Beloved Hilarion channeled by David Christopher Lewis

  • 2016

I am hilarion. And I say, live your truth, the truth of who you are in God, as God, with God totally present, front and center of your life. Live your truth every moment of your life being sincere, living in that matrix of emerald fire of perfection and harmony that comes because you are aligned with your true nature, your true being, the true you, one with God,

Many choose not to face the reality of their true victorious divinity, and therefore, flee from God in them, God in the universe, God in others, God in every form of life in which God has invested them. Well, my beloved ones, in this time of cosmic transition from one age to another, no more rejection is acceptable to the Lord God, because the cunningness of the lower self is dissolving in this cosmic truth. And the complete acceptance of the reality of pure divinity is the norm for the Aquarians, for those who mold the Aquarian spirit of love and the reality that that love accentuates in life itself.

It is about being honest in all things, facing the facts, facing the realities of today. Dissolve the past and the future by designing from the universal Now, the instant recognition that God is light, God is true. And that reality of who you are as potential God-man and woman, becoming the “divinity” that is your true being, is the most important work with which you can commit now for your victorious ascension, for your self-realization, your enlightenment, your liberation and that eternal light of truth.

If you accept aspects of your lower self that are not your true self, then you live in an incomplete world of unreality where pure vision is not maintained since that new vision, that new reality of your divinity, has not been accepted . Therefore, turning away from the vision of what you truly are, dear hearts, is not real in God's eyes. Accept God 's vision for you as self-realized beings, true, sincere seekers, sincere doers, and sincere transmitters. When you live in the reality of your true being, and people are before your presence, that light shines and they can also be transferred to the real sphere of divinity that emanates through your true being.

Sometimes this causes a certain shaking of the energies in their being and they may feel uncomfortable in the presence of the All-True that you emanate. And yet, this is good, my beloved ones, because the truth must come out, the truth it must be revealed, the truth must be transmitted to every stream of life on this earth at this hour. Because you have read in the scriptures that all these things will be revealed. And the truth cannot be hidden when the living Christ takes the step forward to proclaim the New Day, to proclaim the Day of Judgment which is, from my perspective, the day when the sword of truth descends to separate the real from the unreal, to accelerate and unveil the whole reality of heaven. And everything that brings the cosmic fulfillment of the divine presence.

As you can see, it is a good day when the truth of everything is revealed. Because that truth is the reality of that moment of divinity and divine light. And all that is truly of God, by God, is ennobled and freed. And although something departs from that truth, it will finally welcome you. They will accept that they must make rectifications, that they must change and transform. Because the only way out for this world is to live in that ray of truth that provides cosmic insight into the reality of the New Day . And the acceptance of God in all aspects of each life.

You see the media completely controlled by the deniers of reality, those who have tried to hide from humanity the way, the truth and the life of the Christ, the Buddha, and the divine way that everyone should be transiting However, everything is being revealed, everything is coming to light. The Internet and other alternative means are finally bringing to light everything that had been hidden, everything that had been intentionally confused to the vision of the light bearers and the people in General throughout the world. Therefore, this confusion and obfuscation must cease, as the Lord of Karma affirms today .

Because I have gone before them and I have received a dispensation so that the true revelation in this world emerges, so that the truth, the way and the life are made known to millions, so that they can make the right choices, and stop living in ignorance of the truth of what happens about this world. And of all the machinations of dark beings who have tried to keep you in a situation of slavery of the soul, slaves of your lower self, slaves of their ways, the ways of darkness, the ways of the world. My beloved ones, you will only be completely complete when you wake up, when you are resurrected in the light. When the truth and reality of your superior being shines through you, because you have chosen it. Because you have decided to live in the integrity of that individualization of God as beings of God.

You must model this reality on behalf of thousands and millions. You must be willing to face the fact of who you are, from your separation sometimes, from the Central God. You must be willing to do the necessary work within and on yourselves, by the grace of God, for that resurrection and awake state of alertness, of divinity, of truth, of the truthfulness of the will, wisdom And the love of God in balance within you. If the truth frightens you, then you are not my disciples! Because my disciples are those who stand firmly before the mirror of the Divine Being. And they are willing to look in that mirror and see their reflection. And then tell themselves, Oh God, I see what I am not willing to allow to continue manifesting in my world in the way that I have allowed.

I'm getting better I am transforming. I am changing today in what you, O Lord, desire from me to live in the integrity of my true being. And therefore I say, that I witness my own divinity. I am a testimony of the Christ in me. I am a testimony of the basic light and the light of the Divine Mother manifesting itself in me, in my aura, in my inner being. And I choose to live in this reality, in this truth from now on. And therefore, beloved Hilari n, O Master of Truth, come to me! Speak to me! Testify in me the truth of my being every day, because I stand firm in the mirror! And by the light of your ray of truth, Oh Master! I impregnate myself, I am that. And I live in the integrity of that light now and forever, because I am your man, your real woman on this world.

