7 New Age seasons

  • 2016
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NEW ERA OR WAS NOT EVA? "You bit the apple and you gave up paradise. And you condemned a snake being you who wanted it, " Shakira says .

The New Era began and had the support of communication networks for its dissemination. The announcement of the new era, as well as its characteristics and effects, has been made from the literature and expressions of the esoteric tradition, to which the Theosophical and Rosicrucian current has also been added. Names like E. Swedenborg, Papus, HP Blavatsky, E. Lévi, R. Guénon, etc., are put as pioneers in this announcement. The new era proposes a new explanation of reality, a new paradigm, postulated as a transformation towards a new integral, holistic and ecological consciousness.

The transformations originated by the new paradigm are formulated mainly, as the emergence of another culture full of hope in new technologies and new meanings, thus arise cyberculture and semi- culture, the first is developed in cyberspace, the place of virtuality and the second in the semiosphere, the place of the symbols.

The emergence of a new culture occurs in four phases, both individually and socially: self-discovery, self-development, integration with the environment and with history, the incarnation of new values ​​for the service, understood as the type of work that leads to an existence provided with meaning. The motto of this new culture is " Think globally and act locally ."

The characteristics and traits that define the conspirator, that individual called the catalyst of humanity, as well as the methods and resources that are used to make possible the transformations can be indicated as:

  • Patience and intensity of his followers,
  • Collaboration with the same pragmatic and scientific strategies with a perspective close to mysticism,
  • Existing ties between them, generational or viral.
  • Disinterest in personal recognition.
  • Reciprocal recognition through subtle signs.
  • Transformation achieved or attempted through various psychotechnics.
  • Seek change in social institutions

It has been seven years in which I have been contributing articles on this page, which can be organized in seven lightning seasons.

Lightning line




David Icke,

2. Religion

Eckhart, Waldo Emerson

Helen Schucman, Antony de M.

3. Psychology

Carl Gustav Jung, Erich Fromm

Stanislav Grof, Ken Wilber

4. Art

Paolo Veronese, Richard Wagner

5. Science

Emmanuel Swedenborg, Albert E.

Fritjof Capra, Rupert Sheldrake

6. Philosophy

Helena Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner

7. Economy

Manuel Castells, Manfred Maxneef

First season 2009

Marmolejo, Vargas and Villa said to the good God: We are going to make a mariachi from which two more will come out. Sing Juan Gabriel in The Beginning

The first article he wrote for the White Brotherhood was Plastic Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Masters began to spread the arcane wisdom between 1875 and 1925, first Blavatsky gave the teaching through theosophy, then Mrs. Edy created Christian Science . In 1934 the Yo Soy Movement was organized by Guy Ballard, who was led by a master of seventh ray Racoksy (Saint Germain). Spread the concept of the trina flame and how this in turn gives rise to the seven rays. In 1952, in view of the acceleration of the imminent New Age, the Bridge to Freedom appeared with the purpose of unifying the members of all religions and schools of thought, who would not have necessarily to leave their respective organizations (with regard to points of dogma or principle) but who, through a coordinated and cooperative action in global self-development and service based on the common line all, they would create a more united and powerful force for the sake of the individual and the entire human race, such as, for example, directed and synchronized daily prayers, or group visualizations and meditations not only for protection. n of America but of the whole world.

Djwhal Khul defines the seven rays as seven differentiations of a large cosmic ray, made within our solar system. Such cosmic rays, he says, come from the Big Dipper and are related to the Pleiades, being their negative pole and Sirius the central sun that balances such radiations.

Second season 2010

As in the sacred solitude of the temple without seeing God its presence is felt, I presented your existence in the world and as God without seeing you worshiped you. Sing Roc o D rcal. Let's love each other.

The second ray incorporates the religion's own technology. Every great religion that arises is under the influence of one of the rays, but it does not necessarily mean that each successive ray will result in a powerful religion.

For the New Age the Christ of the Christian Churches must be replaced by the cosmic Christ, different from the historical one, in that it means the energy that permeates everything, the sacred heart that embodies the divine ray.

