Lavender oil: health and well-being

  • 2019

The flowers and lavender oil come from a plant with delicate violet flowers, whose name comes from the Latin verb lavare, which means "to wash " or "to bathe ."

Lavender, also known by its scientific name Lavandula, is native to southern Europe, the Middle East and southwest Asia. It includes more than 30 species and hundreds of hybrids that are currently grown.

Lavender flowers cover the fields during the summer, in southern Europe. From them the fragrant lavender oil is extracted. Source: Pixabay

This plant is used in many parts of the world for the treatment of various gastrointestinal, nervous and rheumatic disorders.

Since ancient times, the benefits and wonders of lavender have been greatly valued. Not in vain the Romans used lavender as an offering in their rituals and their oil as a perfume.

Later in the courts of Europe its beautiful and fragrant flowers were used to refresh the bedding and permeate the garments of the nobility with its aroma.

Flowers and lavender oil: effective antibacterial

In fact, lavender oil was used as an antibacterial in World War I and was a common additive in several medical treatments, since it has active ingredients against bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pyogenes, enterobacter aerogenes and many more.

And surprisingly, its effectiveness against fungi has also been widely studied in medicine.

It was also found that inhaling the fragrance of lavender oil helps reduce pain in the short term, especially the lower back.

In Germany, lavender tea has recently been approved as a supplement to treat sleep interruptions, restlessness and stomach irritation.

Lavender: excellent for soothing irritated skin

Not only that, it also has other medicinal and cosmetic properties, from relieving bites, burns and psoriasis to brightening the hair and preventing hair loss.

Lavender is, almost certainly, the most popular aromatherapy fragrance, and unlike many other essential oils that are irritating, lavender oil is often applied undiluted to the skin, being very safe for most people.

Due to the versatile properties of lavender, it is considered an essential oil that must be kept at hand at all times.

The fragrance of lavender relaxes and calms

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about lavender is its spiritual power to relax and bring us peace, when anguish invades us. This beautiful plant has the ability to help us overcome our personal blockages and heal our spirit.

Lavender helps us fall asleep and drives away our fears, gives us a sense of security and is ideal to accompany acupuncture treatments.

If you are a person suffering from stress, chronic migraines or indigestion, its calming properties could be the great allies of your life.

Due to its mystical properties, in your home it will provide protection and balance and in your work area it will drive away the talk and the bad energies.

The fragrance of lavender oil has many health benefits. Source: Pixabay

In spells and rituals, it is the perfect component to resolve conflict situations and stabilize our sentimental relationships.

Lavender is widely used in international perfumery, because its fragrance is extremely mysterious and appealing to the opposite sex.

Dare to use it throughout your home. A great trick is to place a few dried flowers of lavender inside the cover of your pillow to promote good dreams and rest your body and mind.

Use lavender essential oil as your personal perfume and discover the good luck it will bring to your day.

Health benefits

Read on to discover the wonderful benefits of flowers and lavender oil:

  • Nourishes the skin due to its high antioxidant content:

Mix it with jojoba oil and apply it directly on your face or use lavender oil in your bathroom. Either way your skin will look beautiful.

  • Treats various skin conditions for their anti-inflammatory properties:

A very effective remedy for eczema is to mix lavender oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil, this composition relieves redness, dryness and itching of the skin.

  • It helps cure acne:

Lavender oil mixed with tea tree oil is a great ally to fight against granites. Apply directly to the affected area and it will deflate in a short time.

  • Heal minor wounds and burns:

In addition to its antiseptic powers, the main active components of pure lavender oil, linalool and linalyl acetate, are analgesics and anesthetics, which makes this oil an effective remedy for kitchen burns or household accidents. It is an excellent complement for your emergency kit.

  • It improves mental health:

Whether you apply it directly or use it to perfume your home, this fresh scent is proven by science as a potent reliever in the face of stress and anxiety. It enhances positive thoughts and rest, in addition, in several studies it has been found very useful in the treatment of patients with depression.

And if that were not enough, it promotes cognitive processes and the proper functioning of the brain.

More benefits of lavender

  • Promotes good blood circulation:

It is ideal for those suffering from hypertension, since in several studies its ability to lower blood pressure was demonstrated.

Lavender soap is deliciously refreshing. Source: Pixabay
  • Revitalizes dry lips:

In fusion with coconut oil or beeswax, it is a very effective homemade lip balm that will relieve the symptoms of winter on your lips.

  • It is disinfectant:

Flowers and lavender oil can not only be used for the care of our health, but also for the cleaning and maintenance of our home. You will not have to worry about side effects, as it is completely natural. Flowers and lavender oil can be mixed with soaps and detergents, or oil diluted in water can be applied to clean surfaces.

  • It is a natural environment flavoring:

The delicious fragrance of flowers and lavender oil can hardly be compared to any artificial perfume and is chemical free.

  • It stimulates hair growth:

Add flowers or lavender oil in your usual shampoo and conditioner and you'll quickly notice the difference. Your hair will grow strong and shiny.

  • Eliminates dandruff and itchy scalp:

Its antifungal qualities end successfully with dandruff. Apply lavender oil along with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on the scalp with a gentle massage or mix it with your shampoo.

Important: remember when you buy your lavender oil, make sure it is 100% organic and natural, appropriate for therapeutic applications.

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