Aguila Azul - Astrological Report-July - Let's be the visionaries of the New Earth, by Ana Maria Frallicciardi

The processes of changes and transformations are so intense and continuous that we no longer have a clear record of when things happen to us. Everyone in their own time is having unexpected turns.

There are energies and states of consciousness so new that most people still cannot define their nature. The new energies are slowly anchoring in us . Even so, we know that the new brings us closer to a consciousness of authenticity, uniqueness, clarity, integration and true love. There is a need to get out of duality, falsehood, lies, tell the truth of our heart.

The processes are being slow and deep, mobilized by different energies that arrive from the galactic center and from the planets. One of these energies radiates from Pluto's transformation consciousness. This planet, in the first place, disintegrates the tissue that no longer serves so that later, from the deep the new emerges . That is why we first see the chaos and destruction of the decaying social fabric. We see how human miseries emerge, with all the attributes of disunity, selfishness, authoritarianism. If we look closely at the social movements, we will see that where there are strong tendencies of ambition and selfishness, soon there is nothing built and human egos fall off. On the other hand, where a group of people gather from unconditional love, solidarity, mutual acceptance, new forms of life begin to flourish. For now things seem confusing, on the surface there is more chaos and violence than good deeds. This is a time of visionaries, of those who dare to sow in the desert, with the absolute confidence that they are sowing in a fertile land. Only those who have the absolute security of the rebirth of humanity in their hearts, can sustain the transformation energies of these times as pillars of light.

If we stay in the vision of chaos, we cannot pay attention to the new ideas and trends that are emerging within us. There is an inner force that pulses for expressing itself outward. But if you are still afraid of what they will say about you, of losing your social or professional status, you are becoming potential. The key is to become True Beings, remaining true to ourselves no matter what life may hold. Only in this way can we recover our personal power and modify our life towards the authentic and essential.

The Plutonian process is to disintegrate the crystallizations in all its expressions, so that the essence of our spirit is manifested in the new reality. That is, the process is from the spirit to the matter. From the most subtle planes the transformation takes place that descends to the material plane transforming everyday reality.

During the next two years, 2009-2011, there will be a square aspect between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra that will be describing the accelerated end of a cycle of humanity. Saturn symbolizes structures, whether social, political, religious, philosophical, personal or work. If these structures are crystallized and devoid of new life, they will be brought to disintegration and transformation by Pluto's force from Capricorn. As the process is slow, the final result seems to never come, the changes are so deep that we stay in live meat, without supporting tissue. And these changes tend to be very tense within the collective consciousness, which is why the fall of large groups of power will be neither easy nor comfortable; not once, is it a long process that has already begun. That is, in the coming years there will be intense regenerative forces operating on the old. Therefore, everything that is not authentic and not integrated will be brought to completion. Understand in this process political authoritarianism, institutional lies, misleading projects, false feelings, interest links, excessive material ambition. Simply put, only the genuine and transparent can take root in the New Earth of our hearts.

This powerful vibration of Pluto breaks down the barriers that prevent the reintegration of everything that was originally united. Then the soulmates can meet again without obstacles. It is the Essence of life that is manifested in the present to evolve from a new perspective. It is a time of challenges and transformations in our life projects. You have to be authentic and be in harmony between the mind and the heart.

If your heart does not support you, think three times before acting and return to ask your inner wisdom what is the path with heart.

As humanity we are going through a rebirth never before experienced. Each of us, as part of this humanity, is overcoming the denial or rationalization of "how this or that should be, " or "because to me, if I am a correct person." We are spiritual beings realizing a human experience to achieve the evolution of consciousness.

In general, the human to feel emotionally secure and build his social identity is based on the beliefs and culture of his time. Saturn symbolizes this order and human behavior. But Pluto's energy brings to the surface something that our consciousness did not accept at the time and perhaps denied. An important step to integrate is to reconcile with the past, with our ancestors. The challenge is to heal the wounds of our personal and collective history, where we have always been divided between each other. They made us believe that one position is better than another by dividing our conscience between good and bad. Now the task is to heal the divisions and return our Divine Being to unity . This is Pluto's way of rebirth: Reintegration with everything created.

It is time to reconcile first from ourselves, not wanting to be another person of the one we really are, because the division starts from oneself, not from the other. It is also very good to bring this state of gratitude to our ancestors, recognizing and honoring them. When we embrace from the heart each of our family and reconcile with the past, the path of reintegration of our psychic energies begins, we redefine the bonds, heal wounds, recover stagnant energies in a past that is no longer useful. Closing the cycles of the past healthy, we have energy for our future actions.

Astrolically, Pluto from Capricorn opposes Cancer, a sign related to the family, the origins, the ancestors, therefore releases the repressed and forgotten to be healed in the surface. Many hidden family secrets appear that release bonds in the descendants.

On this board of humanity, some have to expand awareness towards the activation of the bodies of Light and others will do the work of reconnecting with the ancestors, thus generating a game that we It allows us to take strong and solid roots to continue growing in our spiritual evolution.

From the personal point of view, the effect of the powerful Saturn-Pluto energies will be most noticeable in the area of ​​links and relationships. It will require us a good dose of introspection, without rationalizing the situation that we have to live, we must go deeper into the emotional world and get in touch with such sensitive issues as abandonment, pain, rejection or loneliness. Pluto describes that we are limited by these feelings and tense ourselves by not wanting or being able to do what we choose, so we seek that others do our will.

Keep in mind that Pluto's transit and aspects of the natal chart move us to make changes and transformations, but if we resist voluntary changes, these changes will be imposed from outside and are more It is painful.

The learning to integrate

Create new ways to organize yourself, to work,

New structures with greater balance for all.

Face challenges, when the old meets the new,

resistance always occurs.

We evolve towards other totally different and complex systems,

Do not be afraid of change, encourage yourself to be visionary.

Pluto is opening the door for the transformation of the history of mankind .

We have the opportunity to transform and move towards the land that we really want to manifest .

Ana Maria Frallicciardi
Capilla del Monte - Córdoba-Argentina

Ana Maria Frallicciardi - Report 85

Astrological Report

Let's be the visionaries of the New Earth

July 2009

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