Energy Field Analysis according to the aura colors

  • 2016
Table of contents hide 1 How to interpret the colors of the aura? 2 There are things that we feel on the skin, others that we see with our eyes, another name beats us in the heart. Carlos Fuentes. 2.1 Blue color. 2.2 Yellow color 2.3 Red color 2.4 Orange color 2.5 Pink color 2.6 White color. 2.7 Green color. 2.8 Brown color. 3 “we should purify the aura and clean our spaces energetically.”

The colors of the aura are the window to really see people's thoughts and intentions . The aura is an energy field that all living beings have or emit in different ways and that can be combined with 7 shades, according to the chakras and in turn to the layers that are established in layers. The color that is most repeated is the one that represents the aura, there are also other types of characteristics such as the amount of brightness and the size it has, all this indicates how a person is, depending on their human quality and their knowledge.

Analysis of the Energy Field according to the colors of the aura.

How to interpret the colors of the aura?

The aura is a reflection of who we are in the spiritual, this is linked to the mental, emotional and physical state of the person . By looking at the colors of the aura you can know if an individual is good and honest, or on the contrary has bad intentions. The aura other than being able to see, can be perceived and felt, probably on more than one occasion it has happened that he has felt affinity with someone without knowing him or otherwise when the aura is negative he feels an immediate rejection towards the individual at the moment, is what we call a bad feeling.

“There are things that we feel in the skin, others that we see with our eyes, another just beat us in the heart.” Carlos Fuentes.

The aura has chromatic energies and can be observed with their colors and shades, below an analysis of the energy field according to the colors of the aura:

Color blue.

This color translates as a being of great spirituality and intuition, accompanies people who are very positive, who show self-confidence and with well-defined ideals. The negative aspect is that they have a bad mood and are prone to suffer from depressive crises .

Energy Field according to the colors of the aura.

Yellow color.

The yellow color indicates wisdom, shows in the spiritual having reached a great development. Those who have it in large numbers are considered to have obtained a spiritual mastery .

Red color.

The possessor of a dominant red aura is a brave and optimistic being . He is a tireless fighter of his ideals, overcomes all obstacles that cross him. In their personality they are loving and worried about theirs . He is ambitious and always wants to participate by giving new ideas. In the negative they can become selfish and vindictive.

The colors of the aura


It is a color worn by those who have the ability to give advice, are good guides, like to help the less favored and become great teachers .

Pink colour.

When you have this color, it is indicative that the person has a balance between the material and the spiritual world . You have a lot of sensitivity, they are very friendly and need to prove it constantly. Despite being sentimental they become great fighters for what they believe.

White color.

This color represents the union of all colors, so it could be said that he possesses the perfect harmony. White is the color of light, which implies tranquility and simplicity, they seek their very high goals, they are familiar, of great imagination and creativity.

Green color.

Among the colors of the aura, green is characteristic of healing beings, those who have mastery of this color in their aura, are positive people, very cheerful, but above all they like to help others. It is a typical aura between doctors and rescuers, who have a great heart and humanitarian characters.

Brown color.

When this brown color dominates the aura of a person, it shows his desire for materialism, he does not accept the spirituality of which everyone shows.

It is convenient to purify the aura and clean our spaces energetically.

The aura for being an energy field that emanates from the person and surrounds it is a shield of force that repels the energy attacks that the person may suffer. Keeping it bright and healthy is imperative, since throughout the day the individual is staining it with all their negative thoughts and ill-intentioned feelings. The more dirty we carry the more negative things attract and the more it is possible to be a victim of aggressors and parasites.

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