WINGS Preparing for June "and" Entering the New Reality Questions and Answers " by Karen Bishop

In the last few days, I have been seeing "four" everywhere. While we were playing Monopoly last night, I was continuously throwing double four, again and again. When I got in the car this morning to go to the library to send this publication of WINGS, the meter of my car said that the outside temperature was 44 degrees. Again and again, the double four, which equals eight.

We are still in the process of establishing a new foundation for our new residence in a new reality or higher dimension. In numerology, a four represents the bases and an eight represents abundance. Therefore, the energies are telling us that we are on the right track with the preparation of our new beginnings, and more importantly, now ready for a new security in a very new way.

And June will mark the crucial point of this new rooting, thus placing us in position for the culmination of our preparation for our new roles and, of course, more abundance than ever before. In addition, the lineups will be complete and then we will be ready for our very new adventures and creations for a very new chapter of a very new life. We will have landed completely in June.

So then, we can find ourselves preparing now, even very slowly, doing the things we have to have ready to establish these foundations or create these supports. We may be attending our health now, to be balanced, ready and strong. We may be creating new things that, therefore, will be ready when the time comes ... new pieces for our new ventures. For me, a demonstration was a new server for my website that could accommodate what will be coming for me…. creating a very new foundation. We can be designing, writing, establishing, moving, preparing to build, tying up loose ends, and connecting, if only very slowly, with new things.

As always, we are on the right track. Being “in the middle” is a natural part of this process, because we have really and truly let go of the old reality and our old roles… and again, June will be the great moment when everything will come together completely and the demonstrations will fly around us so easily that we will wonder why it took so long to get to this space.

Within the reality of the mainstream, things are also moving forward. The new planet that is emerging can no longer represent anything of the old. Thus, the old must be tried again and again, or rather, the proposed changes must fail, so that the message can be clear that something very new has to happen. VERY NEW. Very similar to our President Bush here in the US, fulfilling his role so beautifully igniting in the masses the desire for something very new, the tumbles that are taking place now in an attempt to underpin the old not will succeed. Well, at the higher levels it is not supposed to be so.

The masses need to receive the message that there is no going back. Nothing to save the old, or cling to the old, or return to an old security reality. Therefore, any attempt in this direction will have to fail so that the masses are in a position where it is accepted that a VERY NEW reality has to arise, in every sense. A preparation for change that will be serious enough for this VERY NEW to be the only possible result. If the VERY NEW comes first, then many would say that we should have done this or that in order to preserve the old known reality. Thus, it has been established in this way so that the masses can see, support and get on board, with really new ways. This is a period of preparation so that the masses are more open to allow something very different.

And many changes have to happen. Household cleaning is now taking place regularly as well. So, the old is going quickly really. Intolerance for things of a less vibrational nature is manifesting in the mainstream, as it should be. Great change is on its way, as the old is finally being split.

During this time, and it will take a few more years, who have left the old reality because their functions of raising the vibration are now over, they will meet all the needs covered, safe and safe, in a wonderfully happy space of our own individual version of heaven. This will really happen.

Also during this time, we could experience the departure of loved ones and animal companions, as there has been a great change and they are ready to move forward. Some may choose to stay and adapt, and others will choose to leave. There will be so much new, that we will wonder who we are and where we are residing now.

I know of many who are now receiving abundance like never before, even in strange ways or perhaps because of a service that we will soon stop providing. In fact, we are being protected and sustained. Some souls have volunteered to experience great losses in income and things like that, in order to become the living example or proof that there is enough suffering to justify a change., while others are doing well. Everything is right where it has to be for this very massive transition. We are all doing our part, whatever that part is.

Sometimes we can feel that we have suffered enough (especially) the last two years have been almost intolerable and have stretched us too much. And we may even be cynical too. Whenever I have these thoughts, I remember the very young children in Africa who have suffered amputation of their limbs, have been raped, and experienced countless other tragedies and I wonder why I am so complaining. I really have nothing to complain about, but sometimes I do. My daughter continually reminds me that things are much more terrible for me than for others. It is because of the greater sensitivity and knowledge of the higher ways of being and the reality that are not taking place. I know this is true for many of you too. As we evolve higher and higher, it can be increasingly difficult to even go anywhere, as lower vibrations are almost impossible to tolerate.

