Let's move the Light forward! ", By Master El Morya

  • 2011
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Taking the Light ahead, there is no resistance that invalidates noble purposes when they are born driven by the impulse of Christ in the Heart. It is certainly possible to discern when priorities are placed without any doubt, in the service of expanding the Light wherever, with anyone, at any time and place.

You can no longer move the faltering duality in which one day I give and the next day I remove, today more than ever the FERREA activity and dedication is needed to maintain the pulse of energy! The signs of the new changes clearly overthrow Everything hidden ¡¡¡The skins of the wolves can no longer deceive disguised as sheep!

Cunning, laziness, hypocrisy, and their other sisters cannot sit at the table of the virtuous today, under the command of the Holy Spirit, the licentious are overthrown and their delectable acts are immediately shown

Those who enact ideals and do not practice them are signaled by Life as dissidents

Proclaimed, the new Era explodes pouring Light, Light, and more Light while those who have an empty heart of heights and ideals crouch in their hiding places, no allow them to be contaminated

The subtlety of the Spirit is compared to the song of the sun's rays when another dawn on Earth invades with its golden Light.

Like the sound of flowers when they close their corollas and sleep protected by the nightstand .

Life is obedient in its cycles, the succession of them leads to the expansion of the Light of God everywhere. His membership is showing everywhere the imminent approach of a new cycle, a planetary, individual and collective initiation which is currently emerging as the GR PURIFICATION OPPORTUNITY ON ALL EXISTING LEVELS!

All delay simply comes from the human porphyry, and I make you angry.

Are not the signs of heaven enough?

Does not the whole nature show the order to follow?

Is not the annihilation of flora and fauna enough?

Is not the cry of the suffered, hungry and needy enough?

The Order to follow is always based on the most sublime and noble ideas of the Human Being for the benefit of all and that is able to be carried out when these ideas are inspired by his Soul (or inner Christ) who Clearly show all paths to follow

Let's move the light forward, without tripping or hesitation !!

Those who are willing, will carry My sword,

Those who are constant will drink from My cup,

Those who are daring will share My bread!

And all who are on their way decidedly to expand ALREADY TO PROMOTE God's Victory on this Earth, will march before the Light, behind and at the sides, supplying the body of Light Causal of this same Earth.

I bless you in Victory and in Purpose ONE


(Through Mirtha Verde-Ramo www.saintgermain.cl)

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