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  • 2012
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One method to access our personal “Reconnections” is through the communication technique known as “Channeling”. Also known throughout history as "Prophecy, " "Inspiration, " or "Mediumship, " this simple (but profound) ability provides direct access to what has been called "The Akasha" (or the Akashic Records). These files are a stream of consciousness that flows near or around each person. They contain all the knowledge, images and miscellaneous information that anyone may ever need.

In a way, Akasha is like an INTERNAL NETWORK in which an individual consciousness can gain ACCESS. Once we have "connected", we are free to use the SEARCH ENGINES (called Spiritual Guides) that will help us explore any topic or topic we want.


Our modern increase in interest in mediumship began in 1848, when two sisters named FOX, aged 12 and 15, began to hear banging in and around their house. Over time, they developed a way to interpret those sounds to get "messages" from "spirits" or "disembodied entities. When the inhabitants of the area began to explore the depth of these messages, national and then international interest in the occult began to spread like a fire.

As with all movements that involve money and / or notoriety, mediumship has had its charlatans as well as its genuine articles. Famous mediums of yesteryear have included Daniel Douglas Home, Bishop Pike and Edgar Cayce. While support for their work lasted, each medium enjoyed the devout follow-up of those who wished to avail themselves of the wisdom that comes from beyond the physical world. Then, at some point, the impetus of their work fades and they are replaced by a new variant of practitioners for this ancient art. Among these names, Cayce still enjoys quite avid followers.

In 1970 and following, mediums such as Jane Roberts began to be called “channel”, (1) who brought important messages from an entity called SETH. (2)

Seth was one of the first spiritual teachers who long discussed the concept of Multidimensionality. Although it was considered very interesting information in its time, humanity is NOW only beginning to understand the implications of what was being given to us through the sessions and books of Jane Roberts. Seth channeled by Jane Roberts (3)

Other important channels, in my experience, have been Jach Purcel channeling LAZARIS (4). as well as Darryl anka, who channels the BASHAR Alien. (5) It is well worth taking the time to deepen their teachings, which have profoundly affected my growth.


Basically, there are three types of Mediumship:

· Channeling in Trance: a form of mediumship where the person renounces the conscious control of his body and gives it to an “external entity” to use as an instrument of communication. During these sessions, the channel has no knowledge or memory of what is happening. He or she simply "leaves" and then wakes up when his body is fatigued or when the session is over.

· Conscious Channeling: a form of mediumship where the channel maintains the conscious presence but agrees to allow the expression of truths or images that originate in another entity to reach through its physical body. At any time the channel is free to edit the material presented to it, or deny the expression when he or she is not comfortable with the information that is being offered.

As far as "Connection" is concerned, the difference between "Trance Channel" and "Conscious Channel" is very similar to the difference between the Internet by Dialing and the Internet by DSL or Cable.

· Automatic Writing, Painting or Musical Talent: A form of mediumship where the channel (either in trance or consciously) allows your body to use any of a number of artistic scenarios to express the ideas or emotions of an entity that exists outside its immediate life context. (6)

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The Reconecioxes have shown me that humanity is in the process of entering a NEW ERA in our experience of a higher truth and wisdom. With the development of Conscious Channeling, and with the many adjustments that have been made to our vibrational frequency over the past twenty years, now humans are able to DIRECTLY ACCESS Akasha by themselves, thus eliminating the need for expensive trips to professional mediums and / or subordination to a religious hierarchy that feeds them with the "Truth of God."

In many cases, it is no longer necessary to enter a deep trance to access a higher truth. As long as they are ready, they just need to clear themselves and enter an FOCUSED INTERIOR SPACE where they will meet their Guide or Guides and ask questions of the Akashic Library. Part of my job involves helping people make this connection. The other part of my work involves helping your physical bodies to manage the discharge of energy that generally follows a stimulating experience of that magnitude.

Those who have just begun to channel many times express fear of encountering "evil spirits" when they open up to superior wisdom. Some even use this as an excuse for not opening their personal channel. For them, I just have to say that "good" and "bad" are simple terms of JUDGMENT that certain people apply to ideas or people they don't like. Our journey to the Invisible Realms closely resembles Luke Skywalker's first journey to the "Dark Side." When he entered the cave, he asked Yoda what was there. Yoda replied: "Only what you take with you."

I do not say that exploring inner consciousness will never be scary. I have been terrified many, but many times. However, when I managed to go through the process, I discovered that the fears - and the beings that sustained them - were distorted images vividly colored by my own repressed desires., guilt or other unprocessed emotional issues. When I gave myself permission to admit it and fully face what was there, I found myself free from my demons. In fact, I have learned that the word demon comes from an old English word daimon which means inspired teacher.

The word `` hidden '' literally means HIDDEN. And, for centuries, there were certain truths and bodies of knowledge that have been deliberately kept out of conventional thinking. People who explore these topics and themes all have specific personality characteristics that qualify them to deal with the influx of energy that grows along with facing a truth of greater vibration. . These truths are known as esoteric knowledge . In this respect, channeling becomes a decrease in expanded tones that originate within dimensions beyond this and translate them into words, phrases and movements that have meaning for this current society.

When conventional thinking is allowed to integrate these new and exciting truths, the esoteric book will simply be filled with vibrational truth. After all, the Multiverse DOES NOT KNOW ABILITY in its ability to stimulate, edify, and surprise those who dare to travel there. The result will be another VIBRATORY CHANGE that will happen to our planet. And the party continues.

Copyright Daniel Jacob www.reconnections.net All rights reserved. It can be copied and shared for personal growth and / or research purposes, as long as the website and copyright are included. All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.

English Title: About Channeling

Translation: Susana Peralta

DJ comment on Facebook 8.2.12:


It is a good thing when someone who is in his Transition / Personal Transformation finds his INNER VOICE and begins to speak with authority and vigor. Whether we officially refer to that as Canalization or simply follow the process of Sharing the Truth, there is a flash of excitement that runs through our bodies when we arrive at the VACCINE and take something out and give it a name.

Some of us gain power by listening and subscribing to the Teachings of some Special Person, while others soon become convinced that they ARE that Special Person. Everything is TRUE, everything is YOU, everything is HERE and it is certainly NOW.

When I started my work with the Reconnections in 1991, it seemed very important to me that people understood what I was telling them and that they also agreed with me. As the years went by, I came to understand that THERE IS NO SOMETHING like the DISAGREEMENT in the Unit. There is simply an infinite display of possible / probable ideas placed side by side, doing what they came here to do.

Although someone may be considered "already promoted, " it is not unusual for many who call themselves Spirit Masters to secretly cradle the idea: "I am the holder of MORE truth than my fellow men." After all, the Separation Mindset is INSIDIOUS and ASTUTA, as it turns on and off (apparently automatically) to keep us ingrained and in tune with the 3D World Vision we have chosen to explore. Everything is part of the GREAT GAME! It is what makes things FUN!

Competition, Debate, Criticism, Admiration ... all are FUEL for the fires of passion that constitute the Great Game. And one can come and go among the TOTAL BELIEF in a Game of Separation, followed by a Return to Unity, to clear the palate for the next "dish" (lesson) of the banquet of life. It really is the GREAT BUFFET OF LIFE. So, friends, EXPRESS YOURSELF! Do it big. Do it with energy. Enjoy the HELL of this Limitation Game, then return to the Home and leave yourself for a total immersion in Our Unity Meeting.


Translation: Susana Peralta

About Channeling, by Daniel Jacob

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