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  • 2010

Written by Lina Cristiano

What I am going to write next is the result of an intense introspective inquiry, of my research, therapeutic and human approach to many of the physical and emotional conditions that we have to experience in the course of our lives, their psychological, emotional and spiritual background, and read very well that I expose it from my particular point of view.

Many times we have had to see our human emotions and concerns expressed physically, however, we are not always willing to understand or decipher the message they want to convey to us. And it is of vital importance to decipher the language of the Spirit through the affections of the body, which is expressed physically because we simply have not grasped it and understood by "motus" of our own.

It is a scientifically proven fact that our body as an interconnected system depends not only on an identical physiological functioning but is clearly and unavoidably affected by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, by the way of facing life with everything that it may contain, by the way of facing whatever is presented to us, by the way of interpreting stressful situations and the consequent adaptive and behavioral responses. It should be considered that any event in which the demands of the environment deplete and / or exceed the adaptive resources of a person, develops a negative stress process that can degenerate into a physical condition disease if the way of interpreting and dealing with it is not corrected in time.

One of the factors that stands out in the investigations as a cause of coronary disease is hostility, anger, intolerance, impatience and heartbreak, the response of a type of personality that converts the person who It holds her vulnerable to this type of physical condition.

Anger management is a topic that encompasses many particular aspects of the individual's personal history. However, there are resources that are applicable to all cases, despite personal experience and its particular contents. This means that, in coronary patients with any other type of physical condition, in addition to specialized medical care, psychological and therapeutic assistance can be they make indispensable in the process of recovery and integral healing.

Redefine the way we interpret what happens to us, redefine the way we see ourselves and others, redefine what life is and what we make of it, intervene in our way of living on aad a, can make a remarkable difference in our life, in our experiences and in our state of integral health. It is useless to follow a medical treatment rigorously, if the psychological, emotional and spiritual scope of what we see manifested physically through the body, with the only one is not addressed and merciful goal that we decide to attend and resolve the emotional and spiritual scope that has unquestionably caused it.

An exhaustive investigation about both the physical and emotional components of the physical condition in question contributes vitally to integral healing. Health is a precious treasure that deserves all our attention and care, and it is important that it is considered and understood in an integral way, since its language is not only physical but also refers us to the depths of our being. We need a better disposition and appeal, we need flexibility, we need honesty and humility, we need to give up and give in, we need to change and correct, we need to use your messages to live a fuller, more dignified and harmonious life.

Lina Cristiano Therapist / Coach

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