WINGS March 5, 2009 ~ Start Over and WINGS February 25, 2009 ~ The separation of the worlds, by Karen Bishop

~ Start over ~
March 5, 2009
by Karen Bishop


Gradually, piece by piece, we are starting over. After enough souls residing in the old world of lesser dimension, they were given enough time and opportunity to choose whether they wanted to stay behind or move on to their new, more vibrant reality from the next step to the whole, many of us departed later towards the next step of our new reality.

Upon leaving, we may have felt a great completion, a sense of loss of identity and purpose, and perhaps a great feeling of having no sense of place. We had finished with a very important phase, and because this phase was completed by a sufficient amount of the whole, we had certainly finished with a very important mission. This was a huge completion. Since we finish it completely, we are now preparing to start over ... to experience a great rebirth, and some very new beginnings.

Immediately before entering our own very new space or higher dimension, great physical and muscular pain could be felt, because we were squeezing what was left of any density that we could have had inside us, towards a very small birth canal . But once we arrived, any discomfort could have dissipated as if by magic.

Moving towards a reality of greater vibration creates common themes that are always present. Some include: a very low tolerance to the energies and ways of being of less vibration, a great loneliness, loss of memory, a strong feeling of having no sense of place, a great disconnection of almost everything, extreme fatigue and feelings not wanting to do anything but rest, apathy, sleepiness, mood swings, great joy, peace, a deeper connection with the Source and with our souls, greater feelings of love, and a strong awareness of what is around us . What does all that mean, exactly?

· A low tolerance to lower vibration energies: The lower vibration energies are too dense for those who vibrate higher. They can feel very heavy, unpleasant, and frankly horrible. These energies are encouraging us to flee, starting towards a coast of greater vibration where we belong, and creating a reality of greater vibration somewhere else. We no longer belong or reside in the lower dimensions. Personal sanctuaries and nature are the remedies for these challenging sensations, along with creativity and the most vibrant things (love, care, respect, art, music, and anything neutral, etc.)

Great loneliness: The higher we vibrate, the more we expel the lower vibration energies inside and out. Eventually, there is not much left with what we can surround ourselves with. Therefore, we can become lonely since we are the precursors, unless we can tolerate the energies of less vibration for long periods of time, which becomes almost impossible after a weather. Eventually, it may seem that we are the only ones, but this is now changing (more on this later in this publication). Walking with children (as they vibrate louder naturally), and finding small circles of friends and loved ones who really love us and care about us (even if they don't share our beliefs) And vice versa, they are the remedies. True and authentic love vibrates high and this is enough to maintain a connection, even if we have nothing else in common.

Loss of memory: We are evolving in pure energy, and also leaving much back that can be difficult to remember. In addition, the higher we vibrate, the more we exist in energy packages with different themes. What is in the now is all that exists, because we no longer maintain strong and long connections with much. The energy of greater vibration enters and leaves very quickly, and is very much in the moment. We are also becoming pure energy. In this way, specificities and details become questionable after a while. I continue to receive correspondence from readers who feel the need to correct my spelling, grammar and punctuation. What is happening here, is that I am now spelling phonetically and cannot remember detailed rules of grammar, etc. I used to be the continuous winner of every spelling contest and very thorough about grammar and punctuation because I loved it, but now it's simply not possible, and it takes too long to send each post Wings of another person to correct them. Overlapping letters and words in sentences is also common in the initial stages. The details and the analysis eventually also become obsolete, since love and energy is the only thing that will finally remain.

Have no sense of place: This experience is very common and will occur every time we climb a notch on the stairs of the ascent. We no longer reside in the lower dimensions and the new year has not arrived. In this sense, we don't fit anywhere. There is nothing to connect with or anywhere to go. We can feel lost, a little scared, insecure, and maybe lose confidence because we feel out of our old groove. Knowing that these feelings always happen is here the solution, as well as being in the moment as much as possible, and keeping us busy and distracted can also help.

A disconnection of almost everything: Much leaves our space through the ascension process. We can start to vibrate differently from others and, therefore, we need to separate, or maybe our old friends are now heading towards new and different “missions” to ours. We can no longer relate or be part of the old systems, and even our loving animal companions could leave, since they cannot travel with us to our new shores (they always return again in a new way!). Connecting with the new is the solution here and it can really make us feel much better.

· Apathy, exhaustion and drowsiness: We feel apathy when we are re-initiating, readjusting, or in a space of suspension while we are waiting for our new connections or new roles. Exhaustion comes from re-wiring or that our bodies are tuned to a higher frequency (our cells are transforming and this requires a lot of energy), and drowsiness occurs when we are going from one dimension to another (as well as feeling cold without to warm up) There are no remedies here, except continue with these stages and know that they are always temporary!