For those who are sensitive, being hit with an energy of less vibration can feel downright horrible, and those who are not so sensitive can never fully understand it. Even with a knowledge and understanding of the whys and needs, sensibilities are still there and feelings and pain can never be completely ignored.

But as we evolve, we find that we can assume them more easily, since we adjust our soul shoes like never before. With the new rooting that is taking place now for us, we need to be very here now, and especially with our new roles as Angels of the Earth. Part of our new roles now include the ability to handle and assume tragedies for ourselves and others, and still maintain the light and responsibility we came to provide.

And with more of our ego-self that has gone through the natural ascension process, we are much more capable of "not taking things so personally, " not feeling despised and disrespected, and moving more fully towards these greater roles. of vibration of our souls. Eventually we come to know that we no longer belong in realities where people are not noticed by who they really are, or simply are not noticed! It is then that we begin to find our own communities of love ... and these communities simply begin with one, then two people, and they will not grow until the right people appear just at the right time.

Yes, we are still in the process of connecting with our new roles and new foundations, but everything will be covered, because it is we who are creating this enormous change in the first place. It is not outside of us and we are not victims. This plan and process came from our souls, and we are moving very well, although it may not seem that way at times.

This reconnection process is slow, since it runs so deep. Run so deep because we have existed on the higher planes for so long, and now we are here with our whole being. We are no longer pulling higher energies from somewhere else (some other place where we were existing much of the time), because now we are the higher energies, embodying them more than ever before. This is simply an indicator that much has progressed. Live! Planet Earth is now much more prepared to accept a new reality.

This WINGS post is a bit shorter than normal because I am currently with the flu. After having completed enough of my new foundations to let me exhale a little, in a matter of minutes I fell with the flu! My brain is a bit cloudy between sneezing and coughing, so this will have to be everything for now. As always, thanks for your patience, understanding, and your continued support. It continually puzzles me why so many of you come back to read these publications (as I know that you are also very aware of what is happening), but I could not fulfill my purpose without you! I am eternally grateful for your loyalty and support.

With much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,


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Your Book Excerpt for Today

From The Ascension Manual:

Our Eternal Connection

Because the ascension process creates so many losses, sometimes we can feel very disconnected. Our sense of security can really be tested. Through this process we lose friends, family, jobs, our old identity (ego), our old sources of financial support, our old homes, and so on. The list may sometimes seem endless. And even those whom we have considered our closest soulmates may end up with "another task" or perhaps they no longer coincide with our new vibration and also leave our space.

We can easily feel confused, lost, fearful, disoriented, and feel as if our barometer has been damaged. But there is a way to really maintain the course when all else fails. When it is time to make a change, (and right now we are making changes every five minutes as we are "transforming" so fast!) We begin to feel unhappy with who we are. Our work, our life situations or maybe even our whole life no longer feels good. This is the push that is leading us to make a change. And the way to guide you through this change is to do what makes you feel good. It's that easy.

If something doesn't feel right to you anymore and it doesn't work for you anymore, stop it as soon as you feel comfortable doing it. It no longer works for you because you are no longer in that space. Something new is waiting for you. If we remained in the old space for a mental rationalization, new opportunities and manifestations could not find us. If there is something you always wanted to do, but it seemed to you that there was no point in doing it, do it anyway. If you don't know what to do, then fill your day with things that make you feel good and the new will come on its own. Always, always put yourself first. Follow your heart. Make time for yourself and the universe will capture the idea.

In this way, we are always connected. When the denser and darker energies are leaving, sometimes you can feel uncomfortable. But if you can find a way to stay in the higher vibrations and higher realms through what makes you feel good, you will help yourself a lot to stay in alignment. Certain things can make us feel good because we are supposed to be involved with them. And even when you find things that feel good, you will always need to “adjust them” regularly until they are in their purest form (that is, new editors or ways to publish your writing, superior ways of presenting your music and art, etc. .) We will need to adjust things until we are at the point where we are only wearing our only hat ... without spending our time consumed with other responsibilities.

This is one of the reasons why the ascension process places us in a space where we can feel disenchanted with life. We are supposed to be only in our passion and in the energies that give us joy. Stay in these as much as possible. We are becoming the pure gold nugget of our true selves and this does not include being the accountant, sales representative, e-mail sorter, or planner (unless that is your passion, of course). The intention was for us to be the purest vibration of our contribution and our creativity. And that's where we are going.

