Old Essene Exercise of Purification and Health

  • 2010

Stand in the midst of living nature, between heaven and earth.

Feel the earth under your feet; Feel like the earth charges you and sustains you.

Feel the infinite sky above you; It inspires you, it improves you, it elevates you.

In heaven, think about the origin of your spirit and your intelligence.

In heaven, think of the origin of your eternal soul, of the highest universal consciousness.

On earth, think about the origin of your earthly soul, in your individual consciousness.

Feel like a living union between the forces of heaven and earth, of the infinite and of what is developing.

Kneel on the ground, and with your right hand dig a small hole in the ground.

Place both hands together on your chest (the mystical heart), as a sign of prayer and inner union with heaven and earth within you.

In this sacred posture, allow a beautiful light, strength, the presence of heaven, to flow through you: the omnipresent Father of all living beings. Imagine a diamond light, clear as pure water.

Bend with love on Mother Earth, and place your hands around the small hole. Lean over the earth and place your mouth between your hands.

Offer with your words to earth the gratitude of heaven to Mother Earth; Offer also the gratitude of your heart and, through it, of the heart of humanity.

Pronounce the words:

“Mother Earth, I offer you my thanks with all my heart, and through him the heart of all men and women. May all beings in your womb protect, nourish and bless everything that grows. ”

Lie down on the earth and abandon yourself on it. May your body and soul born of her be one with Mother Earth and her hidden splendor.

Think and say:

"Mother Earth, eliminate all my illnesses and my faults according to your will, so that I may receive the blessing of the divine spirit and transmit it to all living beings, according to your will."

Keep in communion, in silence, while you let the earth purify you completely.

Get on your knees again and place your hands in front of the solar rose of the heart.

Think of your spirit, feel your soul, and say with your life force:

“With love and gratitude, I offer you my loving thanks full of light.

To Mother Earth, thank you;

to the water of life, thanks;

to the beautiful air, thanks;

to the sacred fire, thank you;

to the minerals, thanks;

to the plants, thanks;

to the animals, thanks;

to humanity that walks the path of evolution, thank you;

To all the angels, thank you;

to the cosmic intelligence that created my thinking, thanks;

to the ocean of love that created my sensibility, thank you;

to the universal life that permeated my future with the seed of individuality, thanks;

To all beings in the world, I thank Him, the only Source that unifies all beings in their origin and purpose. ”

Cross your arms over your chest, bend your head slightly, and say the closing word: "Amen."

Then, refill the hole you dug to talk to the Mother of the world.

Through the practice of these exercises, which are fully compatible with our contemporary life, you will notice that you receive a force of balance and harmony that allows you to be more balanced and be yourself in life. The gratitude technique allows one to develop a greater sensitivity towards the higher world. It is not an unhealthy sentimentality, but an awakening that comes from greater clarity, more strength, more goodness. Our life is our life. It is we who have to live it, nobody else. But it is obvious that to live life in a harmonious way, we need strength and lucidity. The gratitude technique allows us to obtain this, and even more.

One generally feels fear of sensitivity, because he thinks that the more sensitive a person is, the more unhappy and sick he will be. Of course, if gratitude is not expressed in the right way, it can make you sick, because the energies are not directed towards the spirit of heaven, but remain unconscious and too personal. Who thinks that he or she is the center of the world, when he thanks only expresses an educated and conventional dead phrase, to hide the true being that she is, by pure appearance.

True gratitude opens the perception of beauty, wisdom, greatness and love. If a human being no longer perceives the reality of the omnipresent higher world, he is lost. It is only a matter of time before the fall is inevitable. Only the correct cultivation of greater sensitivity can lead humanity towards a true evolution of light and harmony, and allow it to overcome all trials and temptations.

A source of well-being and of great benefit to life is to offer oneself moments of solitude in which harmony and original goodness can be cultivated calmly and quietly, and when the magical phrase of great gratitude can be pronounced. Then we can share this with others through simple acts, friendly words, warm smiles full of light that come from a world where the human reigns.

Olivier Manitara

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