· Mood swings: We feel very good around the upper vibrations and not so well around the lower ones. We can try to remain in the higher vibrations as much as possible and be in a state of love and acceptance while we are in the lower ones.

· Joy, peace, a deeper connection with our souls, and feelings of love: This is what happens when we withdraw from the old, or less vibrating energies. If we can withdraw as much as possible, it is much easier to be close to the lower dimensions for the short periods of time we need to do so. And when we are around the higher vibrations of unity, care, respect, creativity, love and joy, even in the old world, we can easily feel much better too.

· A very strong awareness of what is around us: The higher we vibrate, the more unity we experience. The separation occurs in the old reality, and when we find it after being vibrating higher, it can feel downright horrible. Being aware of all the things that surround us, and knowing that we are a whole and all one, becomes increasingly evident as we evolve. In this way, it may seem that almost everything else exists in a way of much separation, almost in its own separation bubble and with the doors closed, and therefore seems to exist in its own strange world. This has always been the most difficult for me, because not "seeing" or recognizing each other feels especially unpleasant to me. Everything affects everything else, and the sooner we realize this as a planet, the better we will be.

During this past weekend (end of February and beginning of March), we reached another milestone and then we were ready to move a little further. This manifested itself with feelings of much drowsiness, vertigo and a feeling of spinning for some, and a strong desire to sleep, rest and nest.

We had successfully liberated much of the old, we had launched enough of the new, and now we could let go and move on one more time ... forward to a new reality. Always very slowly, we had been gathering the pieces for our new beginnings. New connections, new foundations, fresh and new parts in our lives have been manifesting very slowly and being placed in position.

Yes, we are starting over. In this sense, we should be removed and separated a lot. We had to keep the least of the minimum so we could start over. We were able to find less friends than ever, lost income, stripped of much, and even with feelings of being abandoned in the cold. This was because we had to be ready to start fresh and new ... we had to be ready to start a new life with new connections and almost everything else very new. Our boards had to be clean before anything new could be added, since what will be added will be composed of much higher energy that now matches ours. We needed a blank canvas before adding the first new strokes of very new paint to create our new image.

(This scenario is also taking place in relation to cleanings of the earth and natural disasters. That is why our beautiful Australia has experienced such large fires… it is preparing a blank sheet for a very new and more vibrant reality. What will emerge debris will be a new, bright and shiny area that will prove to be a very pristine and entrenched place for the New World ... a place that will be known far and wide for its own special contribution to the planet.)

Therefore, we have been freed from all that is old ... from all the unpleasant things of the past ... of difficult and challenging connections ... and of old responsibilities of raising the vibrations of the old world and its inhabitants. (If you feel miserable and still feel the need to leave, leave the world, and that you are now possibly in hell instead of heaven, know that this comes from a greater connection with the old. The more we are trapped in the old reality, the harder it can be, and the worse we feel. Things do get better when we leave the old world behind, we say no to unpleasant ways and people, and we know that when we are willing to leave and refuse to participate, we will always be taken care of. Letting go is always a great benefit that keeps us in the flow during the ascension process.)

Our new reality and our new world will begin with us. It will start with one. Soon (if they have not already done so), each of us will introduce one more piece, or one more person. Then we will have two in our new reality (continuous relations of the past may also remain, but at even higher levels now). This then, will be the beginning of new communities. Know also that it took a long time to release the old, so then, it will take a while to create the new (but certainly not as much as it took to release the old!)

In addition, we have learned that we have to be hyper-alert about limits. We have to be very particular about who we allow in our new world and new reality. Not everyone can enter, but those who cannot enter will be met at the dimensional frontier when they ask for it. Those who do not ask for it, are not yet on the dimensional frontier. And those who do ask for it, most of the time they will be received through our new shop windows, which will exist on the border, while we reside on the other side, with all our needs beautifully covered.

What is happening now with the economy is part of the plan. It was supposed to happen. The old world needed to start over too. It was time for it to fall, and therefore, this massive transition is in effect in divine and perfect order ... and also know, that we will be truly protected. We have left that world. Through these confusing, strange and disconcerting feelings of endings and losses of purpose, they are simply proof that we no longer belong to that lower step of reality (the one that is falling), and in this way, we have truly reached a land where Things are very different. If we can trust that this is so, and if we can withdraw from the old world as much as possible (with the exception of our shop windows to make money), we can more easily experience the Promised Land of joy, peace, love and harmony, among everything the rest.

