Through the book Advanced Studies of the Human Aura of El Morya, by David Christopher Lewis

  • 2013

Beloved El Morya by David Christopher Lewis, July 23, 2013 seven fifty-08: 27 am MDT. Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart. Livingston, Montana

I AM the Will of God in action! An infusion of the Will of God in America

Through the book Advanced Studies of the Human Aura of El Morya

Dear ones

I am impressed by the will of God. Well, you see, the will of God has printed on me virya, fire, light! You can also have this impression in your spirit, the inoculation of all that is your perfect individuality, your God-ideal, the summum bonum of true reality. What does it take for you to emerge from a sense of yourself outside of God and to commune with what is pure and without macula of the holy being of God that already exists in a high frequency of vibration in your heart?

Keep in mind the will of God, as it is already manifested fully present within you. Feel the currents of the energy field that inhabit fully printed within your being, fill you with heavenly light and amazing power of God that resides in the Great Central Sun and now, for your attention and focus, for your acceptance, resides within you . Feel this life-giving current enrich your soul, enter your heart to live within your immortality as an acceptable and real child of God.

For God's will to leave its mark within you, you must be of a certain blue as the highest mark of your divinity, your conscious individuality in the circle of the Eternal. There is no shadow here, only the full-fledged reality of solar consciousness manifests the consciousness of God who is awake, full of light, radiating the Spirit of Him.

Through meditation you can receive the impressions of the Almighty deep within your soul, the incorporation into you of matrices of perfection and nobility. Through the alliance with the will of God, these impressions of permanent engrams of pure diamond crystal light will shine through your world and auric field and giving you the cause of the First Cause of advancing in the light of the Source.

When there is no space between you and God, when there is no sense of separation or misalignment with your eternal nature and God presents himself through creation itself, then you will know what God's will is. And upon knowing it, you will have the right to use the sun's rays to get anything and everything you see, hear, feel, taste, touch everything with what God has provided you as cosmic stimuli of the upper senses, they will reach you through your perfect alignment with that will.

Some still ask, Lord, what is your will for me? In this question there is already a sense of separation that somehow God himself exists within different worlds, or that there is an abyss that separates the truth from yourself. Collapse this chasm now! And definitely accept that you have the right, as an individualized spirit as a Divine spark, to live fully and firmly within that will. You are the will of God in action here. You are the will of God, always fulfilling the eternal laws of justice and harmony. Therefore, we no longer seek to know what the will of God is as something that does not exist within you as the purpose of the Divine Being. This will is accessed from within, through a constant flow of attention in grace, love, purity.

I exist as a co-creator with the One to affirm throughout the cosmos that God is good. I am that will in action! And in response to all that is required for realignment and unity in love, I tell you that the impressions of God's will within you manifest your glory to God and let them shine through your auric field toward all who will receive the food of their Solar essences through you, son-daughter of God. Be a sun with me. This is our purpose. And they are fulfilled in the will of our True Self and communion with our Inner God.

Now, dear ones, I am here on this Tuesday to tell you that I, El Morya, am campaigning in America this fall. Yes and I will sponsor this messenger and his wife during their trip to twenty cities in twenty days. And in the alchemy of this dispensation and the initiative of the Great White Brotherhood, I am making myself known on Earth through my teaching in the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura!

I am campaigning because the United States and the world require lighting and solar awareness. And I ask you today that twenty-four thousand dollars should be obtained by contributions through this activity to support this effort, moving forward for eighteen months. Well, you will see, dear ones, when this teaching is truly delivered to humanity in this cycle that even in the heavens a comet will enter the solar system, very close to the Earth, it means that something special and sent by God is here, among the humanity, so that those who are ready, can through their efforts receive my heart, my word, my light and be saved from all that is less than the will of God within.

I will sign all the books through David, and infuse the pages within them with my energy and love for their souls. I may already have the limited edition version of my book. However, when the new one is released in mid-August, I pray, yes, and I hope that each and every one of my heartfelt friends will secure another copy, or many more, to reinvest within themselves and within those to those that they decide to give a gift of light of the Great White Brotherhood, which I am going to record in their souls and offer to their highest beings.

Well, see, everyone who picks up this book and reads it will have my physical visit in their lives. Some will witness the incarnation of my reality in the sacred space of their aural fields. Because this is the dispensation that I sought through the prayers they have offered during all these months and that has been, by the grace of God, approved both by the cosmic councils, and by the twenty-four elders, whom I knelt and asked before I could give myself the same individuality, in order to save thousands of dollars on Earth.

How am I going to save them? Through you and your union with the will of God, your resonance in me, your alignment with the blue fire that you have invoked and stayed inside and accepted, and blew in his being. Yes, dear ones, this fire will lead many of you, all of you to work with me to realize our dreams, our goal of raising a nation and its people and then traveling back to other places, spreading the light and share the wisdom, the teaching of this time of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius in the love of God, solar consciousness and self-realization.

If you really accept the existence of the Great White Brotherhood and that your words are real here and now through an anointed and trusted physical messenger, tested in the fire of God, then align yourself with the mission and all the work you have for the light to shine through these teachings that we offer as a gift of the free will of the Source delivered with clarity, brilliance and compassionate love for all.

David has been assigned to deliver an emanation of the heart of numerous teachers every day of this tour. I will deliver the message in Seattle, and the Maha Chohan will seal them all in Portland before David returns home in early October. Yes, dear ones, I am campaigning. And I will continue to walk the earth looking for those who enlist, those who move into action to be a blessing to humanity, who will adjust to their lives with that holy daily will to live eternally in the presence of God.

I only see victory in this effort. I see perfect state of health and well-being of each soul, to all of you, during this cycle. And he sent you lightning in the temples of the physical body of many of you who require the health and integrity of God today. I will free you from your sense of separation from your true fullness. Accepting what is pure and real in your life is fundamental, your Atman Being. So that when you feel the currents of God's power flow through the channels of your being, the vessels of the critical consciousness, you feel no discomfort. You allow, sometimes through a relationship of sympathy with your lower self, your energy field to weaken and somehow enter entities, impressions or substances that weaken. No more, dear! Live in the light Accept your perfect well-being and know God stamped on every cell of your being.

Some of you, if you decide to accept the reality of this message and Emanation of the Heart, you can endure the whole journey with your generosity and gratitude to the Great White Brotherhood. And then, while we wait for others to feel called, we will build a strong base of support and abundance so that the future projects of the sponsoring and founding teachers of this movement have in store so that everything can be carried out according to certain cycles Cosmic that must be fulfilled if your greatest mission is to carry them out. And I say, yes, it is.

I ask that this message go out in all forms of media to your contact list so that everyone has the option of deciding whether they align at this time with the will of God, be released through this dispensation or not. It is a choice of free will. When the decision is made to be one with me through your dedication and support, I, El Morya, will be one with you in ways that go beyond human understanding. And what you provide may simply be that what will facilitate victory in this life above your lower self. many of you are reaching that point of the "Y" where you have to make a decision if you fully accept what you are as a Divine Being and live fully or choose to live, many, many rounds of life in the incarnation on Earth.

Some are moving up quickly through their consecration and dedication. Keeping the Custody of Fire! And to those who are still feeling driven to consecrate themselves through a greater offer of your heart, I say, test me! Because I, El Morya, am here. Put me to the test! Prove that my words are real. I will not leave you, because I live within you and I am the will of God in action. I thank you.

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