The New religion would proclaim the existence of a transcendent and immanent God at the same time. There is a Transcendent God who "having permeated the entire universe with a fragment of Himself" can still say: "I remain." There is an Immanent God whose life is the origin of all activity, intelligence, growth and attraction of all forms in all the kingdoms of nature.

The "Princeton Gnostics" provide the alleged scientific support of the New Age. The discovery of the laser beam in 1916 made possible holography, a photograph achieved with the help of such rays, which confirms the fact that "each of the parts, however small, is always contained in the whole." The images of the Sacred Heart and the Divine Presence (1936) allowed us to understand the functioning in terms of electricity of our brain-heart.

A course of miracles (1965-1972) is one of the books that has spread the most mentalism in the new era, being used by many people. His relationships with channeling and Gnosticism make him a vehicle in a concrete way of understanding spiritualism and a favorite therapy of famous people. We begin to differentiate the magic from the miracle: the magic consists in understanding the idea, the miracle in realizing it.

Third season 2011

I am my Father made me that way, who does not want me to do another if he does not accept what I am says Nilton Cesar

The third ray incorporates basic engineering technologies and in particular information and communication technologies. It was thanks to the theory of information that the concepts of channel and medium began to be differentiated, the word could be transcended and a new exchange of information began, giving way to two aspects of divine energy: knowledge and wisdom.

The conspirators of the Aquarian era, to make their own and others' change effective and thus achieve the transformation of society and the universe, have formed their networks. The network is a version in the twentieth century of the ancient tribe or kinship amplified by electronic communications, and freed from old family and cultural restrictions.

Operations Research was born in 1930 to apply mathematical models to the solution of business and engineering problems, but failed to become an interdisciplinary methodology. In 1956 the expression artificial intelligence was coined, which included previously disparate fields such as operational research, cybernetics, logic and computer science. The human being began to be conceived as a mechanism composed of bits rather than an organism composed of atoms: a digital Being. Thus we begin to speak in terms of a virtual reality in cyberspace.

In 2002, the first book of Being One was published. Thanks to him we began to have clarity about the difference between the real and the virtual and their interaction in dimensions. Real is the existence in which the sublime dimension is lived. They know where they are, who they are and what their work is, and they do it with infinite love and dedication. A virtual reality lives, but does not exist, because the darkness of its ignorance will only allow it to subsist out of necessity and not by the light of knowledge and understanding.

Fourth season 2012

The rumor of the sea has music and music springs from the spring. There is sweet music in your eyes and it is your sigh like music. Sing Patrick Juvet

The fourth ray incorporates archetypes of construction technology. The desire to live a creative life, through imagination is the fourth rule to gain control of the mind by the soul. It leads to the revelation of the world of meanings.

In the interpretation of the world The New Age oscillates around a monism (everything is one) and pantheism (everything is God) that manages to be reconciled in hylozoism: The plot of life. The hylozoism constitutes the highest aspect of Pantheism, demands an absolute divine thought that would imply the innumerable active creative forces: the creative builders.

Three of those rays work from top to bottom as psychologists and filmmakers do: projecting light. The other three work from the bottom up as painters and musicians do: mixing colors-sounds. In the center they both meet the white ray, making use of the projection. The project is to interpret a work by its meanings, and in doing so, highlight the art of its author.

Each ray uses a symbolic system to represent the world of meanings, which has its referential properties, imaginary, figurative and metaphorical denotations alter the referential distance they impose between a symbol and what it represents.

Fifth season 2013

You, stuck in you between each atom Between each cell you live. Noelia says.

The fifth ray appropriates the principle of knowledge. For theosophy there are six branches of knowledge mentioned in his books: gnosis (hidden knowledge) would form the seventh principle.



Atomic. Alchemy


Yoga. Mysticism


Ceremonial religion: Magic

Protocol, technology









Knowledge is that which knows its own ends and works to achieve them through experiment, expectation and experience. Knowledge is the correct understanding of the laws of energy, of the conservation of force, of energy sources, their qualities, types and vibrations.