We are moving quite well now. Feelings of heaviness, of being trapped, anguish, depression and panic, are indications of a residence in the old world or of interactions with old ways and of lower vibration. Staying still in our center, or in the center of the storm, and simplifying our lives as much as possible, can keep us out of danger. Staying still while we are willing to let go and trust can be great resources that allow us to mount the current towards a new arrival in the higher realms. We are also much more entrenched now as we are preparing for a new reality right here. All the waiting and separation of many past years, and the isolation of many, will soon begin to depart. Yes, we are really starting over.

With much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,

Translation: Margarita López

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Your Book Excerpt for Today

From The Ascension Manual:


One thing I have said over and over again for several years is that the higher realms are not what you might think. Much of what we have been taught or what we have read is quite inaccurate.

Although this is not a simple process, basically everything focuses on simplicity and how energy responds and interacts with itself. There are higher and lower forms of vibratory energy creating things that feel good and things that don't. So then, there is no meaning in anything. Meaning is simply what we choose to put in a particular manifestation. Some things may feel good for a person according to how he interprets them, and they may feel very unpleasant for other people. One rule, then, would be that things feel good or bad. It's that simple.

As we begin to vibrate higher, we agree less and less with what has been created so far on this planet and also with any aspect of lower vibration of other human behaviors and realities. . One might think that as we become more spiritual, we increasingly embody greater compassion, understanding and tolerance at higher levels than what we have done before. But this is not the case. As we move through the ascent and begin to vibrate louder, we find that we become very intolerant of any energy of less vibration. We simply cannot be in her presence for a long time and we can also get angry and frustrated with her.

There is a method in this madness. As I mentioned in previous sections of the book, there is a hierarchy in energy levels and dimensions. When we reach higher realities, it is very difficult to reside or spend time in the lower realities. We just don't agree with them anymore. This answer also has other benefits. Intolerance greatly encourages us to create more things abroad that match how we are vibrating, feeling and being inside. If your external reality feels downright horrible, we will surely be inspired to save ourselves through our need to feel better, creating superior ways of living and being. And by not tolerating and refusing to be part of the old reality, since we can literally no longer digest it, it literally makes us refuse to participate, thus withdrawing any energy that supports it. If we do not get involved in something and deny it, it cannot survive because there is no energy to make it real and give it life. It will simply cease to exist because it will not be residing in anyone's conscience.

Through this intolerance we are also being very direct. As we progress to more vibrating human beings, we find that we can no longer walk through the branches, sit and watch, or take a long way to get anywhere. The upper energy moves in a straight line. He does not go here and there, make up excuses or support friends and family even if they are in unhealthy situations, or sit blindly to one side. It is simple and direct. No uncertainty or indecisive passivity. Time has passed to tolerate the old and wait. It is the superior form or none. On some level we know this, and sometimes we can find ourselves addressing the lower vibrations very directly. In this sense, it is a superior form of love. It implies an inability to support the lower vibrations in anything. In reality we are supporting and loving because now we are supporting the higher forms through this intolerance. Actually we are being spiritual warriors of higher truths and helping others a lot.

In the higher realms we create through our society with the Source and as we become more and more Source ourselves, we must now connect much more deeply in order to create the higher forms. During these years of ascension it may seem that we are not going anywhere. It may seem that nothing is going our way or that we are receiving very little support to get what we want.

This is not really the case. We do not want to create things that are not of a higher vibration or that do not fit us in the near future. In other words, we cannot create from the ego in the higher realms. When we don't get what we want, it's usually because we won't be in that situation or reality very soon, or because we're not ready yet. If there is something you truly feel you should have, then you are not ready to receive it. It is ironic that we always get what we want when we no longer want it. What is happening here is that we have lost our attachment, which puts us in a position to create perfectly. Also, then we are not creating from our ego. All this is part of the ascension process.

Through all this, sometimes we can get discouraged a lot. When we feel discouraged and disappointed again and again and feel that all our dreams have been shattered, we become apathetic. This is perfect It puts us in a space to let go. We just don't care anymore. This causes us to let go and release the energy of attachment. So we are residing in a neutral energy, without agendas and this allows much more to come from the Source. And of course, it allows us to let go of many of the illusions.


~ The Separation of Worlds ~
February 25, 2009
by Karen Bishop
Translation: Margarita López


In times past, when we were young and naive, we could imagine that the ascension process would be incredibly happy, full of ease, and would raise us to a higher dimension in which we would float on a cloud in the Sky, perhaps eating chocolates throughout the day; Or maybe we would suddenly be full of light, while our challenges disappear in one fell swoop. We would arrive at the Promised Land, where love would abound and we would never have an unpleasant experience again. Now we know that it is not so.

Although certainly in many ways things get better and better, and if we look back we would see a very different version of ourselves, the ascension process is still presented in ways we could never have imagined. As we begin to vibrate higher and higher, and reach higher planes of existence, so much changes for us, and we always find new challenges to match and align with the higher vibrations that now surround us.

