Activating the new energies 11.11

  • 2011

A vision of the stars these days leads us to observe how we are interacting with the energies that come from the cosmos and how we respond according to our personal structure.

In recent weeks, the most controversial and electric planets have been on high alert.

Uranus and Pluto in quadrature in the first grades of Aries and Capricorn tell us about the great social changes, the revolts, the generalized nonconformity. The ongoing transformation cannot be stopped, it is supported from the forces of the universe.

In turn, Mars in quadrature with Uranus and opposition Pluto is the planet that radiates the energies of action and reaction, of violence when the desire for freedom cannot be expressed. they have souls beyond coercive government structures.

Can you stop the change that humanity needs?

There is a need to break the limits, to seek freedom at all or nothing. The new in all orders of life wants to emerge, while obsolete power structures intend to continue imposing the old empty order of content.

Uranus represents that need for freedom outside of any pre-established order, out of oppression, norms, meaningless obligations. The Mars-Pluto opposition represents two forces fighting for power, using the methods of destruction and annihilation.

What is the breakeven point? The tools we use beings in consciousness are to continuously radiate energies of love, integration, peace and light. The power of the spirit in action is vitally important right now.

From the personal in each of us, these planetary aspects make us have sudden changes of consciousness, accompanied by sudden mood swings, depressions, exaltations, every day we feel different. As if we were changing the operating system of our computer and it is not ready yet, we navigate through uncertain and undefined spaces. We continue through tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, not only external but internal. In recent days several people expressed their feeling of experiencing a mental emptying and then fell into a deep sleep of several hours. They woke up with a feeling of deep and pleasant personal changes, greater tranquility for what might happen.

In the emotional sphere, we are devastated by waves of new energies, we cannot distinguish whether it is good or bad. Because we move the old emotions that confuse us. They are waves of light that strike in our bodies and blow cystic emotions, bones scream, the rational mind does not respond, emotions overflow, as if the light propelled all our energies out of balance and we are frightened of reality. Now sensations, intuitions, new visions arise, we fluctuate between duty, obligations and the desire to do what we feel. It is a deep and uncontrollable desire to free ourselves, continually seeking our inner center, we want to cross the turbulent waters without sinking.

On the other hand, the mind does not work as before. Young people cannot study, the study material has nothing to do with the reality of their world, new ways of life are maturing in their minds. Young people do not want to make any kind of effort, that makes their elders desperate. It is that they can manifest with greater ease those cosmic forces that show us the transition to totally different life forms. They do not want efforts or sacrifices to build life. They intuitively know that the new humanity will be built on other bases, for now they are maturing their potentials and waiting for the new cycle to begin their accomplishments.

Addressing the Earth Ship in fifth dimension is a decision of each one. It is an internal state of consciousness where we open to receive frequencies of light in our brain and processes happen spontaneously.

Few and precise guidelines we need for this:

- Live in the now, leave the past having healed the wounds.

- Being in our center, which is now. Being centered we can hear the voice of our inner wisdom, intuition manifests itself, successes are greater, synchronicities follow each other and everything we desire comes to us for our highest good.

- The outside is a reflection of the inside, we are continuous mirrors of reality.

- It is necessary to polish our intern again and again. The feelings that transmute reality are: compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, unconditional love and integration ...

- INTEGRATION ... ... the integration of everything outside through love.

Only by experiencing what it means to truly integrate ALL beings on the planet can we effectively collaborate with the ascent to the Fifth Dimension.

It is not enough to make decrees of abundance, read spiritual messages or repeat OM for two hours in a row if we then go out and criticize our neighbor, we despise our brothers, we do not respect our employees or we generate divisions between them.

INTEGRATING is a profound act of unconditional love where the spirit understands that everything that exists on earth is part of the evolving universe. We cannot discard anyone. Our task of planetary service is to bring the consciousness of duality of the third dimension towards integration and unity, so we will be collaborating with the rise of the planet and humanity.

Being very spiritual can be an ancient term. It would be better to be a very good human in the process of integrating the spirit into matter. This allows us to understand what has been explained above: the light of the spirit comes and strikes our human densities (the cystic emotions) we jump everywhere as if we put our fingers in the plug. The light of the spirit makes matter evolve. The spirit also illuminates what we sometimes do not want to see.


The Portal 11.11

There is a collective awakening, souls are remembering that they came to earth. It doesn't matter if they have done internal work, if they meditated or have metaphysical knowledge. All beings in one way or another want to activate a new state of being-on-the-earth.

In Nueva Tierra there are the activation codes of cosmic memory. The Portals are open. Now we just have to go through them in unity and integration of consciousness.

A Portal is a transition zone or bridge between 2 very different spirals of evolution: duality and uniqueness. When these spirals overlap and coincide, the new evolutionary impulse and transformation of the race is produced. They allow the entry of the New Energy with patterns and stellar codes from the Central Sun of the Galaxy.

Portal 11:11 is a wake up call, it is a trigger of your cosmic memory. Every time we see the 11:11 numbers, the banks of our cellular memory are activated a little more. There is deep turmoil within us, an insinuation of the memory of something long forgotten. 11:11 is the bridge between duality and Oneness.

The 11:11 Portal opened on January 11, 1992 and will have its climax on November 11, 2011. Many groups on the planet are already preparing for this great event on November 11.

Ana María Frallicciardi

Blue Eagle and Ghan- Matías De Stéfano

they invite you to participate

Meeting for Cosmic Memory

Portal 11 of 11 of 2011

November 11, 12, 13

In Chapel of Monte-Córdoba-Argentina


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