8 fabulous animals

  • 2016
"On the banks of a pond saying there was a duck: what animal did the sky give, the gifts it has given me?" The duck and the snake Thomas of Iriarte

Since ancient times the relationship between animals and man has been totally physical. Animals stalked man at the time when animal man was not very different from them. The only thing that separated man from animal was the fact of individualization.

Small nomadic groups of human beings were decimated totally from time to time, by the powerful animal life of the period, but the instinct, which differed little from that of its enemies, taught the animal man to take certain precautions. As millions of years passed, human intelligence and cunning began to assert themselves, and humanity became more powerful than animals and in turn devastated the animal kingdom.

Nowadays, domestic animals all come to individualization, for example the elephant, the dog, the cat and the horse; each of them being an expression of a ray of life line, and these four species are in the "transfusion process". I will add to these four the fish, the eagle and the snake to complete the septenary of mythical animals. First it was the snake, then appeared simultaneously, on the one hand the fish, and on the other, the bird as symbols of clairvoyance and divination.

The ancient Masters studied animals for centuries in order to adopt some of their characteristics and link them to their lifestyle; Five animals were chosen for their superior attributes for combat, defense and other mannerisms that contribute positively to human life such as the awakening of consciousness and the achievement of the balance of internal and external energy.


"An elephant swayed on the web of a spider, as the web resisted they went to call a comrade" CHILD SONG

The elephant is a species of first ray, there are now three species and various subspecies. Among the extinct genera of this family, mammoths stand out. With a weight of 5 kg, the brain of the elephant is the largest of terrestrial animals. A wide variety of behaviors associated with intelligence are attributed to it, such as grief, altruism, adoption, play, use of tools, compassion and self-recognition. Elephants may be on par with other intelligent species such as cetaceans and some primates. The largest areas in your brain are responsible for hearing, taste and mobility.

Elephant fangs are a great source of ivory, but due to the growing rarity of elephants, almost all hunting and traffic are now illegal. The elephant's fangs can weigh up to 120 kg and be up to 3 m in length, although it is normal for them to measure less than one meter. These fangs are not canine teeth, but extremely long incisors and ivory is the dentine that forms them.

Ganesha is one of the best known and worshiped deities of the Hindu pantheon. It has a human body and elephant head. He is widely revered as a scammer of obstacles, patron of the arts and sciences, and the god of intelligence, wisdom and letters.

He is prayed at the beginning of religious rituals and ceremonies and is invoked as Patron of the Scriptures during the reading of sacred texts and writing sessions. Several texts tell mythological anecdotes associated with his birth and explain his distinctive iconography.


“Let's play in the forest while the wolf is not there. I'm getting the pants". CHILDISH SONG

The wolf is a species of placental mammal of the order of carnivores. The domestic dog is considered a member of the same species according to different indications, the DNA sequence and other genetic studies. The wolf, which is a predator, is found in a large number of ecosystems. This large habitat territory where wolves mediate reflects their adaptability as a species, since it can live in forests, mountains, tundras, taigas and grasslands.

The lycanthrope is a werewolf, that is, undoubtedly a wolf hunter, perhaps even someone who eats wolves, or a man who has the fearsome and feared force, terrifying for being ruthless, of the wolf. Lycanthropy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, was considered an enchantment, whereby the individual victim of this evil and this metamorphosis was imprisoned by the Devil and demons, according to the religious beliefs of the time.

But the werewolves were, also and above all, fierce warriors who went to battle howling like wolves or dressed in wolf skins. They were the warriors of Odin, whom the Anglo-Saxons called Wotan, father of the gods of German-Scandinavian mythology, god of war, but at the same time god of poets, of the dead, of ruins, of magic and of ecstasy


Lion King taught me a phrase that I will remember and apply in my life: Hakuna Matata

The lion is a carnivorous mammal of the felidae family and one of the five species of the genus Panthera. The lion is the largest living cat next to the tiger. With powerful limbs, a strong jaw and canine teeth of eight centimeters, the lion can kill large prey. The color of the lions ranges from a light beige color to a yellowish brown, reddish or dark ocher.

The leopard is a big cat, a magnificent creature that stands out in speed and danger. It can move as fast as the wind to chase its prey or escape an enemy. It is ultra-efficient since it observes and calculates and then explodes in an attack of nails and teeth, executing its dinner until exhaustion.

The leopard fist uses the knuckles, that flexion of the fingers makes the hand rigid and strong. Likewise, the thinness of the leopard fist allows you to enter narrow openings and hit easy targets.

Leopard attacks are mainly directed at the armpits, neck and between the ribs. They usually start from a relaxed position and then act more quickly.