This is an exhausting and challenging process, but little by little, we have come to understand that we are always right where we have to be and experiencing just what we should experience, exactly at the right time. And we also become much stronger as we bring more light. The Promised Land is, in effect, on a nearby horizon, but getting there has been presented in many strange, miraculous and unexpected ways. And paradoxically, the closer we are to arrive, the more we realize that we really no longer have the same desires, and service to humanity without considering our own personal desires can begin to eclipse everything else as our ego-I It continues to decline slowly.

When we find ourselves in a very new space, in this last new step of the ascension stairs, new and disturbing feelings can also come.

The other day my daughter confessed to me jokingly that maybe I had become “bipolar”, because for several months I had been presenting some behaviors that she had never seen in me before. According to her (smile), I was blissfully happy at one time and at another I was completely grumpy. "Who, ME?" I responded with great astonishment. The normally happy, cheerful, and pleasant ME? She must be delirious or perhaps grumpy herself and simply projecting, after all, I knew I was almost perfect almost all the time ... she must have been talking about someone else! (smile again) "No, I'm serious, Mom, " she insisted.

So what was going on? Was this another symptom of ascension, strange and unprecedented? Extreme mood swings from one moment to another with great extremes when experiencing the world around us? Yep, yep, and yep again.

After experiencing the great disconnection of the old reality (approximately around October 2008, but which really began to manifest itself from July onwards), we were then released and slowly began the process that this monumental experience created. Losing the sense of our old self, feeling lost without a rudder, confused, or even useless because our old roles were now over, we also began to slowly reconnect with something very new and different ... and truly magical.

This great separation from one reality to another was very distinctive, dramatic, and very complete. We had succeeded in raising the vibration of the old world and now it was time to leave for new shores where things were magical, peaceful, happy, loving, and where all our needs were miraculously met. But we are still in the process of adjustment, since this has been an important vibratory jump.

The chasm between the old world and the new reality is now quite large and also very defined. In this way, there is a great polarity present, and therefore, although we are still sitting astride one reality and another, we can really feel bipolar.

As we progress in our spiritual evolutionary path, very slowly we lose tolerance towards lower vibrational energies. At first we can feel irritated by them, then we can feel guilty in wishing not to be around them, and eventually we get to a point where we say, "I want to get out of here!" Our intolerance becomes total, and the loving beings that we might think that we should be, they seem to have been strangely replaced by an impostor within us who dislikes the energies of less vibration.

"What happened to my spiritual self?" We might ask. “Aren't I supposed to be affectionate and kind to everyone else? Doesn't vibrating louder mean that I am now a perfectly loving and understanding person, who is here to make others feel better when they are close to me? ”

With this extreme abyss now present from one reality (or dimension) to another, our reactions are also extreme. The gap is now very large. When we are in the lower dimensions, or lower and denser vibrations, it can feel absolutely horrible. Very horrible. This can manifest itself as great anger, pain, frustration, tension, and a really grumpy attitude. And then, very suddenly, we can find something that vibrates higher and we can feel happy immediately, feel good, happy, and in a naturally good space.

From one extreme to another, we can begin to wonder what the hell is going on inside us. And with close to a zero tolerance for everything that vibrates lower, we can find that we don't like ourselves very much because our reactions to these vibrations create unpleasant feelings in us. If you are a woman of menopausal age, you may have recently decided to have your hormone levels checked, wondering if that will be the reason, but with so many people having this experience, it may not be due to a physical cause.

Ascension has always resembled menopause in both men and women of all ages. So, feelings of "I've had enough", or "I'm ready to end this!" Or maybe "Is the time for me now?" Are very common as we have done a lot to help this planet since our arrival . Bad mood, loss of memory, a need to take care of oneself, and a desire to move forward are simply a part of our process of spiritual evolution at this current stage, even if these things really mimic menopause.

Feelings of oppression, pressure, and bad temper are also common symptoms because when we migrate higher, the energies become tense since everything that vibrates lower within us must be “expelled” in order to align. We can feel as if there is now much more energy flowing inside us, we can feel like we are hyperventilating, have chest pressure, maybe feel that we have just received a quadruple injection of caffeine, or we can even have difficulty sleeping because so much energy is flowing through us. In this sense, "alignments" do not always feel good. After the energies are expelled and adjustments are made, we always feel better ... at least until the next phase of expansion! The higher the evolutionary space we occupy, the less energies of less vibration will be present. This is because love is the last energy left. Therefore, we lose more and more of ourselves as things progress, resulting in the need to adjust or we feel completely uncomfortable.

