April 2016! Steve Rother and “The Group”: Get out of the surge - Stop reacting

  • 2016

Greetings, dear.

I am the Time Guardian and I have met with you in your timeline to tell you a little about what lies ahead, where you are and the beauty we see from this side of the veil. You are in a very unusual situation: you are evolving faster than you ever thought possible. Oh yes, of course, they watch the news and think that everything is going backwards instead of moving forward. But in reality what is causing the violent reaction is the rapid movement of humanity and that is all it really is: a backlash. If you look at the last years of your personal life, you will see that you have evolved leaving many things behind. In fact, many areas are beginning to change. This is exceptional, because now they are beginning to see things from a totally different perspective. The advance, which has been so rapid in just a few years, has also caused a reaction and a simple balance of wave patterns. It is very common for humans to collectively take three steps forward and two steps back. We tell you that apparently now there are five steps forward and one step back, so please do not be discouraged to see what you have in front of you. Actually, they can do some things to root the new light and assist the collective vibration of humanity and thus help form a new level of consciousness. It will be a higher level than ever, which will also prepare them for the further evolution of humanity. You now carry a third more light than before December 12, 2012.

Love versus fear

This means that even the cells of his body had to make a great adjustment to hold that light even if it was for a single moment. So you can understand why sometimes your physical body feels that it is being pressed and drained as it moves at the speed of love. Dear ones, some beautiful things are happening. First of all, a new fabric has formed and we take pride in it, even if it is only made up of less than two hundred people. It has spread quite well in specific parts of the planet and, at least, helps balance some of these waves and returns humanity to a more normal evolutionary period so that it is not so difficult. Meanwhile, there are different sides that have taken this area. This side hopes to move forward with love, while the other is moving forward with fear. We are not even going to tell you that one of them is right and the other is wrong, because that must be decided by each person and humanity. However, we can tell you that it is clear that they are opposite. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. When they understand it, they can take sides. Now understand, please, dear ones, it is not a contest. You have fought the darkness many times: Oh yes, we must fight the darkness; The classic fight between light and dark. Re-rope, if you fight the darkness with the light, you end up only with a lot of gray. Dear ones, it was never said that they should fight against darkness; We shouldn't fear that. When they are afraid of something, they must fight it, so take a look at the basic fear that even causes them to think like that or to relate to that when someone else says so. Now, it is much more about integrating it than deactivating it and trying to take sides. That is a huge evolution of humanity that has not yet learned to discern well, and that is what we would like to share with you today.

30 days of forgiveness

You are one. It is very difficult to say at a time when they are going through these public elections where everyone accuses all others, trying to highlight the difficulties and challenges of others instead to talk about what they would do if they were elected. Really, a challenge. That is also experienced by many people on a more personal level, because some of you feel lost. You may feel that your energy and your work are not having the profound effect that you wanted it to have. Today we can help you with that, because there is a very simple technique that works very well, even in this energy. We also tell you that in the next 30 days (from March 26 to April 26) you will have a window of opportunity to use this and even to have the support of the forces of the universe. It's called forgiveness, and it's not easy. What would it take to forgive those who put the bomb in Belgium recently? What would it take for them to identify with one of those terrorists? What would it take for them to suddenly find themselves in that position, suddenly doing something even if they felt they were wrong in the most intimate? That is what it will take to solve everything.

The game of light and darkness

Dear ones, you have now entered into a scope of harmony. Probably at this time there is more harmony on planet Earth than there has been in a long time. How can they be harmonized with those who could harm them at every opportunity? That is what changes everything. When the light chases the darkness or when the darkness seems to chase the light, who really wins? Oh, dear, there is never a reason. Every time the light shines on the darkness, it dominates it and that is why we tell them that they are not really opposites. What keeps them with those ideas and belief systems in their world is only the duality in which humanity has been living for so long. Re-cord, dear ones, that doesn't work or apply anymore. Such reactions are also those that give extremist groups the opportunity to instill fear in everyone's hearts. What they don't know, of course, is that you can never control someone through fear for a long time. Oh, yes, it can have a very profound effect at any time, but only for a short period of time because you have a system that balances itself. That is why they are carrying a lot of light and, if it is balanced, they will be able to get out of the surge. They will have a great life and all mankind will start building together instead of fighting each other in the way they have been doing for so many years so far.