The New Age argues that, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, we face a new paradigm, the possibility of a new explanation of reality. The starting point of this elaboration on the “new paradigm” took place in 1962, when Thomas S. Kuhn published his work The structures of scientific revolutions, in which he defines paradigm as what the members of a scientific community share. According to Fritjof Capra: “ The new concepts of physics have caused a profound change in our worldview, determining the transition from a Cartesian-Newtonian mechanistic conception to a holistic and ecological vision that, in my opinion, is very similar to conceptions of the mystics of all ages and of all traditions ” . The new paradigm could be called a holistic view of the world as it sees it as an integrated whole, rather than as a discontinuous collection of parts. The holistic perspective involves a systemic way of thinking, through an ecological model, that is, the house in which we live.

In the health field Deepak Chopra bases aging from quantum physics, so skeptics began to make use of the expression Quantum Mysticism.

In the field of education, the fusion between cognitive psychology and constructivist philosophy by Howard Gardner was shaping the new science of the mind: Cognitive Science.

Sixth season 2014

I take a good breath and get to the top And shout Whats up Sing 4 Non Blondes.

The sixth ray personifies the principle of recognition. The history of the world is considered to be based on the emergence of ideas, their acceptance, their transformation into ideals and the timely replacement by the imposition of new ones.

The constructivist principle, according to which what exists is a product of what is thought, can be traced back to Kant, who was the first to fully develop it.

Nelson Goodman defends a constructivist philosophy that integrates science, art and psychology, ended up calling it a philosophy of understanding. What we call the world is the product of some mind whose procedures build the world, through metaphors and synecdocs that arouse the stimulating game of the imagination.

Seven rules contain the key ideas that reveal the Deity that acts as the Soul of all things and also the nature and method of activity of the Cosmic Christ, and indicate the qualitative tendencies that govern and determine the psychic life of all shapes.

For transpersonal psychology, the individual has to experience, through the altered states of consciousness, the cosmic unity that will put him in contact with people and distant situations and make him realize that God is one of the dimensions of the subject itself.

Seventh season 2015

We are entering a new millennium, we intend to concentrate on what our body does We are young and strong and also intelligent, in life we ​​are reaping what the day is sweeping . Talía says.

The seventh ray appropriates the principle of unification. For theosophy, it is the law of economics that governs matter in terms of effectiveness.

The postulates of a new economy are in the ecological economy different from an environmental economy. The environmental economy and that of natural resources are subdisciplines of the neoclassical economy focused on the optimal allocation of resources and pollution. But, according to the Ecological Economy, they ignore issues such as the functioning of ecosystems, the size of the economy and the distribution of environmental benefits and burdens in society. One of the pioneers in economics has been Manfred Maxneef with his proposal for development on a human scale, which emphasizes the importance of satisfying human needs for development.

Management sciences emerge as action and decision sciences, which are supported and articulated in numerous disciplines of the exact sciences and human sciences. Entrepreneurship is presented as a new ethic of character in its relationship with the economy, it is a way of thinking, reasoning and acting focused on the opportunities offered by the environment, raised with a global vision and carried out through a balanced leadership and Management of a calculated risk, its result is the creation of value that benefits the company, the economy and society. Effectiveness begins to be studied in terms of conscious life.

The habit and nature of our SOUL are determined by the way we have used Life, and, in turn, how Life has reacted to experience, it was after age. Your soul endures in the incarnation and outside the incarnation. The soul will continue until it is transmuted by the Victorious Triple Immortal Flame in our heart, at which time the shadow (personality) will cease to exist, which is imagined to be real, and that thinks and feels separately from the Holy Christ Self. The soul (Server) works through each personality you use (User). The soul of each personality has more or less followed the same pattern.

Eva, Isis and Maria represent the integrated personality (Eva the mental, Isis the emotional and Maria the physical). The Snakes represent the Holy Spirit (The nervous system), the active intelligence and the nurturing principle of the universe that fertilizes the Mother of the Christ-Child. From the Age of Virgo we began to be aware of the concept of a virgin, and in the Age of Leo the self-conscious personality began to be present. The Christ-Child was born in Pisces, the Age of Aquarius will see the contribution of the Servants of the World.

So it was neither Eve nor the Serpent, responsible for our Destiny, but it was our habits that restricted our Free Will.


This article was based on the book Nueva Era, a disconcerting religiosity by Juan Carlos Gil and José Angel Nistal, to expose the 100 articles that I have published in this digital magazine for seven years.

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