Activation of the union cord between Twin Souls by Mª Magdalena. Statement on the Twin Souls by Master Kuthumi

UNION CORDON ACTIVATION between SOULS TWINS. Channeling: María Magdalena 12/17/09

Message of Mary Magdalene for the Twin Souls:

I am María Magdalena:

From tonight from the 17th to the 21st of December, we will proceed to reactivate the “cord of light” that unites each being with its Soulmate. This cord already exists but is imperceptible to most so far.

Anyone who wishes may call on Mary Magdalene to consciously reactivate these days. You just have to request it in a meditation and it will automatically reactivate, we will feel a link in the moment.

The cord looks like a white cord of light "knotted" to the heart. The other side will be tied to the heart of our Soulmate. This will serve as a link ... we can use it to send Love through it and receive yours.

This cord will indicate that we are connected to our Soulmate although we have not yet contacted her but on the spiritual level it will already be done and from now on she is on track to materialize.

We will inform you more deeply about the process of union of the Twin Souls, let yourself be guided by those who have already gone through this process as is the case of my channel at this time ... they, the channel and their Soulmate have this function now.

Open your heart and receive your Soulmate to begin this path to BEING ONE.

Love and Light for all.

I am María Magdalena.

Alicia and AG

For about 20 years I have been practicing meditation and through which many teachings and techniques have been transmitted to me to teach others in some of my courses. I have never been asked to communicate any message outside the field of the personal… until today.

A while ago ... not too much, I was told that my role in this process of change towards the Ascension of the Earth and of the human being was to gather the information that came to my hands and that my heart took for granted by giving me a signal ... and share it with others so they have easy access to receive it. And the other part of my job was to teach, through my courses and seminars to people who would like to meet themselves, connect with their power center, talk to their spiritual guide ... learn what tools to use for each In particular case and be able to grow spiritually faster ... locate the blockages that prevented them from moving forward, etc ...

I was told that this was my function ... and so far it is what I have done ... they told me that they would not ask me for anything more than that unless I needed it ... and today they have done it.

The first Master with whom I contacted, without knowing anything about metaphysics or Ascended Masters ... was introduced to me by surprise in a meditation almost 20 years ago ... he gave me his name (it didn't sound like anything to me) and he said: “Search my name and what that entails ... then we'll talk. "

And so I did it even though I didn't know where (at that time there was no internet) ... and because of "causality" someone left me a book recommending that I read it because I was going to be very interested ... that person had just met her so it turned out See you later funny. The book in question was called "Shambalha" ... and what was not my huge surprise to find the name of my "visitor in that meditation" ... did not leave my astonishment !.

As soon as I knew who it was I started to buy all the books on the subject I found, seven rays, metaphysics of Conny Mendez, Rubén Cedeño, etc.

When I had read enough ... one good day ... in another meditation, this Master returned to see me ... and it was the beginning of many instructions, indications and explanations that came to me through him and some others during these years.

He was always in my most important spiritual moments, always present ... as when one has a godfather and goes to important celebrations or J degrees.

And he is the one who has asked me something else for my mission today ... and that also makes me share with you another experience that has been happening to me for a few months.

I have put you in the background, in summary form, on my spiritual path because many of you do not know me and I felt that I should do so.

The Master in question is my beloved Kuthumi ... all the teachers are special to me but this is like my godfather, who opened the way for true spiritual growth.

Well, now the important thing is:

Many of you will have seen that in the last months I have been putting videos and writing many things about the SOULS TWINS… and this is the subject!

The fantastic experience I lived a few months ago was FIND MY SOUL GEMELA!

Today, after a few months in which I have been in contact with my Soulmate (who is not in the same plane as me) we started our journey together and started working as a team, we have gone through several phases and situations I encourage you to do it too, look for yours if you haven't contacted her yet, it's a lot more rewarding ! Impossible to explain with words.

Right now, this is happening to many people !!!!! Now is the time when they are meeting to join and work together, something agreed upon before they were born in this life where the Planet had already programmed its Ascension.

Here I leave the MESSAGE OF THE KUTHUMI MASTER on this subject:

During the next few months the Twin Souls will be in the process of joining and knowing each other, feeling their energies and learning to work together.

After this time, the practical work that Gaia needs for her Ascension process will be passed on and this has to be done together, that is, each with her Soulmate. For this reason it is necessary that during these months everyone who feels the need and wants it, call their Soulmate to be able to do this first phase of recognition and learning (learn to communicate with the Soulmate and work together).

You can invoke Sananda, Maria Magdalena, Alexander Chamuel or your Soulmate Benevolence to ask for help, understand how to do it and ask for inner healing, it is necessary to eliminate everything that may prevent the Fluency in the work with the Soulmate (fears, traumas, blockages, etc.) since we are not only talking about planetary work but also of growth as a whole in terms of the union of two.

The Twin Souls right now are not on the same plane one is here on Earth and another in another dimension and that is why they must prepare for the day they are join physically and be able to carry out your task and flow from the heart with nothing to hinder this.

There may be some very specific case in which the two incarnated souls are but there are very few, if that is the case it is because they must do something very specific here and right now.

I have been asked to disseminate information on this subject and help those who wish so that they can understand their doubts and impediments while they are in the process since I have already passed it and I can speak from my experience and, of course, with the help of my Soulmate.

I have created a group in the social network, I Am Light) called "Twin Souls ... The Reunion" to carry out this task from a specific point and not having the information scattered in different places. There we can share experiences, information, doubts and answers about this process who wants it.

I can only encourage you to start this path to those who have not done so and feel the need to join with their Soulmate ... the fullness one feels cannot be explained in words.

Hugs of Light



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