How is it achieved? Start with compassion, which can sometimes be very difficult. Only when they get to know someone can they understand what they are feeling, their belief systems and what is guiding or motivating them. Watch Do some research and find out what it will take to free yourself from your own anger. Should they recover something or correct a mistake? Of course not. Now they return to the light chasing the darkness again, leaving their evolution back to the terrain of duality. And yet they have entered a field of Triality. When shadows can dissipate, darkness cannot stop the light; never could. Was there ever a case in which darkness dominated the light? No, dear ones, it doesn't happen even in your physics. All we ask them to do is to bring a little more light, not only from their reactions to other situations, but also with forgiveness.

Humanity evolves in one

Now, what if they say: “Well, we have forgiven all those people; we send them love for their loss, at least from our perceptions; we send them love as part of humanity, because they are also part of human evolution ”? Dear ones, as we have told you many times, humanity is a vibration bandwidth. Although they may consider that this is the highest vibration and that is the lowest vibration, in fact both are equal in some aspects. Humanity has always moved throughout the bandwidth, not only at the levels of greatest vibration. But it won't work like this anymore. Before I had to move together, so the evolution of all humanity has been limited by the person with the lowest vibration. How fast can they move? Everyone is interested in working with people with lower vibration to see what they can do to attract them and help them evolve as well. However, what they can do is forgive them, because that works. It is the next step of humanity, which removes them completely. That gives them the opportunity to get something going for themselves, instead of placating their anger. This happens on many levels, not only in one person but also at the collective level for a country. In fact, many of you have been controlled by that without even knowing it.

What happens when your country is attacked? One of the first things people want to know is who are responsible. Then they want to find out why they did it and how they can get revenge or pay them with the same currency. That is duality, the old energy. As Einstein once said, it is not possible to solve a problem at the same level it was created, so that the solution is one step higher. Get out of frustration and anger, to start setting the highest goal of bringing more light. How would they love their enemies? Oh what a mess it would be. But it is exactly what it is, because when you left Home maybe those people were with you. In reality, they may have been holding hands when they reached planet Earth. Spirits do that often, so what would it take to find out? If they can reach a critical mass on planet Earth where enough people can do this, all the energy that accumulated will disintegrate. Suddenly your organization, if you can call it that, falls apart completely. It does not mean that it is negative and should be buried, they are human beings. Those souls and spirits recover and can be used for a very positive purpose rather than just to calm a surge.

A critical mass of 100, 026

This is the perfect opportunity to get completely out of the surge and reach the highest position and thus be able to carry even more light than they thought they had inside. You carry something beautiful with you. Even the cells and microbes in your body are literally changing as we speak, to allow all humans to carry more light inside. Now, when they consider light that way and she begins to grow with the number of people, sometimes a reaction occurs. It is what they are experiencing right now on a large scale. You can change that if you avoid reacting but achieving it is extremely difficult. Many wars began on planet Earth with a reaction. Do not let it happen again; They already have enough wars. If you want to participate in the game of going to war, you have enough. Get out of that and then reflect. When they reach the critical mass of 100, 026 people, to be exact, they can begin to forgive and everything will open and change. They will achieve a stable level of growth in which, literally, they will be able to find their way again and enter together and in harmony in a totally new reality.

Forgive to offer the gift of the future

Does this mean that all religions of your planet will ever agree? No, probably not. In case they hadn't noticed, religions don't evolve too much. Its purpose was to find guidelines that you could follow and understand, pretending to be separated from each other. But in reality they were not, because you carry that light of Home and every step you take is in density. Dear ones, can you give yourself the gift of the future by forgiving? Forgiveness clears its own path of least resistance, because it allows opportunities to appear without becoming attached or participating in the play of light and darkness. Begin by keeping your light within yourself. Let her out and express her truth in every opportunity you have. Oh, we know that some of you find it very difficult to express your truth because sometimes you don't feel you should be carrying that truth. Sometimes they ask themselves: “Others know more than me, so why should I say something? Why don't I just listen and go into recollection? ” Dear, because they were given a part of the puzzle they agreed to take when they left Home and came here. All those to whom they promised are waiting for them and encouraging them to take the next step. They have also been helping you along the way. This is the opportunity to intervene and create a new reality, something entirely yours that can take you to the next millennium. They are ready? They have already done a really amazing job of holding the light. We know that many of you do not feel that: you judge yourself. We see it and we understand it. However, we see it and talk about it sometimes, because that starts a totally negative cycle. You are creative beings, so that every thought you hold between your mind and your heart manifests itself before you. The more energy the heart can put into it, the faster it will manifest. So, what are the most important things that have been manifesting on planet Earth? The fear. Yes, it is also an energy of the heart. If the opposite of the love you have in your heart is fear, then you can see how fear also comes from the heart.