You will see, my beloved ones, that if you face the facts and realities of who you are, you will finally reach that point of self-realization that you are God. To date you have not integrated, accepted and assimilated that divinity. And this is why you remain on earth. Therefore, I say, integrate into God! Be God! Accept God within you, meditate on his presence! Accept the radiant complete reality of that light of your true Self! And when you can affirm and acknowledge before me and before the Karmic Board that you have done everything possible to live a true and memorable life full of love, then Pallas Athena herself will walk before you and initiate you in the light of cosmic truth. Ciclopea and Virginia will place on you a mantle of that matrix of Emerald fire of perfection. And he will even make your initiation in the white cube with his diamond sword, symbolizing that impressive state of perfect divinity that they maintain as a matrix of sacred geometry light for each soul.

Yes, my beloved ones, you can be initiates, if you try, if you allow God to live in you. You can be living teachers walking on this earth if you look directly at the reality of your divinity every day and accept the commitment to transform yourself, a little more every day, being honest with yourself in the process of life. Many live, in a semi-state of divinity, where one day, they decide to be disciples and not the next day. And they fall into a state of consciousness totally cloudy and lacking the clarity of the crystal.

Well, I say, once you truly decide that this is the life for you, the life of a disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood. And make that daily commitment to get up early, adjust to the disciplines of the spirit and move heaven and earth to allow God to live through you, in you, then my beloved ones, that commitment and that authentic reality begins to manifest more and more skeins of light in your aura, in your being, in your mind and heart. And that reality develops a new course for you to live in the spiritual integrity of your divine presence. And then, I and other teachers will provide you with the gifts of the spirit to complete the process of self-realization on the initiatory path.

Therefore, decide today who you will serve, God or man, the divine being or the inferior being, the real and what is abundant in the liberating power of presence, or the false self. Once you choose and as you choose daily to reaffirm this commitment, I will be there in my I AM state. I AM the way, the truth and the life with Jesus the Christ and Hilarion in this day and in each day of the rest of my life to live in the integrity of my true being. Yes, once you say these words and give them meaning, then change happens. The blessings and gifts of the Holy Spirit descend. For you to know, it is Pallas Athena, our Beloved, the Maha Chohan who often comes in response to the demands and descends with gifts in the lives of the disciples who have loved God with all their hearts and affirmed that they will live in this state of integrity

Yes, blessed, it is a new day. And you will see more and more revelations in the alternative media and sometimes even in the official media. Because they cannot avoid the truth that is being delivered completely in this era. Evoke that true light. Call on K-17 and his legions of the Cosmic Secret Service to perform the alchemy of divine revelation in every place where it is required by the bearers of light. Call upon Ciclopea and Virginia in the eye be your mind, in your center of vision to conceptualize your life in the way God in you desires now.

Now, my beloved ones, I return to the subject of a book and its author who is very dear to my heart. Because I am sponsoring you, along with a great cosmic being, Compassion, in your work, in your sacred healing work for the earth and the people of this planet. This book is Medical Medium (Medium Doctor), by Anthony William, Secrets and Mysteries after the Mysterious Chronic Diseases and how to heal them. This is a seminal work for this time for initiates and disciples of the Word and the Emerald ray, to study, assimilate and share with others. Therefore, I will share with you the story of a case in this book as an example for all of you in your own ministry in yourself, in your integrity, for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This, my beloved ones, is from the chapter on adrenal or adrenal fatigue, which, I venture to say, many of you have experienced because of a number of reasons, in these times on earth, including the ingestion of less substances that optimal for the temple of your body, from the influence of nefarious energy fields on earth due to communication systems, especially microwave frequencies, manifesting through those towers that send impulses to your phones and mobile devices. And also due to certain interference of alien energies that have harassed this earth for many, many centuries. And they are reaching a time of last dialogue where the truth and reality of heaven will be known by all people, their nature in God and not having evolved from the apes.

Case History: Fatigue by Animal Fats, solved with Fruit.

Maria, age 35, went to the doctor with the complaint that she was tired all the time. No matter how much rest he took, it seemed she couldn't get rid of his fatigue. At work, in the navigation company where I worked, I never felt completely awake or alert. Maria's doctor performed a series of tests and called her when she received the results. Nothing was wrong, he said. You are a bit overworked. He will recover when he has made his vacation. But fatigue persisted and worsened markedly for the New Year.

