Twin Souls that are divine complements by Susana Blanco Murillo

  • 2016


The Avatar of the Age of Capricorn; Lord Maitreya is incarnated and sponsors the Age of Aquarius, whose Avatar is Master Saint Germain. The Twin Flame of the Violet Flame Master is Lady Master Portia and is also embodied. Vishnu was embodied in the person of Master Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The Planetary Christ, Master Kuthumi, helps Master Sananda with his work as Cosmic Christ. They help us individually, if we ask for it and are sponsoring the reunion of the twin flames.

In these moments humanity is receiving the attributes of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother who is also embodied in several women. The seventh root race is made up of pure souls who have never incarnated on Earth and their parents are twin flames. Archangel Michael accelerates the cause, effect, registration and memory of the poorly qualified energies that are accumulated in the etheric body. it transmits an energetic compensation of our divine masculine and feminine and gives us the coefficient of light necessary to balance the polarities with our twin flames - to preserve and seal God's original plan of the double flame and Saint Germain helps us amplify the violet flame in our 3-light tube already transmute all the negative energy of our emotional body. The true reason for the Twin Flames on Earth, is to perform a service together to help other souls and to anchor divine love in Gaia. Before joining they must have experienced love for themselves, enlightenment, and healing, and by uniting as the One; they are a powerful energy that radiates love around them and part of their mission is to give divine love to others. The energy of love transmutes the negative and brings it to the divine light. Love is the adherent force of the Universe. THE SOULS RECOGNIZE THE ONE TO THE OTHER AS YOU CALL TWINS THROUGH A FEELING OF FAMILIARITY AND SURROUNDINGS.

In life and throughout our existence, there are numerous evolutionary processes, some conscious and others unconscious, everything depends on our state of consciousness. One of these processes is the reunion of souls, which in the near or distant past were already united and that once again the Universe needs them to be united, to make the final leap of ascension and to implant in this world the seeds of light and Hope for the good of humanity. There is no other way to make this possible. It is a strong connection of Being to Being, from Soul to Soul, from Heart to Heart, and the best way to prepare for it is to have universal awareness of unity, to let yourself flow in the reunion process, with confidence, especially when One of the two souls is more asleep, trusting their Higher Self and being guided by that spiritual Being that has come into our lives. Normally or almost always these cases occur, in which one of the two souls is more asleep and needs the other to finish waking up, and thus begin the two together with the universal mission that was granted before their coming to this life, and with which both were committed as beings of light with physical body, for the good of humanity. This can only be achieved if both are together on the physical plane and feel what their mission is. Most of the time they recognize themselves and think they must be together to be happy, but they are not aware of the service they have come to perform on this planet. These relationships are blessings of the universe. They are relationships in which both parties are unified to form a single Being, without losing freedom, or individuality. None tries to change the other - there is a lot of respect. These relationships awaken all our bodies, which melt and merge with those of the loved one by the internal alchemical process that occurs between the two souls from the moment they are reunited and by the fusion of both superior beings.

4 These relationships also help us evolve and recognize our innate abilities and qualities . They teach us to be more masters of our life and our true identity. They fill us with love and enthusiasm, since balance, balance, stability, peace, harmony, passion, friendship, corresponding love, fulfillment, perfection and enlightenment appear. There are times when both cannot be together for distance, for the difference in age, for children, for personal or family reasons, while on the other level they are waiting for their performance for the universal good. The universe as always respects the opinion we take and does not force situations because it is guided by the law of free will, and will wait patiently throughout life. In these couples each one has his way in life and fulfills his mission, although both are accompanied on the tour since the objective is the same, and one complements the other, but each acting on their own. Both are mirrors in which one can see oneself in the other, this being an inner vision of our own spirituality; where we can see all our qualities, even those hidden and forgotten by devaluation of our own or others.

We can also see our lights and shadows to continue improving, as well as the physical resemblance between them. Both are connected by the heart through an etheric cord, knotted with white light. Both share the same essence, the same tastes for life, a similar tuning and a similar vibration, so they feel a mutual resonance. When they are together; They are immersed in fullness and well-being, they feel full of love and tenderness. If both participate in the same objective life plan; It is the one that had been traced by God the Father Mother for them in a special way and that no one else can fulfill it, only this pair of soulmates, united in love. In both after the alchemical fusion, a great inner awakening begins, a magnificent personal evolution, awakens all the potential of wisdom kept inside, creativity develops, there is a commitment between both of them, and between both with life, with spirituality, with the existence of all, even with the parts of them that are in the higher planes. These are the relationships in which he reigns; the simplicity, the admiration, the friendship, the intimacy, the sincerity, the truth, the complicity, the transparency and the good communication, being this very important since the soul will be nourished of the communication that there is between both parts, even of silent empathy in looks, in kisses, in caresses, in walks or in a big hug.

