International Year of Biodiversity

  • 2010

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The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity. Everyone is invited to participate in this campaign and contribute to protecting Earth's resources.

Biodiversity is the history of life and the systems that sustain it, where growth and change are a constant - the fruit of billions of years of evolution. From the depths of the oceans to the highest mountains, it provides us with all the necessary ingredients to survive: air, water, food, medicines and a host of essential elements for life.

However, biodiversity is being lost at an accelerated rate, so in 1992 our world leaders agreed on a strategy to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. The Convention on Biological Diversity was the result of these agreements and its mission was to find a way to maintain a balance between the protection of the planet's resources and the rate at which people develop economically. The objective of "significantly reducing" the volume of biodiversity that would be lost at the end of 2010 was established.

To achieve this, new rules and stricter management plans have had to be adopted, including: the prohibition of unsustainable consumption of natural resources, the prevention of international trade that endangers wildlife; control of the spread of invasive alien species; the preservation of traditional wisdom, innovation and indigenous practices.

Meanwhile, Countdown 2010 (countdown 2010), an alliance of active partners in this area, has created a calendar of events related to biological diversity planned for this year. Aimed at museums, scientific centers, parks and zoos among others, the objective is to sensitize citizens, promote innovative solutions, disseminate successful projects, change the behavior of companies and keep biodiversity firmly in the hearts and minds of all .

We can stop the huge loss we face; The question is what will we get? The Year of Biodiversity is our opportunity to prove it.


Translation: Javier Gil

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