5 of today's best known spiritual teachers

  • 2016

There are many spiritual teachers throughout the world to help you move forward on your spiritual path . As our own trips are personal and unique to us, there is no size for each and every one of these teachers can offer gold nuggets that if they synchronize well with you you can have a happy, calm and pleasant life.

We are all our own teachers but they offer us a wide range of support and knowledge to facilitate growth.

Spiritual masters of today

  1. Micheal Bernard Beckwith

Micheal traveled all over the world to enjoy the teachings of the East and West in both modern and ancient concepts. His vision gradually began the conformation into one of a universal truth that transcends religious denominations and encompassed the true wisdom of spirituality . Beckwith is a teacher in many areas. He teaches affirmative prayer, meditation and how to connect with his spiritual self. He has written numerous books, including: The Life of Vision.

  1. Wayne Dyer

Dyer's motivational talks focused largely on positive thinking and that attracted many people to his lectures; especially the students. The more popular they became the more books of self-help he wrote. For a while, Dyer resisted what is now known as his true vocation, spiritual work . For so long that he avoided being labeled as a spiritual master, he finally gave in what he said was his vocation. Among his books is Desires fulfilled: Mastering the art of manifesting, which takes you on a journey of discovery, taking advantage of its amazing powers of manifestation.

  1. Dalai Lama

He is very loved and known for his defense of Tibetans living both inside and outside the region. Liberating Tibet has been one of his goals for a lifetime. He has served as the Dalai Lama since 1950, when he was no more than 15 years old. Spiritual work and views of the Dalai Lama are shared by many people, whether religious or not. This is because his views encompass the human condition as a whole and does not focus on the simple belief system.

He wrote many books, including: The art of happiness, beyond religion, how to see yourself as you really are.

  1. Neale Donald Walsch

Walsch's most famous book is Conversations with God . This book helped redefine God and religion in a way that never looked before. Explain that God does not want anything from us. In his opinion, God is a panther. This vision of God is inclusive of all belief systems that help each spiritual path more and more unified.

Through this book and its teachings, Walsch affirms that all we can become with God and communicate openly with him and all mankind. Despite this knowledge of God, he developed the movement known as Team of humanity . The purpose of the organization is to spread the word about this new spiritual movement so that the whole world can share in what God has to offer and what we all have to offer each other. His other books include What God said and the only thing that matters.

  1. Marianne Williamson

Williamson is a renowned world spiritual teacher who has written many books, four of which came to the New York Times bestseller list. She has based her beliefs and teachings on another well-known piece of work - A Course in Miracles. She summed up this huge book and the book created a return to Love .

This book is a self-study program that is based on universal themes and does not contain any religious dogma or doctrine . This program helped Williamson develop his own spiritual theme that included his belief that no matter how many wounds we have, or how deep we are, can be healed by the power we all have in our hearts.

Williamson's published book collection includes Illuminata, The Age of Miracles, and more recently, The Law of Divine Compensation: at work, money and Miracles . His spiritual works do not end with penning books. Now he is on a mission to bring much-needed humanitarian awareness and love in politics by running for Congress: Marianneforcongress.com - Time to celebrate a new beginning! - She could be the Gandhi of our modern times.

AUTHOR: JoT333, editor of the hermandadblanca.org family

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