5 These communications are to help us to continue improving so that we must also express those negative aspects to work so that with the help of the other party and of divine alchemy it will be all transformed into the opposite in a positive way, it is say, express their own fears, doubts, fears, traumas and any type of pain or disenchantment. This fact of n undressing from the heart; It will remove crystallized debris from the inside that may have been there for a long time and that it is time to transmute, it will also break down negative barriers imposed by ourselves as a defense mechanism against attack and misunderstanding n of the others, and ultimately all this will help us connect with our own authenticity. In the case of the Twin Souls, the Arc Champs Angels and Charity would be the ones indicated, as would the Ascended Masters Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) Sananda (Jesus). You may ask them to bring you to your twin flame, being in this state of exalted love and this unconditional love, or what the Ascension of the Twin Flames means raising anything that it prevents us from living in that state of pure love and radiating it out in the world around us. For our sake as well as that of others.

The first time you find your twin flame, the stage you will go through will be the double recognition of the flame. At this stage the connection you will feel will be instantaneous, but do not expect a crush and attraction at first sight. They need time to have a friendship first The moment they both meet and the connection is mutually recognized; both feel self-absorbed and there is a natural flow of attraction. The mutual recognition called twin can take place at some time in the subtle plane or at the beginning of the communication. Not weeks or months ago with the twin flame, to recognize that person. A twin flame could understand it in the first encounter and the other could see it later. However, the recognition will not always be the same for each twin. Each time the recognition of the soulmate occurs, it is surprising, sudden, significant and causal since it has been orchestrated by the higher self of both. Love is so great that it cannot be rejected, it can be like lightning from this point forward. The connection can be noticed soon. Recognition is a rapid reaction that occurs at the beginning of communication when it is carried out. If you decide to play games and ignore your twin flame from the beginning, this can cause confusion and delay the procedure. Everyone is looking for the validation of their experience at one time or another. This is one of the many ways in which I will help you validate your circumstance, since it is very important for you to discover peace in this matter, and it is my desire to help you in achieving that way that the recognition of the soul Twin can happen.

Signs of recognition of the twin flame:

1. A deep desire to know the most intimate details of them as soon as possible. They know that they have been helped by God, since they have been among so many millions of people.

2. You feel an integrity and fullness in the relationship at all possible levels. Naturally, sexual chemistry is greatly increased. A much deeper clarity is possible to understand life and true love. It feels that it is no longer necessary to look for anyone else. It feels fullness and self-realization.

3. You feel a change in vibration and a tingling sensation that appears to make sure that the level of connection is actually observed at a deeper spiritual level. There is telepathy and empathy when they are separated.

4. There is a feeling of wanting a deeper level of intimacy, which requires general transparency. Somehow the couple feels like never before had felt, realizing the closeness of that soul knowing that they are on some spiritual level, it is not necessary to be physically beside them.

5. You see specific parallels in their lives - sometimes such as broken marriages, children's ages or gender, life experiences, family misunderstanding and turning points over time which are comparable. There is divine synchrony.

6. After the exchange, they realize that their paths could have crossed before or perhaps in a previous life.

7. You feel a deep sense of familiarity, as if you really knew each other the first time you met. They feel a sense of no-time or space to be able to share intensely at all levels of their being. It is a love in which at the beginning there are no limits or boundaries that exist, since in many cases although the encounter is not orchestrated by God and the Higher Self in a given life, the union is produced, and by the strong I wish that both feel for each other, and as it has not been planned from the high planes, even if they are; there are insurmountable obstacles so that they can be together in the physical and are not guided by the lights of the third energy (the superior being of both).

8. Once these two souls recognize each other and accept as twin flames and divine complements, for the immense love of one for the other and the eternal bond that unites them, there will be nothing that can ever separate them again even if they both live in the two opposite ends of the Earth, although one is ascended and the other is on Earth. "What God has the human being can not separate."

AUTHOR: Susana Blanco Murillo

SEEN IN: Twin Souls Book that are divine complements

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