BELOVED EL MORYA - About Divine Dispensations

I AM El Morya, Khan, who comes to you to offer you this message.
Today, I must remind you about the dispensation of the 23rd day of each month. This dispensation allows them the opportunity to release part of the karma of the following month, starting on the 23rd, in case of maintaining an adequate behavior and an elevated spirit. You know the terms of the dispensation. Today, I would like to draw your attention to working your personal karma again.
You can avail yourself of the dispensation offered to request the purification of karmic karma from both your country and the planet, in general. However, I would like to remind and clarify once again that you can use this opportunity to work not only your personal karma but also that of your relatives and relatives in relation to the same type of situation or circumstance. Then, if you invest one hour on the 23rd in an appropriate prayer or invocation, all the energy will be multiplied by the number of participants taking part in that dispensation. First, this energy will be directed to transmute karma that prevents a balanced evolutionary development on Earth. The rest of the energy will be directed towards solving your own personal karmatic problems. This is the opportunity to achieve the dispensation of karmic exemption in proportion to their efforts through their prayers. So, it is convenient that all the activities carried out on that day be oriented to work the karma corresponding to the following month.

Allow the Divine energy to flow and direct it to dissolve your problems, be they marital, children, parents or colleagues.

This is a very important dispensation that really acts now and helps to dilute part of your karmatic problems. Each mechanism, given by the Heavens, must be used in all its magnitude.

Now, after reminding you of the opportunities and Divine grace regarding the 23rd day of each month, I would like to move on to the main issue that I have come for. I have come to represent your situation, not the concrete situation of each one of you, but the current situation of the Earth, in all its extension. Through the previous dictations offered by us, you are aware that the situation on the planet has improved. However, they should not faint or stop making efforts, because the process has just begun and all signs of weakness are inappropriate. When you strive daily, you will be able to sustain a firm tempo of transformation of planet Earth.

At present, their efforts are not enough yet and the energy reserve we have to stabilize is not enough to cover what is required. The energy could reach the top, if a greater number of collaborators could give us the energy from their hearts. We greatly appreciate the love you send us. Your Love can bathe the insufficient amount of energy. We also greatly appreciate your selfless work activities towards the Brotherhood. The help offered by the Heavens to our collaborators in their critical periods of life, is determined by the degree of sacrifice that they were previously able to perform for us. We greatly appreciate all those who consciously make a collaboration with the Hierarchy.

We send you thoughts and desires and you feel the energy necessary to carry out the activities of the Brotherhood in the material sphere. And our collaborators, incarnated, are growing. I cannot come to express my gratitude personally to each of you for the work you do for the Brotherhood but I can do it through the messenger. Take my hand I sincerely bow to the Divine Light and the divine qualities in you; This is what allows you not to lose the north but to act in the interests of the Brotherhood and remain on Earth in these difficult times.

Take responsibility and persevere patiently. Actually, the distinctive features of our chelas are constant love and taking effort without stopping.

You can recognize our chelas among you without fear of being wrong. They do not usually complain or complain about life. They work tirelessly, day after day, in their activities while incarnate. Any problem and proof that life holds them, does not make them faint. Their Faith is so unwavering that the connection with their Supreme Party does not allow them to deviate from the Path.

Our collaborators do not pretend to be the focus of attention. They are not proclaiming each of their efforts and deeds. No, they prefer to act silently and without truce, nor do they seek to attract the interest of opposites. Everyone manages their own. Our collaborators are scattered in different countries and continents. I would like to highlight the special work of our collaborators in countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia and Armenia.

We hope that our American collaborators contribute to awakening and restoring that missing link with the Hierarchy. Every new dispensation and opportunity, offered by the Heavens, gives new perspectives to the people and countries that work and join it. Do not have prejudices to maintain contact with this messenger. There are no national or continental boundaries for our teaching. We have been instructing the humans of the Earth, even when the continents were still non-existent and we will continue our work of teaching and enlightening humanity, since we believe that the humanity of the Earth will go through all the tests and will know how to demonstrate those qualities correctly divine, that most of the peoples of the Earth still have numb.

We hope to collaborate with citizens from all over the world to establish a joint cooperation with the Hierarchy. You can use my focus or my photo and address me every day with your requests and problems, questions and wishes. The divisibility of my conscience, given to me by divine dispensation, allows me to present myself simultaneously in many places and offer recommendations and suggestions. I listen to each of you, to address me. All they have to do is learn to listen to me. I come to you and speak to you from the silence of your heart. Try to listen to me. Get away from the hustle, sit in front of my picture or just imagine me. I persuaded them; if your aspiration is to listen to me is strong, you will listen to me deep in your heart without failure. It will be an unusual human voice for you. But it will be the answer to all your questions. You will receive the answer and know that we have offered it to you.

Take the test. You can fail to hear me the first time. Develop your quality of socialization with the world of light.

I am always with you in the silence of your hearts, but I cannot access you unless you prepare your temples to communicate with me, unless you are freed from the most characteristic human habits. I mention some: alcohol, tobacco, listening to heavy rock music, staying in conditions that negatively affect your conscience - offense, anger, depression, self-pity, etc. - All these things prevent me from connecting with you in the world of light and prevents you from connecting with me.

Do not despair if you have many imperfections. If they have chosen the Path and follow it daily without respite, they will soon renounce everything that prevents them from being a useless and unnecessary burden.

Only your continuous divine qualities will remain with you. In a few years, you will literally look back and see in amazement what you are now and be surprised at your changes.

I leave you for now, looking for the opportunity to meet again through your hearts.

Well, for now I say goodbye.

I AM El Morya, always with you.

© The messenger is Tatyana Mickushina

Translated from Russian to English by Irina Kim

Translated from English to Spanish by: Gloria Helena Restrepo C.

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