Now they have a new vision; Now they have a new way of seeing things. Remember that nothing is good or bad, dear. They have come to planet Earth to be here at this exact moment and be part of what is happening. They did it and they are already here influencing the result. They are deep bearers of light; They are the ones who work the light. That is why we call them Lightworkers. See how it works? How beautiful.

A gathering of light

Inhale, dear ones, and with that breath we give you confidence. Fix it in your being. Put it inside your body's own cells and microbes, because they are all part of you, often pretending to be separated from the whole. It is time for a re-union of all the light so that they can significantly influence the result as long as they do not carry that resentment.

Now, what about the other forgiveness? Almost all human beings on Earth feel some anger or frustration that they have carried with them for many years. It is very challenging; You are the ones affected by all that. During these next 30 days, look for people, even those from their own past who they can also forgive. Release and correct the energy that flows through you, because there is magic ahead, dear ones. You are much bigger beings than you will ever understand. Home is beginning to wake up from sleep. You are here, touching each other, awakening each other, sharing the light and holding it. Dare to tell your truth. If you feel that you do not deserve to do so, understand that there is a way to tell your truth and thus open space for other truths. The great Household puzzle is beginning to combine at all.

It is a beautiful time on Earth. We know you see the difficulties and we understand that many of you are going through personal tests, just trying to survive. Know that this is temporary for everyone and trust that they have the necessary tools to change everything that awaits them. Begin by filling yourself with your truth and letting go of the darkness in front of the light. Trust that you can easily deal with all that.

You are magicians, each one of you. They are the great beings of the Home who pretend to be separated to descend here and participate in this beautiful game. Well done! Now, consider these next 30 days as an opportunity. See all that you can release and how much lightness you can achieve, as you forgive and give yourself the gift of the future. Welcome home, dear.

It is with the greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect no matter who you are. Take care of each other and play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an old Lemurian greeting that means: "Thank you for assuming your power"

Connecting the heart

By Barbara Rother

~ Wishing you happiness ~

Recently I was in a store buying greeting cards. I am dated in that regard. I think it's nice to send a letter or card to someone I appreciate. When someone turns birthday or I feel that a friend could use a message of encouragement, I enjoy checking the cards in the store to find the appropriate way to communicate my feelings. I love buying paper and colorful envelopes and writing a message by hand from my heart. I feel this gives a personal touch.

Many times, the only thing we find in our mailbox is propaganda or invoices. I like to imagine the face of the person to whom I sent a card. If I can make someone smile, I feel happy. Certainly, electronic messages are faster and a great way to connect. With so many modern communication techniques, the art of common mail can be forgotten.

It seems ironic that you are sending this message over the internet. Believe me, if I could I would send everyone a heart card in the hope that they would enjoy it. This is the best alternative to let you know that I think of all of you. I appreciate you all and wish you joy every day.

I have several cards to send today. There are many special birthdays, greeting cards for a new home, support cards that I want to share with many wonderful people in my life. I bought a card because I thought the message was special. If I could, I would send it to each of you. The message is this:

“Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy.” The inside of the card is blank. What I would do would be to write a special greeting to each one. I feel that this blank must be filled out. Write your own message with whatever makes you happy. That way, I will always perceive your smile. Know that I sign this with love and light and with all my heart.



AUTHOR: Barbara

TRANSLATION AND EDITION: Voluntary Translator Team of Trabajadoresdeluz.com/Lightworker.com

SEEN AT: www.Lightworker.com

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