Beloved Lightworkers by Master Hilarion

  • 2010

The focus for this week is to maintain its integrity and stay connected with the heart of Mother Earth. Those of you who have been working a long time with the new frequencies and energies are now in front of your brothers and sisters who have not yet woken up, and find it difficult to relate and interact with them for any amount. of time. Many of you find that the interaction with those who have not yet awakened and vibrate at low frequencies is a painful exercise to transmute and treat these energies because it takes away your Light and your energy. It is high. We tell you Dear, that this is a part of your task in your daily lives on Earth

. It has always been this way throughout their Earthly journeys, in this life and in other lives that have lived on Earth. You are the helpers who came voluntarily, knowing perfectly how difficult it was going to be your task to live on Earth with your veils of oblivion. Each of you has the great Flame of Love burning intensely in your hearts and that is the Light that has kept you in front, always cutting and opening a path of Light to light the path for those who follow, and they will follow Beloved

In this year 2010, there will be millions of people who begin to wake up to the knowledge and awareness of their highest potentials. Their work and sacrifice have made this Awakening much easier for others and while this happens, the Light that they have sustained for such a long, long time will begin to grow exponentially with each passing day. Among more Light begin to illuminate the Earth, more people will Awaken. They could call the year 2010 the year of the Great Awakening, because this is already happening and will become more and more noticeable to the extent that the days Thus, the weeks and months pass. Despite how difficult it has been for each of you as the Pioneers in this regard, you know that your efforts now begin to bear fruit and you will see this in all facets of your daily lives. Much of what transpires behind the scenes will begin to show itself and will create a movement of change on the face of the Planet that will reach the full width and length of each space in your World. The change is the name of the game in 2010. There is much to be excited, Dear, much more to learn and overcome, anyway, we want you to be very aware that each of you has done this many times before and This knowledge will be remembered very soon.

The impulse of the Light has been building greater and greater waves on Earth and is now mixing with the great Cosmic energies that flood every particle of life on and within the Earth. This Light creates, as you know, much of what does not resonate with the Light so that it comes to the surface for review and release, and this is not a comfortable situation, but a very necessary one if you wish to continue your Ascension journey. Trust the process and call us whenever you find more friction in and around you than you can comfortably handle. We are all prepared, ready to help the caller and, again, we remind you to ask us, as this is a Universal Law. They can be given a lot of help, but first they must ASK for it. If only they could clearly see the great Forces of Light around them, they would dance all the time in their Ascension process! We from the Higher realms are very excited to see the leaps and bounds they take in their journeys to remember and we tell them that they are very close to their goal.

It is important that everyone continue in their activism to bring changes for the greatest good of all, working daily with the Beings of Light and energies. Their decrees and affirmations have a great reach, greater than they can possibly know at this time ... when they repeat a decree, especially more than once, a frequency wave is generated and expands into the atmosphere around the Earth, creating a positive change, even those that could be considered unpleasant changes, in the end turn out to be positive changes, since everything is about growth and a greater awareness. I am here to tell you, Dear Ones, that the days of learning lessons through suffering and difficulty come to a close, since the new path will be all through learning by and with Grace. There will be great and joyful leaps of consciousness once this is fully established on the Earth plane. You, who are the precursors, are asked to move towards this consciousness and become the creators of this new way of learning and doing. It no longer has to be difficult to create anything you want, it can be a pleasure and a joy to learn, grow and explore all the new information and knowledge that are now waiting to be explored. Search and you will find, Dear.

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

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