5 Special people who became motivated for everyone

  • 2017

Some of these people were born with disabilities or special conditions but at the end of the day they managed to show them and others that the limits are only in your head, and although they suffered frequent teasing, they understood that it was necessary to overcome themselves to get their way and achieve those that many without these conditions have been able to achieve. Their attitude, strength and spiritual strength made them true special people who are able to change our way of thinking.

So never say you can't do it if you haven't tried it yet or fell ... after you know more about them you will understand that there are no limits!

Special people who became motivated for everyone

1- Michael Melamed

Born on April 27, 1975 in Caracas, Venezuela . He is a long distance runner, motivational speaker, financial coach, philosophy teacher and physiotherapist. Despite being a person with a low muscle tone deficiency, he has completed the New York Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, the Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon. Melamed has also climbed the highest mountain in Venezuela, Pico Bolívar. As a result of a complicated delivery due to the circular cord, Melamed has generalized muscle hypotonia.

Melamed is an economist graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University of Caracas, is a Gestalt psychotherapist and in 2012 he received an honorary degree from the Technological University of the Center of Valencia. It is definitely one of the special people that motivates in every message all the people who read it.


2- Pablo Pineda Ferrer

Born in 1974, he is a Spanish actor who received the Silver Shell Award at the 2009 San Sebastian International Film Festival for his performance in the movie Yo Also . In the film he plays the role of a university graduate with Down syndrome, which is quite similar to his real life.

Pineda lives in Malaga and has a diploma in Teaching and a Bachelor in Educational Psychology. He was the first student with Down syndrome in Europe to obtain a university degree. In the future he wants to make his career in teaching, instead of acting. He has been awarded the "Shield of the City" of Malaga. Pablo has given lectures on disability and education, as well as the work integration plan that the foundation carries out with him. Pablo has spoken in Colombia demonstrating the social inclusion of people with disabilities and also collaborates with the “What really matters” Foundation .


3- Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic

He was born on December 4, 1982, and Australia. He is a Christian evangelist and a motivational speaker born with focomelia, a strange disorder characterized by the absence of legs and arms.

Vujicic spoke during the session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, "Inspired for a lifetime" on January 30, 2011.

In 2005, Vujicic founded an international nonprofit organization and ministry called V ida without limbs. In 2007, he also founded Attitudeis Altitude, a company that talks about secular motivation. On February 12, 2012, Vujicic married Kanae Miyahara. The couple has two children and lives in southern California.


4- Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Velásquez

Elizabeth is one of the special people who were touched by comments in her childhood. She was born on March 13, 1989 and is an American motivational speaker, writer and actress. She was born with a rare congenital disease that, among other symptoms, prevents her from accumulating body fat. He has also been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome . His conditions were incessant during his childhood.

Velásquez studied at Texas State University with a specialization in communication studies . She is Catholic and has said of her faith, "It has been my rock through everything, I only have time to be alone and pray and talk to God and know that He is there for me."

Since she was named "the ugliest woman in the world" in a video posted on YouTube in 2006, when she was 17, Velasquez has ruled against intimidation. In January 2014 he gave a talk TEDxAustinWomen entitled “How do you define yourself?” And your YouTube videos have received more than 54 million views. She is known for her optimism.

Velasquez has also written two books aimed at teenagers, who share personal stories and offer advice. Be beautiful, be you (2012) share your trip "to discover what really makes us beautiful, and teach readers to recognize their unique gifts and blessings."


5- Thomas Quasthoff

Thomas was born on November 9, 1959 and is a German low-baritone . It has a range of musical interest from the baroque cantatas of Bach, lieder, and jazz soloist. Born with serious birth defects caused by thalidomide. Quasthoff is 1.34 m tall and also has a focomelia sifre.

Quasthoff was denied admission to the music conservatory in Hanover, Germany, due to his physical inability to play the piano . In the early stages of his education as a singer, Quasthoff chose to study the voice in private. He also studied law for three years. Before his musical career, he worked six years as a radio host for NDR . He also made the voice for television.

Quasthoff won the Grammy Award for Best Classical Vocal Performance for the third time in 2006 with Rainer Kussmaul.

In 2006, Quasthoff married Claudia Schtelsick, a German television journalist.


AUTHOR: JoT333, editor of the hermandadblanca.org family

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