestic flight of a golden era awaits it, where the only tears will be of happiness.

Little is missing, too little. I remained firm, with more faith and determination than ever. These words announce that you are accompanied. Your shine is the seal that proves that it is not the first time you have struggled with these challenges. Remember ... remember. Perhaps for others you are a madman, for me you are a hero. I know you can without my help. I came because I needed to hug you, with all my soul. And also tell you: I applaud your attitude.

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