That time, Maria visited a doctor of integral medicine, who diagnosed adrenal fatigue. He was right . However, along with a huge list of supplements to take, he told Maria to eliminate all carbohydrates and sugars from his diet, except one green apple a day and occasionally berries. It had to stick to three meals a day, with animal protein in each of them, plus some vegetables. At first, Maria felt an increase in energy and thought she had healed. But this is what was really happening. To compensate for the lack of sugars in his diet that had resulted in a reduction of glucose in his bloodstream, his already depleted adrenal glands were overactivated and flooded his system with adrenaline. In addition, by eating animal protein, which includes fats, three times a day, he was overloading his liver and pancreas and forcing his adrenal glands to pump more hormones to Keep the balance. This is an example of the risk associated with a fad diet that is not backed by a true knowledge of what the body needs and how it operates. After thirty days of this form of feeding, Maria noticed a considerable decrease in energy. The fatigue was even worse and it was harder for him than ever to move to work every day.

In addition to this, he had an irresistible appetite for sugar. He started consuming processed and sweet carbons from the vending machine to quench cravings. In their bloodstream, the sugars combined with the very high level of animal fats caused insulin resistance. Now his adrenal glands began to release still adrenaline and reached a point of almost total exhaustion. At that time, a fellow and fellow student from Maria told him about how I had helped his mother. So Maria called me . Immediately, we eliminate animal fats and proteins from your diet. And we change your three meals a day to an intake every two hours. This kept their glucose levels active and stable and ended their insulin resistance. We also balanced their diet with vegetables rich in sodium, fruits rich in potassium and vegetables rich in protein.

Immediately Maria returned to where she was when she went to see the first doctor. In a month she began to feel active again. And in a year it was full of energy. When I saw her again recently, she said she had noticed fatigue from sugar consumption in others of her company. Therefore, she and the fellow had begun making their afternoon milkshakes, which were very popular. She said she still liked to snack and felt much better eating in the way the Spirit had recommended, that she only skipped her healing diet on very special occasions.

My beloved, I entrust all of you to provide and read this light, which, I say, is 98.9% accurate in terms of what we, the ascended masters, recommend for diet, for health. and well-being, to restore inner and outer integrity, for you at this hour.

Now, at the request of the beloved Mother Mary, I send to each of you a ray of light from my heart to nourish your soul and your spirit, in the light of cosmic truth for the restoration of your harmony and balance lives, especially emotional and mental and in the context of your daily work and service, for your families and loved ones, for the Universal White Brotherhood, the ascended hosts and for the liberation of your own soul.

Take it to the heart, my beloved, because although you could work and strive and work hard and many hours in service to our cause, you will finally gain your liberation primarily through your own knowledge, aligning yourselves with the light of truth, the light of integrity and divinity. Work is essential to fulfill your dharma. Unity with God is essential for your return to your heart in your ascension

Therefore, balance your lives, with everything, meditation, prayer and inner work, frequenting the silence of the first hours of the morning and the late hours of the afternoon or at any other time you choose outside of your work foreign service, your daily dharma and what you do physically, mentally in your work. When the dynamics of this balance are installed in your lives, you will feel fulfilled. Valued, appreciated, honest and integrated. When there is a disparity in some way between your own self-realization with the dynamics of your tasks, there is a lack of unity at all levels. And we, the teachers, as well as the clairvoyants, see in your auric fields that state of dissonance, lack of focus, lack of a high purpose and how your daily life is affected.

If you only give and give without taking time for a deep reflexive introspection, to know yourself, and become yourselves, then do not blame others when you make your transition, thinking that you had fulfilled all the decrees or balanced your karma for service, when you have not reached that state of true liberation to become one with God through love and through the path of truth, through stillness and inner divinity. All roads lead to God, as long as God is placed first and ahead. And if the disciple allows himself to live in the integrity of pure love. However, there are faster paths, dear hearts. And I have sent my ray of truth to the planet and to you on this day, to realign you and all in that ray of emerald light, for greater perception, divinity, understanding and integration. Thank you for providing me with a vehicle of expression through this person and through your own heart attuned to God. Thank you for liberating yourself from this day forward, living honestly in the understanding of the presence of the Holy Spirit, in the complete knowledge and wisdom of your divine essence by the grace of God.

Now, finally, beloved Nancy comes forward to send you waves of divine joy, radiance and recognition. To the staff of the Centro Corazones movement, to those who pay tithing and give selflessly regularly. And to those who give everything in prayers of support for others, especially in the healing demands of many. Nancy would like everyone to know, like your Lady Francesca, that when you pray for others she is there, extending her heart and healing light to that person or to many. Therefore, like my beloved and now one with me in spirit, it is your great opportunity to accentuate the flames of the Emerald ray through your healing mission with me, so that many more can return to their state of inner and outer balance and harmony, His Divine Presence and unity with the Source being finally restored. This is your job, our job of the ages.

Be sealed in the light of your presence and in the new Emerald matrix of all that is true, and realizable in the living light of the eternal Christ and Buddha. I thank you.

AUTHOR: David Christopher Lewis


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