Anica ~ The time of your great new beginning is now

  • 2015

To say that you are without help in this time of change is to deny the truth of our existence. We of the enlightened realms of life have much more to do in your world than sit on the sidelines and cheer you up while you find your way through the progressive levels of awakening still before you . They have been working hard and those who have found their way along the energy lines that path makers have cleared will hear new information very soon about the help ready to present itself. Be aware of the movements towards clarity and follow the well-lit path that leads to knowing the heart. That is where our voices arise along with his. That is where you will recognize yourself, and from there you will take your new form as people of the Light. When you emerge from the center of your planetary heart, which is within each being on Earth, it will be as if you had been transformed.

Some present what is on the way as if it were something catastrophic, or at least a changer of their world. For others this will be the time of transformation. However, this is not necessarily to turn your world upside down or to ruin the lives of every living being on the planet. The days ahead as you see them now are plagued with uncertainties, yes, but what you cannot discern yet in the shadows where daylight has not come with its bright rays is not a monster yet. Well, the time has not come to reveal the future. It is impossible to say exactly what goes around. While you sense the imminent fall of a great and powerful beast, do you not also feel the presence of benevolence, well-being and community? The cohesion of the intention to bring the beginning of a great light?

We of the League of Light feel this pulsation, we hear the heartbeat of a new life within the matrix of the Earth's sphere. We come as a midwife with support and encouragement, as the temporary drainage intensifies and you, the living beings of the Earth sphere, come to know that this new life is about to be made known. The creation of human consciousness recognizing itself, the delivery to OM of the omnipresent embrace of Love, the recognition of all that you have been in the totality of time, in the momentary interaction of one with the other, this is the fertile soil from which life has gathered its light and is now redefining itself, bringing you and all humanity with you. What lurks for you is not a catastrophic end but a bold new beginning. Men and women of Luz, they are being called, and so they will enter a new dawn of history.

However, we do not mean that everything will be rosy and wonderful for everyone. Some have come to experience contrition, denial, or obstruction in this life. For whatever reason, they have chosen to be here now and they will not be denied what they have chosen to experience, it depends on them. We will not interfere. However, you have the laxity of demand to shape reality from within the framework of the Earth's matrix so that the greatest good, the most radical transformation, is experienced for the greatest number of people for the benefit of all . We encourage everyone to do this, if they are willing and able. It is the safest path to the best result in the big picture.

When will the events expected for such a long time happen? We will not answer this. Your own choices determine the events in your timeline, and what has already been chosen for the collective timeline will have to be a surprise. There is little that a person can say with certainty that it will happen for sure along the continuum of the existence of its people because the results are only visible from time points after they have happened. Add to that the uncertainty that is part of having free will and unlimited potential, and predicting becomes very difficult indeed.

On the other hand, there is a fullness of possible realities that you can enter, and we can tell you something about it. What will they do with the information? That is what any wise person would ask before sharing the secrets of time. Knowledge is powerful, so I must tell you to think about the next thing you want to experience, and keep it in your heart. Then realize that the path where they are now where they want to be may not be shown all at once.

Isn't it true that they never know exactly what's around the corner? And so it is, and knowing everything is stealing a treasure that you have not yet discovered, let alone possess its value.

As the days progress and you watch another calendar page turn, are you the same person you were just moments ago? Have they carved a new face in the vehicle of their being the intervening months between then and now? Love is always present wherever the being is involved and living in the world of light interaction with itself. What will they do when all their expectations of the drama of life have been met? What will be left for you then? We will tell you that at that point what they are going to do is change. That is the only thing left. You have probably felt that this understanding is approaching the foreground of your mind and perhaps you have become aware that you are observing that you are approaching the crucial point of transformation. It is happening to many to some degree of perceptibility, and it is happening to the planet in general as well. The expectations of a people, the expectations of the biosphere itself, are preparing the end of the attenuation, and therefore, change is inevitable. It is one thing to deal with personal change and another very different thing is to be aware of being part of a universal wave of change.

Should they prepare for large-scale cataclysms or volatile explosions of energy? Dear relatives, we are signaling to you that you have always been tangentially involved with the myriad of cataclysms roaring now all over the planet because you are a part of your living body as long as you continue to get your livelihood / your food of him. Your life depends on the life of the planet . Are you ready to deal with your polluted atmosphere of thoughts to accelerate clearing and cleaning processes and recreate yourself? This is how the Earth enters the transformation and how you can also more fully enter your own transformation. Do they need to be well stocked before problems arise? They can always plan in advance, but when the time comes for everyone to change having extra food on hand, it will only serve to bring a momentary peace of mind. There are other factors to consider, in addition to the matter of survival that will become clearer as the dust settles.

We do not foresee or see from any other point of view in the linear perspective of time that global chaos, mass panic, hardship or suffering is necessary as part of the perspective according to the development of the present moment to the future. There are those who would like this, but if you are anticipating light, peace, wisdom, freedom, etc. That's what they're going to welcome. Okay, some chaos is inevitable while your mind captures the devastation of the aspect of the world that is dying.

There will be some of that still to witness while the First Contact has its moment in the news, the knowledge of great secrets takes a central plane, the belief structures suffer a shake and the masks fall . We are at the threshold of all this and things will soon change. They are already seeing it happen, but the time for this to unfold is short. While change is on its way, as many now sense it, there is no need for fear in the hearts and minds of anyone who is focused on Love. As a reality maker, Love does a much more satisfying job than fear.

We know that many people are now speculating on certain ritual patterns that predict a nefarious new world at the entrance of the door. Know that this will not be so. You have already lived that reality vicariously through the act of your surrender in your thoughts. In this way this has already been experienced and you have survived it. They do not need to revive old mythologies or pay attention to the pronouncements of the fatalists . You can now see the threats, and although you may not yet have the power to determine the outcome of some of the experiments and programs, you do have the technology to rewrite the system, the software so to speak, so that the activities designed to prolonging the subjugation and suffering of any being result in return in the benefit of all, in its empowerment and elevation.

The way to do this is a thing of uniting the living biosphere of the planet to release the decay, turning what they have accumulated as the remains of yesterday in a fertile soil for a new harvest of dreams, entering the depths of self-knowledge and breathing life in The parameter system. Call for the interconnection of light to merge into a firm and resonant heartbeat of a greater support system in which self-sustaining and mutually supportive love forms the basis for vibrant and living communities. Are you ready for that kind of results, dear relatives? You are free to release the thought forms that trap the spirit marching in line leading to oblivion. In truth, there is little we can do as long as the collective mind continues to entertain fantasies of slavery and technological nightmares that come true. We will not contradict the will of the sovereign people, but we remind them of their options so that they do not forget how to create an alternative door for themselves. Clear the inner path, and you will find it.

I will leave now in peace and with enlightened thoughts of power and bright hope. May my words find a fertile place to grow in the fullness of peace, wisdom and brotherhood. Until next time, this is Anica of the League of Light. I wish you peace.

AUTHOR: Anica, via Maryann Rada



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