This last upward movement is no different. We are adjusting in a great way with regard to limits and how we interact with lower energies or lower dimensions. We are very far from them now, so in this way, it feels frankly intolerable to have them around. In addition, we have already finished so completely with them, that it can exasperate and anger us when they appear in our space.

Add to this the challenges of last year, maybe we feel like a punching bag since so many of us were hit again and again, and it can be very difficult to be close to anything unpleasant. We are really ready for the new, for our Promised Land or at least a little rest, and perhaps even an experience of a much higher order.

But the higher dimensions are also here. Amazing miracles and new connections are beginning to manifest, feeling good is happening, even at unpredictable intervals, and we are well on our way to a better and new reality for us.

Several weeks ago I started having dreams about the original intentions or rather the pristine connections. For example, one night I had an image of December 16. My daughter was born on December 24, but the original date for delivery was 16. The message here, or the programming I was receiving, was about the original intentions. For many years now, we have been adjusting our energies to be able to remain in alignment as a planet. We had to adjust to remain balanced when both was out of balance. Now we can return to the original intentions and primitives, the true connections and alignments, and what we had always planned for the planet. These new and pure alignments are being produced within us, for we can finally return to who we really are and what we came here to establish the New Planet Earth. So in this way, we are really preparing for our new roles.

In addition, we are also clearing and releasing again, but this time it is very different. In a strange way, we went back a little back the last year or two. We decided to wait until enough of the masses had had the opportunity to catch up before moving forward, so in this regard, we were trapped on a lower step of the ascending staircase for me. Time we could have wanted (but our souls decided that we did, that's why everything was right where it had to be). Because of this, we take more of the energies of less vibration (hence the be struck golpe ) than what we had done in the past and these energies were energies with which we had already completely finished. So now we are releasing and clearing these experiences once more.

The reason why this time is different is because it was a kind of addition, or an unusual and unique experience. Even after we finished and our vibrations were too high to have these experiences ever again, however we got entangled with the lower energies while we were waiting until the right moment of leave So then, we now need to clean or dispose of the residue created from these experiences (I hope this all makes sense!).

When I started a very accelerated ascension process many years ago (because I was very late in relation to the intentions of my soul), I experienced strange and intense dreams for a period of time. They were fragments and frames that flew quickly in front of me at night, for I was releasing the old almost as a review of life. This is happening to me again, but to a much lesser degree. We are releasing during our dream what we no longer need to be connected to. So even if they haven't had any kind of intentional healing for quite some time, they might suddenly want to have some kind of cleaning. Even so, the ascension process always creates what it needs very naturally, on its own, without any intentional help.

As we began to move forward, away from the energies of less vibration of the past, we could also become very interested in our own health and well-being. Now with enough time to take care of ourselves, make changes in diet, exercise, and so on, it's time for us for a while. At our emotional levels, we know that we need to be primitives in order to fulfill our new roles.

So how about navigating the dimensions? How can we stay healthy and happy when we sometimes have to be old? Having very adverse reactions to old energy is a sign that we no longer belong there. We are being forced to go out and go to our new space and new reality.

Cuanto m s alto vibramos, menos viables son las intenciones. Las intenciones consumen demasiado tiempo para las energ as muy directas yr pidas que existen en una dimensi n superior (esto se trata con m s detalle en Entrando en la Nueva Realidad). Por lo tanto, navegar hacia los reinos superiores en realidad se vuelve mucho más simple. Ya no necesitamos entonces, hacer de nada nuestra intención, pues muy natural y rápidamente atraemos lo que hay dentro de nosotros.

De esta manera, podemos encontrar que las puertas que se cierran lo hacen porque no están en alineación con quienes somos ahora. Muchas puertas se están abriendo para nosotros ahora… nuevos accesos que pueden haber estado bloqueados en tiempos pasados. Y estos accesos, milagros, o puertas, pueden abrirse aunque sólo sea muy brevemente, justo cuando se los necesita, y luego se vuelven a cerrar otra vez. Además, cada vez que encontramos que una puerta está cerrada, o que algo es demasiado difícil de acceder, o más bien que no es un flujo fácil y tiene muchos bloqueos, ésta es nuestra señal de que es la dirección equivocada o manifestación equivocada para nosotros.

Otro escenario común de la ascensión que se presenta con frecuencia es vernos agarrados o retenidos por parte de las energías de menor vibración cuando uno ha navegado ya hacia una dimensión superior. Esto puede manifestarse en muchas, muchas maneras, desde cosas en el reino de la naturaleza que nos hacen tropezar cuando caminamos, hasta personas que se aferran a nosotros, que no quieren que nos vayamos, hasta energías viejas que nos piden una vez más que volvamos a hacer lo que solíamos hacer.