There are days when I don't feel like writing, although I absolutely love doing it. In those days I paint furniture, sew, or just spend the day in nature. Those are my other passions. And I can and I need to do this, even if I should be writing. I have had to learn that nothing will go wrong or fall apart if I take time for myself. In fact, it is just the opposite. If we are doing what we love because we believe we have to do it in order to earn money, it will not work. We have to know that we will always be provided with what we need. Our mentality here is very important. Financial support does not have to come from any kind of supply and demand situation. When our usual passion ceases to be fun and bring us joy, it is time to adjust it or change gears and do things just for fun while allowing everything else to fall into place. I am often asked to do radio interviews, but unless I feel it will be just for fun and without any intention behind (like selling books), I will not do it. (I rarely do them ... I prefer to be in nature!) And this also applies to promotion. If you remain in your creativity and joy, everything will come to you on your own.

Am I suggesting that you sit on a rock and wait for everything to fall into your lap? Of course not. This is a process and involves trial and error, while we learn these very New ways.

Our eternal connection also refers to the people in our lives. For many of us, there are certain people who simply feel like being at home. When we feel confused, lost and fearful, the simple sound of his voice can bring us back home and focus on record time. With so many situations being removed from our old furrows and now vibrating higher than almost everything around us, we can very easily feel that we no longer fit or belong anywhere. Nothing feels even remotely good. These people can bring us back home and connect us again. In this way, we never lose our connection. And many times we cannot be a regular part of these people's lives in the sense of being together physically.

In the upper levels, we were `` created '' at the same time as these people. This is why we feel this strong connection that seems unbreakable. And it is absolutely unbreakable. Although we may be vibrating at different levels in the human sense or have consistently assumed different tasks according to what we agreed to do, we know that we will certainly meet again at the end. Our connection is eternal and we will absolutely be together again.

We have thermal connections that relate to projects, as well as thermal connections that come from our hearts. These very deep connections of the heart are what I would consider twin flame connections and come with a devotion to each other that never ends. Having these people in our lives in some way, we can feel eternally connected even when we feel the opposite.

Another way I regularly feel connected is through non-physical beings with whom I spend so much time. I have to say, I am very selective and I feel better when I am with the most vibrant of all. And these are the only ones that I allow in my space! These beings are incredibly loving, have incredible knowledge and wisdom, revere the ground where I walk, and just feel good when they are close. So we return to the basics again to realize that feeling good is being connected.

Although the ascension process can make us wonder if everything is worth it or ask ourselves if we even want to stay on this earth, the rewards are really worth it in the end. If you endure there and are willing to let go and explore new territories, while we go out of our own way, we could find ourselves in a place near happiness and deep connection with the Spirit. ritu, while we really live in the Promised Land.

As this unusual process continues, we still have a long way to go. But the more we progress and the higher we vibrate, the easier it becomes. If you looked back to who you were only a few years or even months ago, you would most likely be surprised to see what you have become.

While the process continues step by step, we are all in this together. We are having such similar experiences, because we are all one and we are connected through the same energy. As brothers and sisters we are creating a new universe for all others to use and enjoy. And we are believing it through ourselves.

Are you ready to live in harmony and alignment with your passion and joy and with who you really are? Are you ready to be much more connected to the Source? Are you ready to have a life of expansion into new and more vibrant realities?

I hope this book has served as a guide to ignite within you what you already knew and to inspire you to know that you are always right where you should be. Until next time, Karen

February 14, 2009
by Karen Bishop

Translation: Margarita López

Happy Valentine's Day!


Entering the New Reality
Questions and answers
January 14, 2009

Translation: Margarita López

1. How will sex and sexual relations change in the new world we are creating?

2. Could you explain better what you mean by saying that New Mexico is an “evacuation point” for you?

3. You say, in terms of connecting with the Star Beings, that ... We all have a muscle that can be developed through practice and use, how does one develop this?

