Human Angel ", by Julio Andr s Pagano

Come on, hurry up. I shook, sadly, your sadness. Disconnect from the pain. I felt ... I felt. A powerful force envelops us and elevates us. Contemplate the flashes of light. Dance life is a party. How many colors, how much magic, how much love. Expand your wings. Surrender to the wind of consciousness. Fly high, above fears and despair. I laughed Enjoy Goza Remember your essence and help others get up and fly. You are a human angel.

These words come to move your spirit and rekindle the flame of your passion. Wake up You came to spread encouragement and confidence in times of crisis. The energy of a shining line flows through your veins. Your destiny is at the service of an immaculate kingdom, where the sun is not hidden.

I also move within the limits of matter. I know there are earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, attacks, deaths, deaths and more deaths, but stop, pause. Get up Enough of regrets. Look with the eyes of the soul. It will recover your ability to connect with existence. Balance your vibrations. The transition is very chaotic and alarming, but everything is ready for us to learn the lessons and transcend unconsciousness.

The wings were given to you so that you can count on an additional force that allows you to take off the confusion and grief. They serve so that disorientation and suffering do not drag you, and you can assist those who need an additional share of faith and optimism. I know you can't see them, but that doesn't mean you don't have them. Remember: your wings are internal. They unfold when you open your heart, wide, towards the light.

May this contagious smile, now reborn on your face, be with you forever. We have traveled a long way to reach this instance, where we promised to help us fly to other skies. I am excited to meet you again. I missed the harmonic sound of your warm flutter. Do not allow, never again, that nothing or anyone truncate your flight. I appreciate your mission, you came to help the process of evolution. You are a human angel.


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