Si alguna vez sentimos la tentación de saltar y ayudar, lo más probable es que terminemos siendo como el nadador que trata de salvar a una víctima de ahogarse a la vez que es halado hacia abajo y terminamos ahogándonos nosotros mismos. Cuanto más alto vibramos, más atentos tenemos que estar… permanecer en nuestro verdadero y legítimo camino… ignorando las opiniones e ideas de los demás…. permanecer en estos reinos nuevos y superiores que ahora somos bendecidos de tener rodeándonos.

¿Otro síntoma común de vibrar más alto? Loneliness. Cuanto más evolucionamos, más pequeño se vuelve nuestro círculo de amigos. Eventualmente, nos encontramos conectados sólo a un número muy reducido de amigos muy fieles, atentos, cariñosos y muy especiales. Mi compañero estelar me dijo el otro día que mis amigos volverían a ser “escasos y pocos”. Phew! Fue mi primera reacción hasta que me di cuenta de que estas relaciones tan especiales son profundas y puras y son regalos muy especiales en verdad. El resto del tiempo, vamos a atender nuestro servicio a la humanidad y nuestras conexiones y lealtades serán en lo que respecta a ayudar a otros. Eventualmente, se formarán comunidades cuando suficientes almas estén listas, pero éste es el escenario actual para algunos.

Al acercarnos cada vez más a convertirnos en los ángeles de la tierra, empezamos a aprender formas de ser muy nuevas en verdad. Estoy empezando el primero de los mini-libros electrónicos de Los Nuevos Ángeles de la Tierra que tratarán en mayor detalle sobre nuestros nuevos roles, cómo navegar las dimensiones y permanecer cuerdos, más acerca de nuestros escaparates en las fronteras dimensionales, y más de las extrañas y sorprendentes sensaciones que encontramos a medida que evolucionamos. Estos mini-libros electrónicos serán ofrecidos a ustedes en este sitio web sólo a través de donaciones, ya que estos tiempos de transición pueden presentar circunstancias inusuales pero temporales para muchas personas. Hay demasiada información acerca de nuestros nuevos cambios como para ofrecerla únicamente en una publicación de ALAS.

Para nuestros amigos especiales en Australia: Nuestros corazones y oraciones están con ustedes mientras experimentan grandes pérdidas por medio de sus incendios recientes. Sepan que ustedes se están preparando enormemente para lo nuevo, pues mucho se está despejando para sus cimientos muy nuevos. ¡Van a emerger como una estrella brillante para nuestro mundo y los amamos tanto!

With much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,

Nuevo sitio de Karen Bishop “Los Nuevos Ángeles de la Tierra”
All your material can be downloaded in Word file from your site in Spanish

Your Book Excerpt for Today

De Entrando en la Nueva Realidad:


Cuanto más densa la dimensión o más bien cuanto más densas las energías en que nos encontramos residiendo, más necesitamos claridad y enfoque al crear. Esto se debe a que hay muchas más energías volando alrededor por las que tenemos que atravesar y rodear. Es cada vez más importante entonces, mantener el enfoque y estar muy claros acerca de qué es lo que deseamos. A medida que empezamos a evolucionar más alto, el enfoque y la claridad son también importantes, pero no al grado que lo eran en la vieja realidad.

En los reinos superiores, pensamos en algo deseable y parece llegar a nosotros en un tiempo récord, aunque puede ser que no nos hayamos dado cuenta de que lo estábamos creando. ¿No hemos tenido la experiencia de que algo que pensábamos que queríamos nos llega casi inesperadamente, y luego nos damos cuenta de que no es exactamente lo que era nuestra intención?

“¡Uy! Esto no es exactamente lo que estaba pensando”, podríamos exclamar. Pero luego tenemos otra oportunidad para hacerlo bien… ah, la belleza de crear en los reinos superiores. Siempre podemos crear algo fresco y nuevo en cualquier momento dado. Un regalo especial de crear algo que no encaja del todo, es que nos da la claridad para crear más claramente cuando empezamos de nuevo con una nueva creación.

Recuerdo cuando mi amiga Nancy, una agente de bienes raíces, me estaba mostrando parcelas de tierra aquí, en Nuevo México. Con cada nueva parcela que encontraba, lo que me gustaba y no me gustaba se hacía más y más evidente, aunque yo no estaba realmente muy consciente de mis deseos exactos antes de empezar; yo sólo andaba mirando por diversión. Al estar en el espacio de cada energía nueva y distinta, pronto empezó a revelarse una imagen de lo que me haría más feliz, pero no habría sabido esto hasta haber experimentado otras posibilidades. Por lo tanto, aunque podemos creer que sabemos exactamente lo que queremos, a veces realmente no lo sabemos hasta que llega a nosotros.

