AA Zadkiel - Transmutation of Illusion

  • 2016

Greetings, dear ones on Earth who have volunteered to help clean the lower astral plane. I AM Zadkiel the Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Transmutation. I AM here within your NOW to speak with you about the transmutation of illusion.

Does your three-dimensional life seem to be tearing apart? If so, we say, "Thank you!" Because you are among those who have volunteered to help with cleaning the lower astral plane. This plane is the lowest frequency in the fourth dimension, as is the "hiding place" of the Archon Groups who are finally losing their planned hostility, taking control of the beloved Gaia. In other words, you, our volunteers of the Light are spending many of your nights and fighting the forces of darkness.

This "conflict" is coming to your physical level to remind you that it is NOW to release ALL the illusion. Remember, dear Warriors of Light your enemy is NOT the dark three-dimensional ones, since their frequency is much lower than yours. The "fantoche masters" of the dark ones, who are now trapped in the lower Astral Plane, are NOT their enemy. In fact, they cannot even perceive them through their superior dimensional light shield.

I, Zadkiel, am in your NOW to remind you that it is only a three-dimensional illusion that any person, place, situation or thing can have power over you. It is a three-dimensional illusion that any person, place, situation or thing can catch them in any “3D drama”, their ascension process is being revealed in their current NOW.

You, our beloved Representatives of the Light, are experiencing "the death of illusion . " Of course, it is not the death of all illusion, but it is the death of any illusion they created in order to survive the lies and deceptions in their current three-dimensional reality.

We, the members of your Galactic and Angelic Family, are HERE within your NOW to remind you that WE are always with you. In other words, they are NEVER alone. We, the superior expressions of your BEINGS, are ALWAYS with you.

Your three-dimensional vision may not be able to perceive us, but if you tune into your body, you will feel the Multidimensional Light and the unconditional Love that you are, the superior expressions of your BEINGS, are constantly sending you to your earthly physical container. If they relax deeply in their physical form and focus on their spine, they will eventually become aware of the Kundalini Force that is working their way up their spine.

When this Kundalini force rises all the way to your Pineal Gland, your perceptions of:

- Clariscience, to allow you to consciously FEEL the higher dimensional realities that are revolving around and through your aura ...

- Clairvoyance, to allow them to SEE the superior dimensional realities that dance continuously around and flow through their aura. ..

- Clairaudience, to allow you to LISTEN to the messages that are flowing to and through your Higher Heart and Multidimensional Mind ….

We, all the higher dimensional expressions of your BEINGS, ask you to relax in the knowledge that our messages are of the Truth. We are telling all of you that you are consciously or unconsciously accepting, connecting, intermingling and merging with your True Multidimensional BEING. Therefore, all of you are beginning to perceive the innumerable illusions you created in order to serve in a reality full of lies, illusions, messages of fear, and a deep longing to return to the HOME of your BEING.

What we say to ALL of you is that your BEING is returning to the HOME in your terrestrial physical container. "How can that be?" We heard them ask. "How can my physical container hurt, scared, over-demanded and tired accept the immense multidimensional light?"

Our beloved Warriors of Light, we know that you are tired of this "battle with the invisible." That is why we remind you that there is also:

Invisible help,

Unconditional Love,

and Violet Fire

constantly surrounding his tri / tetradimensional aura.

We, your Angelic and Galactic Family, lovingly request that you allow yourself to consciously perceive and accept your pentadimensional Qualities of the Divine.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear because you are with me, and this is the call for relief that one of our beloved Ascended Masters exclaimed in the dark night.

We invite you to look into your inheritance, your past for this incarnation, as well as your future BEING, to gain a mantra that you can repeat within your mind and keep within your heart, as you walk to through any darkness that is now transmuting towards the Light, Light, Light .

Our beloved Saint Germain reminds them of their powerful field of transmutational energy that is created by saying:

Burn, burn, burn, Violet Fire

Transmuting ALL darkness into Light, Light, Light!

We also listen to the suggestion of our beloved Arc Michael Angel reminding them to unsheathe the Blue Sword from their Higher Heart and use it to clean and protect their aura. Point your Blue Sword over your head and pull it down along your body as you face the North, then the East, the South and the West.

With each turn of your body, and cleaning with your Blue Sword, pause pointing down at Gaia to share your healing force with the planetary body of Gaia.

Now that you have called to the immense power of the Beloved Saint Germain of the Seventh Ray, as well as the immense power of the Michael Arc of the First Ray, the Quality of Each of the Seven Rays of Light will be turned on again within his aura.

The First Ray, with which the human body resonates, represents its internal Quality of Power.

The Second Ray, with which the human body resonates, represents its Inner Quality of Wisdom.

The Third Ray, with which the human body resonates, represents its internal Quality of Love.

The Fourth Ray, with which the human body resonates, represents its internal Quality of Purity.

The Fifth Ray, with which the human body resonates, represents its inner Quality of Truth.

The Sixth Ray, with which the human body resonates, represents its internal Invocation Quality .

The Seventh Ray, with which the human body resonates, represents its internal Precipitation Quality .

Each ONE of you possesses ALL these Inner Rays of Light. This inner Light is your "sword and shield" while confronting the challenges that the constantly expanding light is revealing within the NOW of your internal and external transmutation.

We remind you that YOU are both the INNER and OUTSIDE Being .

It is your Inner Being that will guide you to Home when it is your NOW to " return to BE ." Meanwhile, your 3 / 4D Earth container will help Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Its alphabetical title is "IRG", which is often pronounced "urge" (impulse in Spanish).

This is an appropriate name since it denotes the "inner impulse" that you, our interdimensional representatives, have. They have an internal impulse that helps with the planetary Ascension. They have an internal momentum that shares their process with others. And also, they have an internal impulse to help other humans, as well as non-humans, members of the great planet of Gaia, to flow with their ascension process. You are the “Service to Others” who share their time and energy altruistically for first ...

Go inside your BEING to receive inner guidance ...

Then, put this Internal Guide in External Action….

We, the members of your Galactic and Angelic Family, thank you and honor you for finding the inner courage to face your NOW of great change.

We are aware that change has often been one of the great fears of Humanity. Therefore, we, the expressions of your Multidimensional Being say:

We bless you and guide you as you create, receive and act your "Reason for this Incarnation . "

I Zadkiel recommend that you call for interdimensional assistance saying:

“I am ready to receive My Mission Statement to help with the Planetary Ascension”

Then wait with patience and unconditional love. Soon, a gentle breeze, a sudden streak of light, a long forgotten memory, or a peace within your body and / or the elevation of your Kundalini, will whisper in your Soul.

Listen to Gaia, Listen to the Sky, the Sun, the Moon, a baby's smile or the wag of your dog's tail. Listen to the birds in the trees and the insects that buzz around the flowers. In fact, listen to the flowers, the grass and the nearby tree. When you listen to these representatives of Gaia, you will begin to listen to your BEING because YOU are Gaia and Gaia is YOU. By becoming ONE, planet and people, there will be NO strength strong enough to interfere with Gaia's promise to reveal "Heaven on Earth."

It is the promise of Gaia for all who can calibrate their conscience to match the beloved Planet Earth, that People and Planet become ONE, Pentadimensional Light Being. We Angels, Ascended Masters, and their Galactic Family serve as ONE Being to help Gaia in His promise.


Archangel Zadkiel

AUTHOR: Dr. Suzanne Lie

SEEN AT: http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com

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