4. How do we have fun? I'm isolated and I haven't had fun since I'm "in the light."

5. I feel that I am broken and will be excluded from everything.

6. Even home school instruction feels like an old system. What should I do?

7. How can we not have responsibilities when we have to be responsible for our children?

1. Dear Mrs. Bishop,
How will sex and sexual relations change in the new world we are creating? I feel that almost all my sexual experiences (and I am a handsome young man with a healthy appetite) have been fornication. Not in the sense of biblical judgment, but only to satisfy our basic instinct, rather than a true union of souls on multiple levels. This union, in my opinion, is the only sexual connection that has any satisfaction for me, in which the 'sexual act' plays a minor role. How do you see the evolution of sex life in the new reality? I know that I am not alone in my experience.

Dear T,
Good…. I guess there is a lot in your question. Human beings need a connection with something, because connecting is what feels good to us. And most of us don't like being alone either. The more we evolve, the less we will want sex. The energy that fills us during a sexual encounter can also be felt during an influx of energy on the planet, or even when fully open to a higher vibration. The higher we vibrate, the more we become very satisfied with a deeper union that implies great love, mutual respect, etc. Human beings want a closeness to each other ... a sacred union. As we evolve further and enter a higher dimension, the boundaries dissipate greatly. In this sense, we are closer whether we want it or not! And in addition, we also begin to be much more connected to the whole, or to our outside world, as we come to see and be part of a massive creation of energy. The instincts you describe begin to slowly dissipate. So basically, I am saying that there will not be much sex as we evolve because we will not want it, since we will be satisfied in new ways, but thank God we are not there yet!

2. Hi!
Could you explain better what you mean by saying that New Mexico is an “evacuation point” for you? I'm interested in what the evacuation point means.

Dear TD,
For the next three or four years, there will be a lot of change and classification taking place on the planet when it comes to realigning to a higher way of being and living. Many areas will be affected, and therefore, there will be some chaos, disturbance, agitation and instability. The coastal areas will experience it more in terms of changes in the Earth, and some other areas will experience intense climatic conditions and similar things. Until things organize themselves for the most part, there will be some areas that are safer than others. Here, in New Mexico, where I currently reside, I am basically considered a “refugee” because here I am a visitor. This is not my area of ​​resonance and I will only be here until an area in Arizona is ready for me, and then I will be there for the rest of my days. In this way, we can be attracted to certain geographical areas of the planet, but these areas are not necessarily places of permanent residence for us. They can be temporary. My experience is not necessarily true for each and every one of us, but it is certainly true for some of us.
My daughter has also been "evacuated" to a temporary place where she will be safe until she can move to her perfect place on the planet. There are many energy zones on the planet that carry this vibration of protection and security. And many of them are very small, residing between larger areas that do not share this vibration. Each and every one of us will be guided to where we need to be. There are no accidents here, because we are always right where we need to be.

3. Hi Karen,
You say, in terms of connecting with the Star Beings, that ... We all have a muscle that can be developed through practice and use, how does one develop this?
I don't want to learn whole healing modalities because that doesn't suit me anymore, but it would be useful to know how to do this for myself, please.
You mention having fun but I have not had fun for years, almost since I have been in “the light”, most of my old friends have disappeared, I have found it increasingly difficult to find new ones, I seem to be isolated and without seeing any joy / fun or love in life.
Any comment will be welcome,
God bless you,

Dear B.,
The most important aspect when it comes to connecting with the Star Beings is being very sure about who you are really connecting with. A true Stellar Being of higher vibration will usually expect to be requested, and in certain circumstances, will appear to help with an unsolicited warning or some advice. In any case, it is you who will be considered first.
If I need an opinion on something specific, I usually ask that a teacher with knowledge in this area come to me, and specifically ask that it be very evolved and of a higher order. First, I feel their presence and then I know they have arrived, and then I focus more intensely and I can see and hear them. Each non-physical or Stellar Being has a very specific vibration and therefore can be easily discerned or identified.
If you are new to this, as it seems you are, you may want to start connecting with the angelic realm. The angels are very loving and useful. Each of us receives messages in a way that is specific to who we are and how we can connect better. Writing can also be a good way to start. I really can't teach a class here in the way of connecting, because I was simply born this way and teaching this is not my purpose, but if you start by placing your intention there, things must fall into position for you.
Another thing you can try is to go to a remote place in nature. If you stay still, the spirits of nature and other beings that inhabit that area will reveal themselves if they feel that you are "safe." But you have to be calm, quiet, and just enjoy your time there, while you open and allow and get out of the way.
The most important thing I allow you to suggest is that the non-physicists who usually arrive for us carry our same vibration. If you are still working on clearing yourself and raising your vibration, as many of us are, you could attract a less vibrating being. In this sense, it might be better for you to start with the angelic kingdom. They are always available to all of us and vibrate very high. Ask them to give you a message in the best way you receive it, and then follow from there. I know there are many wonderful people out there who teach these things in a much better way than what I am doing here, so you could try searching the internet for a class or a book.