Y ésta es la importancia de la claridad en los reinos superiores. Mientras más claros estamos, mejor coinciden nuestras creaciones con lo que son nuestros deseos más puros. Otro aspecto maravilloso de la claridad es que nos da la oportunidad de saber lo que real y verdaderamente nos merecemos y deseamos. La claridad en los reinos superiores no está relegada a lo que creemos que es probable o posible… está relegada a un “todo vale”, y ésta es la belleza de un milagro y los milagros abundan en los reinos superiores. (Cabe señalar aquí el hecho de que en los peldaños iniciales de la escalera de ascensión, mientras mayor es la distancia entre lo que creemos que es posible y lo que deseamos crear, más difícil es la creación.) Puede ser muy divertido empezar a crear con cosas pequeñas y sencillas que son improbables, pero que sentimos que realmente no importa si se manifiestan. Los resultados pueden ser un gran entrenamiento para la creación de lo que pensamos que podría ser imposible.

Cuanta más claridad y detalle ponemos en nuestros deseos de creación, más completamente nos proporcionarán lo que aparentemente queremos. Si decimos que queremos ser felices, esto puede manifestarse con una enorme gama de posibilidades, y también puede servir para diluir las energías que se utilizan para la creación. Estar muy claros nos permite afinar y enfocar las energías donde se necesitan, y también sirve para apoyar y solidificar nuestras habilidades como creadores muy conscientes. Esto nos lleva a la importancia del enfoque.

No es noticia nueva que aquello en lo que más nos enfocamos es lo que más conseguimos. Lo que llena nuestras mentes y conciencia, y cómo percibimos que son las cosas, es lo que llena el mundo físico que nos rodea. Lo que estamos siendo o vibrando, es lo que vamos a crear como nuestra realidad y mundo. Este fenómeno de enfoque, entonces, es también lo que podemos usar para navegar en los reinos superiores. En realidades aun superiores, podemos enfocarnos en algo (un destino), y literalmente llegar allí en forma física. Éste es el poder del enfoque. Este es el poder de afinar y realmente aprender a utilizar la energía. Hasta que estemos realmente en una realidad de vibración tan alta por dentro y por fuera, donde uno puede utilizar el enfoque para literalmente viajar, podemos seguir utilizando nuestro enfoque en nuestra realidad actual para navegar por las dimensiones, pero de una manera diferente, aunque igual de eficaz. Esto es lo que se discutió al comienzo de la sección las Claves de Ser.

Cuando usamos el enfoque para crear lo que queremos, es importante no pasar la mayor parte de nuestro tiempo en este estado. Esto se debe a que estamos aquí en el ahora, y no en alguna realidad virtual o deseo del futuro. Es importante, como se ha mencionado muchas veces en este libro, estar presentes donde estamos. Estamos en este planeta para tener una experiencia aquí, no para tratar de estar en otro lugar continuamente a través de la meditación ni cosas parecidas (mientras más alto empezamos a vibrar y evolucionar, menos meditamos). No podemos crear cuando estamos tratando de estar en un lugar diferente de donde estamos. Estar en un lugar diferente de donde nos encontramos nos pone fuera de alineación, y por tanto, fuera del flujo mayor de las energías de alineación.

En el viejo mundo, la meditación puede habernos colocado en un espacio de mayor vibración de “sentir” o tal vez adquirir conciencia. Y como una herramienta para la salud y relajación, qué buen regalo era en verdad. Pero en los reinos superiores, sólo sirve para colocarnos en algún otro lugar diferente de donde estamos actualmente residiendo. Estamos evolucionando hacia estados donde siempre estamos en un estado de energía donde la meditación trataba de colocarnos temporalmente, y por lo tanto, eventualmente no necesitamos ni deseamos “meditar”. La meditación es una herramienta maravillosa para el viejo mundo, pero en los reinos superiores, simplemente deja de existir. A medida que subimos por los peldaños de la escalera de ascensión, todavía podemos elegir meditar, pero sólo por tiempos muy breves hasta que ya no lo elegimos más.

Entonces, ahora que probablemente he ofendido a muchos de ustedes que meditan y quizás tienen una perspectiva diferente (¡ay!), ¿Cómo podemos utilizar el enfoque con el propósito de crear y de ser? Podemos enfocarnos con respecto a lo que elegimos notar o prestarle atención. Cuando salgo a caminar por mi barrio, suelo ir recogiendo las energías allí, veo portales, y conecto con el cielo y con el mundo no-físico. Otros, que a veces salen a caminar conmigo, encuentran trozos de cerámica, miran los senderos y las flores silvestres, o cosas así (sí, yo también hago eso a veces). Cuando la perra de mi vecino me acompaña, ella ve a los conejos. Así entonces, lo que somos o lo que es significativo para nosotros es lo que suele aparecer para nosotros. Lo que buscamos entonces, es lo que se va a manifestar.