The tiger is a dominant animal and naturally gifted for combat; robust predator, strong bones, great muscles, huge head and sharp claws and teeth.

The tiger hunts with great fluidity, power and speed, never hesitates and usually does it from behind. The Chinese consider him as the king of animals.

The practitioner of this discipline must learn to use their combat techniques and methods with a simple approach, learning to react and master almost instinctively, immediately or suddenly. He must have an attitude of direct and absolute attack, without feints or distractions; operate with power, tenacity and boldness.

It is strong and brave therefore the Style carried out correctly must show first of all self-confidence and security.


“The mermaid is coming towards me, I'm going to catch her in my marine network He waits for me to enjoy crazy laughter in the foam of the sea ”. THE SIRENA Luis Felipe González

In the numerous ancient civilizations and even in Roman imagery, the scale was used as a symbol of the gate of heavenly Heaven, or else the scale was related to the eyelid, symbolizing in this case the door of vision. When the scale falls or the eyelid opens the man sees. The scale is also related to the shell, it protects the sensitive individual, who feels full of skin, but when it opens it releases his emotions. Emotions are the engines of our life, they submerge us or enlighten us according to the case. Then man is like a fish, swimming between the agitated waters of his emotions, where he gets all his inspiration and all his motivations.

The god Oannes of the Chaldeans, the ancestor of Posidón-Neptuno, was the one who revealed the sciences of medicine, astrology, architecture and agriculture.

The mermaid is a pretty dangerous woman-fish, she always seems cheerful, carefree, lascivious, sensual, seductive, and of course, beautiful, but whose voice and especially her singing are irresistible when we hear it. The Cretan sailors of Antiquity, but later the Bretons, the Galicians, the Irish, and then the Normans, for centuries and even millennia, claimed that the sirens announced violent storms, storms and shipwrecks. Before even the poet Homer immortalized them in his Odyssey, they tormented all the ships of the Near East and, first, surely the Phoenicians.


According to current scientific evolutionary theories, the ancestors of birds are reptiles.

The eagle is a carnivorous bird that captures snakes and, above all, field mice. He lives as a couple in his area and only has one brood per nest. Men have always admired and feared her. The Greeks, the Hindus and the Persians saw in the eagle a solar animal, the bird-god, the solar bird par excellence. Indeed, according to them, he had a very sharp view that made him clairvoyant and was the only bird, animal or living being who could look at the Sun in the face.

The crane is monogamous and famous for its magnificent wedding dances. Almost always it was associated with the image of a person who lacks intelligence, clumsy or who does not know how to behave, but in China they value their sacred dance, a symbol of purity, prosperity, life force and regeneration and, as Consequently, a figure of the immortality of the soul.

The crane is the embodiment of subtlety and grace, and is characterized by its apparent passivity to be able to stand on one leg for hours but - as in fact it is always alert - it is capable of killing in a jiffy.

It uses the movements of its wings to deflect attacks and propel its body along a circular path. Its long legs contribute to effectively using diversion techniques where it creates distances between itself and its adversary.

Despite being naturally evasive, when an enemy is close, the crane hits with its wings and kicks very quickly, also uses the beak directed at vital points.

The martial artist who applies the crane movements uses both hands as double spikes and after hitting them they can be turned into hooks by applying defenses to attack at the same time with the other hand. Thus the enemy will never know which hand will be used for the offense and which one for the defense.


“As the white horse I let go of the reins, I also let go of you and you are leaving me right now” I RELEASED YOU THE LAUNCH José Alfredo Jiménez

The horse is a domesticated mammal of the equidae family. It is a solipedal herbivore of great size, long and arched neck, populated by long mane. The female of the horse is called mare and the young if they are male foals or foals, and if they are female foals or filly.

The horse is used as an allegory for the soul: The charioteer is the rational soul, the white horse represents the virtuous part (disciplined) and the black the vicious part (always rebellious). The charioteer's task is to keep the black horse at the same gallop as the white one.

The man stopped being part of the horse and identifying with him. The centaur is that fabulous animal, half horse and half man, that represents the sign of sagittarius. The Archer on the white horse means the orientation of man towards a definite goal. The keynote of the Centaur is ambition, that of the Archer is aspiration and guidance; Both are expressions of human goals.

The unicorn initially appears as a fantastic and unreal animal, with a horse's body, a split hoof, and a male goat's head, whose forehead has a long horn. Medicinal virtues were attributed to the only horn of this fabulous animal, which is none other than the Indian white rhinoceros. The white rhinoceros is a rather solitary animal, very feared, absolutely herbivorous and that lives in swampy areas. It has a very acute sense of smell that makes approaching it almost impossible. Of course, it has one or two horns on the snout and it is true that aphrodisiac powers are attributed to rhinoceros horn dust.