In these times of enormous transition and especially during the fall, it can be difficult even to be in the mood to have fun, however, it is vitally important, at least to have certain periods where we remember how to laugh, play, and let go.
If you haven't had fun in years, maybe you're taking spirituality too seriously, or maybe you're just tired and exhausted. I remember several years ago when I was invited to a meeting for harmonic convergence ... a moment of very powerful planetary alignments. The meeting involved meditation, sharing, and the intention of observing convergence. After a short time, I had to leave. It didn't feel even remotely good for me. I then went to another meeting where I had been invited, who was welcoming a group that presented their new CD. They sang, played, and it was wonderfully fun! We all dance, laugh, and enjoy excellent music. Convergence was never even mentioned.
As we evolve higher and higher, we come to know that spirituality does not have to be intentional. We are spiritual beings every day. We are here on earth simply to live, enjoy and experience (although at this particular moment we also have a specific role to create a New Earth!). Ceremonies and rituals become debatable, as do healings.
If your friends have disappeared, and this happens to many of us, you can still have fun, however. I dance all over the room with my cat, and I sing in the store all the time ... all by myself. You can also participate with groups that also have fun, although you may not have much in common with them. A hiking group, cycling group, tennis, card games, or even bowling. You don't necessarily have to become everyone's best friend, but you can at least have fun while everyone shares the same connection with an activity.
Finding a way to connect with the little ones really works to let go and have fun. They are incredible beings who know how to be in the moment, play, laugh, and say things as they are! Having fun puts us in a different energy space ... we can see things more clearly and also connect with how things should be. It really allows us to let go.

4. Dear Karen,
My dear friend, S, and I feel that we are `` broken '' and that we can never really live a real life in the world. We have processed both through yoga, meditation, therapy, diamond heart work, seminars, courses, books, breathing work throughout the years. n, etc. But we fear that we will stay on the sidelines and never really be part of anything. En otras ocasiones, pensamos que tal vez somos unas de quienes se ofrecieron como voluntarios para ayudar en situaciones de extrema angustia para hacer la transici nm sf cil para otros alguna idea?

Querida S.,
Guau Yo s lo que deben estar sintiendo. Recuerdo cuando me sent a as . Estaba segura de que ten a un alma destrozada y que yo nunca estar a completa, incluso despu s de mucha sanaci n. Pero te dir lo que pas . El proceso de ascensi n me junt toda de nuevo por s mismo. Fue entonces cuando dej de procesar y hacer toda esa sanaci n que las cosas finalmente hicieron clic. Probablemente es hora de que dejen de transmutar las energ as inferiores. Cuando comenz el 2009, muchas almas hab an terminado con ese rol, pero muchas hab an terminado tambi n mucho antes del 2009.
Ahora trata de tener una vida. Trata s lo de ser t, hacer lo que te gusta, tal vez sabiendo que tu antiguo rol de voluntaria ha terminado. Y es posible que tengas que hacerlo en peque os paquetes de energ a, ya que tanto del todo actualmente est tambale ndose por la ca da. En efecto, vas a ser parte de algo. T y tu amiga se tienen la una a la otra y parecen estar en el mismo lugar. Este es el comienzo de su nueva comunidad, si as lo deciden. Lo m s probable es que sea hora de dejar ir lo viejo, para empezar una nueva vida de alegr ay experimentar la tierra, y amar y cuidar a aquellos en tu espacio. Eventualmente te involucrar s con otras personas como t, y tu comunidad crecer . Simplemente ya has terminado con todos los procesos y la sanaci n, y ahora puedes pasar a una nueva y diferente realidad.