¿Tú eres alguien que ve el vaso medio lleno o medio vacío? ¿Percibes el mundo mejorando y en evolución, o empeorando? ¿Crees que estás siendo abatido y desgastado, o que simplemente estás perdiendo los aspectos más viejos y densos de ti mismo?

Yo tenía una amiga a quien le encantaba cuidar animales callejeros, por lo que su enfoque estaba en ellos gran parte del tiempo. Ella seguía entonces atrayendo a los animales a su casa, y parecía que ellos siempre podían encontrarla dondequiera que estuviera. Eso es lo que le interesaba, o donde se encontraba su enfoque, por lo que luego se convirtió en su realidad en lo físico. También tuve otro amigo por un breve tiempo que no veía los anuncios en la televisión porque creía que los hacían para controlarlo. A mí me encantan muchos de los comerciales, ¡porque me parecen aún m s entretenidos y divertidos que los programas de televisi n!

El enfoque implica aquello que estamos notando oa lo que estamos prestando atenci n, y desde luego, nuestra interpretaci n de lo que estamos notando. A lo que elegimos no prestar atenci n no puede existir en nuestra realidad o mundo. El enfoque permite que cualquier cosa exista. Entonces, por qu no aplicar esta ley de la energ ay simplemente nos enfocamos s lo en lo que deseamos tener en nuestro espacio?

En las etapas iniciales de nuestra residencia en los reinos superiores, el enfoque y la claridad son de importancia m s vital que nunca. Con tanto m s de la densidad que ha desaparecido, aquello en lo que elegimos enfocarnos ahora, y qu tan claros estamos en cuanto a lo que deseamos, resulta extremadamente til en nuestro proceso de navegaci ny creaci n en esta ahora Nueva Realidad. A medida que empezamos a evolucionar aun m s alto, nos damos cuenta de que los detalles triviales no importan. Casi todo es secundario y menor en relaci n con nuestra felicidad y paz mental. Nos volvemos cada vez m s conscientes de lo que real y verdaderamente importa a medida que nos despojamos m s de nuestro viejo y anticuado yo. Y es entonces cuando la verdadera belleza del amor, paz y alegr a comienza a estar cada vez m s presente en nuestras vidas y en nuestra realidad actual. Por lo tanto, empezamos a enfocarnos m s en aquello por lo que estamos agradecidos y en lo que real y verdaderamente importa.

Cuanto m s evolucionamos, menos nos enfocamos en nada, ya que estamos simplemente siendo. Disfrutamos el ahora, pues todas nuestras necesidades est n cubiertas, y simplemente estamos agradecidos y felices justo donde estamos.

Permanecer En Alineaci n Con Enfoque Y Claridad

Utilizar el enfoque y la claridad como formas de ser en los reinos superiores puede ser m sf cil si no los tomamos demasiado en serio. Tomar en serio la claridad, por ejemplo, nos coloca en un estado de aferrarnos demasiado r gidamente, y entonces no podr amos beneficiarnos de los regalos que ofrece la claridad. Si podemos utilizar el enfoque y la claridad de una manera divertida, ri ndonos de ellos y ajustando nuestras creaciones imperfectas despu s de que llegan, y simplemente enfocarnos y notar las cosas que nos traen pasi ny alegr a, vamos a seguir con facilidad y crear sin esfuerzo aquello que deseamos.

Podemos utilizar tambi n enfoque en lo que respecta a nuestras relaciones con los dem s. Si elegimos enfocarnos en los dones y talentos especiales de otro, esto entonces ser lo que se nos presente mucho m s frecuentemente. Alguna vez has tenido una experiencia donde interactuabas con alguien, que era completamente diferente a la experiencia de otro con esa persona? Esto se debe a que de alguna manera nos estamos enfocando o prestando atenci na lo que sabemos que es verdadero para nosotros, o quiz lo que esperamos de esa persona. En este sentido, nuestras experiencias con otros pueden variar enormemente de la interacci n de una persona a otra.

A medida que empezamos a evolucionar hacia estados de ser m sym s elevados, ya no deseamos estar en ning n otro lugar sino donde estamos. De esta forma, estamos muy contentos, tenemos todo lo que creemos que realmente necesitamos, y estamos en estados de mucha paz y aceptaci n. Los estados superiores de realidad son todo lo que verdaderamente yf cilmente vemos, y por lo tanto, no necesitamos enfocarnos intencionalmente en nada m s, sino lo que est justo en nuestros espacios y lo ha estado todo el tiempo.

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