Although the unicorn has been assigned a feminine character, it is actually a male symbolic symbol, a symbol of purity and chastity. For the alchemists the unicorn represented the spirit, the sulfur, the masculine principle, and the deer symbolized the soul, the mercury, the feminine principle. So from the union of both, the divine being could be born. Would they be referring to the cancer-capricorn relationship?


“Abracadabra, goat legs”

The goat and the goat had important roles in many of the mythical beliefs and legends of the peoples of Africa, the Middle East, Europe and India. All the towns that were farmers granted an important place to the goat and the goat: the goat was identified with the mother that feeds, while the goat was the great vital fertilizing principle.

The goat became an ideal, mythical and mystical representation of the great female initiator, who represents Mother Nature, and the goat, her son, the son of heaven and Earth, in the initiate. This goat is the fantastic animal that we find in the zodiac to symbolize the sign Capricorn, called just “the initiator”.

All the prophets and guides of the men who had visions and revelations, beginning with Moses on Mount Sinai, were represented as shepherds covered by a goatskin. Little by little, everything that has to do with the goat, from the goatskin to the golden fleece, from the goat to the sacrificial lamb or Lamb of God, took on a sacred character and was the symbol of the divine appearance in the form of rays and flames, arising from the earth or fallen from the sky.

The difference between "lambs and goats" is mainly hierarchical (Aries and Capricorn). The term "goat" applies to the initiated disciple and to those who have ascended the mountain of initiation. The term "lamb" applies to those who blindly follow the internal impulses of their souls and feel their way to the Kingdom of God: the fifth kingdom.

The goat referred to a benefactor vital mother, away from the unreal or useless monsters currently manufactured in laboratories, to which they have been attributed the name of chimeras because they have lost their roots and their cultures or, simply, their common sense. The word chimera is used to designate an imaginary creation, a phantasmagoric animal
ico, something totally non-existent.


"You bit the apple and you gave up paradise. And you condemned a snake, being you who wanted it." FEET, barefoot, WHITE DREAMS Shakira

According to Hinduism, the snake represents a concentration of divine and primordial energies. When the fire snake wakes up, then it rises and curls along the spine (hence the name kundalini) giving way to the chakras or centers of force. This belief in a primal energy, which resides in it and looks like a snake, is not exclusive to Indian religious culture. We find it in the universal symbols and myths related to the snake and the dragon, and obviously in our Judeo-Christian culture. In fact, in the biblical account of Genesis the snake is the central character of the scene of the temptation of Eve: Eve resists the snake, which evidently symbolizes the primordial energies and which are the origin of all life.

ground. Despite being blunt, the dragon is always relaxed, waiting until he makes contact to emit his power.

The dragon teaches to be unpredictable and one of its mottos is not use force against force . The dragon surprises and that is why its kicks and sweeps besides being peculiar must be fast.

Fighting like a dragon means being intelligent, calm and not afraid. The dragon has a spirit of strength, also thinks ahead and takes his opponent away from his vulnerabilities through his power.

The snake is a relentless hunter who uses all his muscles to push, slide, penetrate, wrap and control his prey. The particularity of the snake is that it has a unique sensibility and an awakened awareness of its entire body, this allows it to use all its resources to specifically achieve the objectives it has in mind. The snake is a fighter of natural soil that has speed and power, acting without hesitation or fear.

With snake movements, it can be hit and blocked simultaneously, so the offense becomes defense and defense becomes attack.

In China, the dragon is a symbol of Yang, of fecundity and activity, it is represented more like a snake coiled in the center of the Earth, the origin of the creation of the world.

The dragon represents the internal and spiritual formation, can live in the ocean or fly from the heavens to provide the elements of water, metal, wood, earth and fire. It is characterized by always being noble and wise.

The dragon's claw is the weapon used to grab, throw and block the opponent or throw it to the ground. Despite being blunt, the dragon is always relaxed, waiting until he makes contact to emit his power.

The dragon teaches to be unpredictable and one of its mottos is not use force against force . The dragon surprises and that is why its kicks and sweeps besides being peculiar must be fast.

Fighting like a dragon means being intelligent, calm and not afraid. The dragon has a spirit of strength, also thinks ahead and takes his opponent away from his vulnerabilities through his power.


This article was based on The Encyclopedia of Divinatory Arts: omens, beliefs, mysteries of Didier Colin.

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