5. Hola Karen,
Me preguntaba cu l ser la utilidad de los viejos sistemas en nuestra nueva realidad y cu nto debemos restringirnos a nosotros mismos tratando de permanecer dentro de ellos en este momento.
Actualmente educo a mi hijo en casa pues permanecer dentro del sistema era demasiado para los dos.
Sin embargo, a menudo encuentro que mi responsabilidad por asegurarme de que aprenda los requisitos nos puede dejar a ambos una sensaci n inc moda y forzada a veces.
Como puedes ver ya estoy bastante fuera del sistema, pero todav a siento como que estamos residiendo en energ as viejas debido a tener que documentar lo que es la escuela y lo que no lo es.
Los d as que se nos permite fluir y l hace preguntas por curiosidad y cuando se las contesto eso nos lleva a aprender a nm s, son tan maravillosos! Siento que l ha aprendido m s de lo que nunca hubiera aprendido en un ambiente forzado porque l ten a hambre de conocimiento y lo absorb a de buena gana.
Vamos a volver pronto a la magia de aprender sin un sistema ? Va a importar siquiera todo lo que yo documento ?
Con agradecimiento,

Querida AD,
Los viejos sistemas son realmente s lo eso viejos. La mayor a de ellos no pueden ser salvados, ni deber an serlo. Es por esto que los rescates no van a funcionar. Necesitamos cosas que son muy nuevas con energ as muy nuevas.
Parece que ya has hecho lo que pod as, dejando lo viejo en la medida de lo posible, a la vez que todav a permaneces dentro de lo que se requiere. Las transiciones pueden ser complicadas, ya que estamos continuamente haciendo malabarismos en una l nea muy fina. S de personas que sent an que el sistema de impuestos sobre la renta en los EE.UU. no era correcto. As que se negaron a pagar impuestos y terminaron en la c rcel. A veces, es mejor aceptar que aqu es donde nos encontramos, mientras esperamos que las cosas cambien. En otras situaciones, podemos negarnos a participar y encontrar una manera diferente, a la vez que nos mantenemos fieles a nosotros mismos y no nos ponemos en peligro.
Hace veinte años, yo di la instrucción escolar a mi hija en casa, y eventualmente la puse en una escuela por correspondencia que le permitía tomar buceo, fotografía, y otras cosas que se adaptaban a quien ella era, para cumplir con sus requerimientos, a la vez que eliminaba muchas de las clases de “relleno” que muchas escuelas ofrecían. Ella entonces se graduó muy pronto y pudo continuar con su vida. Esto fue lo mejor que pudimos hacer en ese entonces. Yo fui también maestra de escuela pública por unos años, y era muy consciente en ese entonces de que las escuelas no enseñan a la persona individual, puesto que no podían hacerlo.
Hasta que las cosas cambien muy drásticamente, todavía tenemos que estar en el sistema hasta un cierto grado de algunas maneras. La razón por la que estamos experimentando una enorme transición con la caída, es que ahora las cosas están cambiando muy rápidamente y muy dramáticamente… y eso es lo que hemos querido. Las cosas ahora van a comenzar a cambiar más drásticamente.
Tú tienes que hacer lo que es correcto para ti, y todos somos diferentes. Nuestro sistema educativo aquí en los EE.UU. necesita una revisión masiva. Es por esto que la instrucción en el hogar se ha disparado y las escuelas públicas experimentales se están volviendo cada vez más frecuentes.

Plazos para los cambios son imposibles de predecir, pero en general, toman mucho más tiempo que lo que nos gustaría. Encontrar un programa que encaje dentro de tu zona de comodidad, y utilizarlo lo mejor que puedas para adaptarlo a tus necesidades, es probablemente lo mejor que puedes hacer mientras esperas un cambio masivo. Encuentra uno y haz que funcione para ti. Expresa tu deseo de que llegue un buen ajuste, y más información acerca de algo que quizás no has conocido antes entrará en tu conciencia. Good luck!

6. Hola Karen,
Mi primera pregunta es sobre el concepto de la responsabilidad. Tú dices que en el Nuevo Mundo ya no tendremos responsabilidad. Simplemente compartiremos nuestros dones y experimentaremos alegría cuando nuestros dones o talentos no sean solicitados. Entiendo esto en todas las áreas excepto en el cuidado de los niños. ¿Cómo podemos tener hijos y no tener la responsabilidad por ellos y sus necesidades, al menos hasta que tengan edad suficiente para asumir la responsabilidad de sí mismos? Puedo vislumbrar una comunidad donde se críe a los niños como en las tribus antiguas u otras comunidades cercanas, pero yo creo que sigue siendo una gran responsabilidad que un padre debe tomar para criar un hijo. Por ejemplo, yo a veces lucho para honrar mi propósito y necesidades simplemente porque un niño no puede ignorarse cuando tiene un pañal lleno, necesita comer, etc. Me gusta atender a mis hijos, pero las demandas de sus necesidades parecen exigir “responsabilidad” en la mayoría de las circunstancias… especialmente a una edad temprana. ¿Tal vez se trata de encontrar el equilibrio con lo que nos gusta, como ser madre y ofrecer nuestros dones?
With lots of love,

Querida K.,
Los de la primera ola llegaron al planeta en este momento en particular porque a medida que evolucionaban y llegaban a espacios de menor responsabilidad, sus hijos estarían crecidos. Para otros evolucionando con niños, es un escenario diferente. Por ejemplo, si tú tienes un seis en tu carta numerológica, has venido para ser madre (entre otras cosas). En este sentido, cambiar pañales y cosas así, es parte de tu propósito divino y estas personas asumen amorosamente este rol. Responsabilidad implica hacer algo porque “tenemos que”, no necesariamente porque es nuestra pasión y alegría.
En las realidades de mayor vibración, todo el mundo simplemente hace lo que es su pasión hacer. Cada propósito en relación con el cuidado de los niños sería cubierto por alguien que ame hacer esa cosa en particular. A medida que evolucionamos más alto, nos convertimos en mucho más de un todo y somos muy conscientes de lo que está a nuestro alrededor. Estamos muy unidos. Más como una aldea criando un niño. Mientras tanto, ¿qué se supone que debemos hacer? Creo que has dado en el clavo acerca de “encontrar un equilibrio con lo que nos gusta, como ser madre y ofrecer nuestros dones”.
Yo fui una madre que enseñaba y una madre que hablaba, escuchaba y comprendía. Aquellos con energía maternal son más un tipo de padre atento al cuidado y las necesidades. Somos quienes somos, y esto es lo que tenemos para ofrecer a nuestros hijos hasta que evolucionemos a un estilo de vida comunitario de mayor vibración. Todavía podemos encontrar a otros que se involucren con nuestros niños que tengan también dones especiales, pero en general, en este momento, nosotros somos los que en última instancia, somos responsables de nuestros propios hijos y todavía no estamos en un punto que vemos el todo y nos damos cuenta de que no estamos separados.

7. Hola Karen,
Tú has indicado que a veces seríamos “invisibles”. Yo tomé esto en el sentido de cuando yo tratara de crear un escaparate en un lugar que realmente no quería mis servicios o no estaba listo o quizás al socializar en un grupo de energías diferentes. Sin embargo, varias veces pasadas mientras estaba en la tienda de comestibles, se han producido numerosas incidencias con tan sólo diferencia de unos minutos entre sí, de personas que actúan como si yo no estuviera allí y casi “me atropellan”. Me he encontrado, en cuestión de minutos, teniendo que esquivar, retroceder y hacerme a un lado muchas veces. Tanto hasta el punto de que me estoy volviendo un poco ansioso. ¿Es ésta otra forma de ser “invisible”?

Querido A.,
Ser invisible realmente encaja con lo que has descrito en la primera parte de tu pregunta. En la segunda parte, la gente puede estar atropellándote porque tienen prisa y también están estresados. Yo siempre conduzco al límite de velocidad y la gente quiere atropellarme todo el tiempo, ¡y sé que me ven porque me hacen gestos obscenos! Cuando estamos existiendo en un tiempo/espacio diferente de tal vez mayor facilidad y un movimiento más lento, no encajamos realmente con muchos otros. En este sentido, no hay mucha conexión ni energía similar, y puede producirse un choque mientras estamos en el mismo espacio. No suena como una cuestión de ser invisibles, sino más como que ambos están ahí, pero sólo existiendo de manera un poco diferente.
Dos personas que comparten el mismo propósito de conducir por el camino o comprar los mismos artículos en una tienda, los coloca en el mismo espacio de alineación energética, y por lo tanto, los dos interactúan de alguna manera debido al propósito similar, a pesar de que sus vibraciones pueden ser diferentes.

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